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January 15, 2012






Lake Info

Normal Lake Level
is 322.00 feet above Mean Sea Level.
Current level for Cedar Creek Lake is: 315.80
Water Temperature:
47 degrees - top
49 degrees - bottom

Sports in Brief

Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints
Purtis Creek State Park will host a "Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints" event from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28.
Learn the basics of Leave No Trace and how photography can help grasp your memories. Bring your digital camera and learn a few techniques for taking nature pictures, afterwards, there will be a hike for a scavenger hunt of things in nature, then a review of what was found.
For more information, contact Purtis Creek State Park at (903) 425-2332.

Tri-County soccer signups
The Tri-County Soccer Association will be holding 2012 Spring Signups from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28; Thursday, Feb. 2; and Saturday, Feb. 4 at the McDonald’s in Gun Barrel City.
Players must be at least four years old prior to Jan.1 in order to participate.
The fee is $60 for new players, and $40 for children returning from the Fall 2011 season.
For more details and information, call Candi Conner at (903) 887-3138.

Geocaching at Purtis Creek
Purtis Creek State Park will hold a "basics of geocaching" program from 3 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18.
Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt using a GPS unit to help you find hidden "caches" placed by people all over the world.
Geocaches are everywhere - from just down the street to the most remote wilderness areas.
The program at Purtis Creek will teach the basics of using a GPS for geocaching and how to get started. Meet at the Amphitheater. For more information, contact the park at (903) 425-2332.

Stargazing at Purtis Creek
Purtis Creek State Park will host an evening of stargazing from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18.
Make a star wheel and learn how to use it, learn about the solar system and view the night sky through a telescope. Weather permitting, meet at the over flow camping parking lot.
For more information, contact the park at (903) 425-2332.

Upcoming Events

Basketball (boys)

Jan. 17
• Eustace @ Buffalo – 5 p.m.
• Kemp @ North Forney – 5 p.m.
• Mabank @ Crandall – 5 p.m.

Basketball (girls)

Jan. 17
• Eustace @ Buffalo – 5 p.m.
• Kemp @ North Forney – 5 p.m.
• Mabank @ Crandall – 5 p.m.



















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Sports Highlights

Lady Panthers double-up on Ferris, 70-35
By Sam Epps
Sports Editor

MABANK–The Mabank Lady Panthers got a commanding win Tuesday, defeating the visiting Ferris Lady Yellowjackets 70-35.
Mabank had control of the game early, leading 22-6 after the first period.
Ferris’ offense showed sparks of life in the second period, scoring 12 points, while the Lady Yellowjacket defense held Mabank to 15 points.
With a 37-18 lead coming into the third period, Mabank proceeded to add 18 points to their score, while holding Ferris to nine in the period.
Mabank scored 15 in the fourth, and held Ferris to eight.
Four Lady Panthers scored in double-digits as Mabank doubled Ferris’ output.
Olivia Pannell led the Lady Panther offense with 15 points, while Cheyenne Alldredge followed with 14 points.
Kourtney Holyfield scored 13 points and Makenna Allen put 11 points on the board for Mabank.
Morgen Gaona scored eight points, Ashton Norman scored seven and Alex Brady added two points.
The win gives the Lady Panthers a 15-6 overall record, and puts them with an untarnished, 2-0, District 13-3A mark.
Mabank traveled to Kemp Friday, and are set to visit the Crandall Lady Pirates Tuesday.


Lady Eagles beat Eustace girls
By Sam Epps
Sports Editor

EUSTACE–Eustace Lady Bulldog Kacie Richards scored 20 points for her team, and Eustace outscored Mildred, 12-9, in the first period, but the visiting Mildred Lady Eagles still cruised to a, 56-41, win Jan. 6.
Mildred rallied in the second period, scoring 17 points, while holding Eustace to eight, taking a 26-20 lead into halftime.
Mildred scored 15 points in each of the final two periods, while the Lady Bulldogs scored 11 in the third and 10 in the fourth.
“We did a good job of moving the ball offensively,” Lady Bulldog head coach DaLinda Cassell said.
“However, we got into foul trouble early in the third quarter, and three of the players had to sit because they had four fouls,” she added.
Cassell praised her team’s hustle and hard gameplay, but cited their need to adjust and keep their feet moving.
“Most of our fouls was because we would not move our feet, and we would foul on our end of the floor,” she said. “We played hard but we must learn to adjust.”
Also in the game, Catania Grant scored seven points, Katy Brigham scored six, Megan Renteria scored four and Casey Bramblitt added three points.
The Lady Bulldogs traveled to Blooming Grove Friday, and will travel to Buffalo Tuesday. They return home Jan. 20, when they will host Leon.


Lakeplex Lanes Results
Monitor Staff Reports
SEVEN POINTS–Bowling league leaders at Lakeplex Lanes in Seven Points for the week of Jan. 2-7 are listed below.
Football Widows
Ladies League

Men’s high game/series – Mary Warren - 200/549, Marsha Bingham - 194/543, Kaye Walker - 188, Belinda Simpkins - 499.
Monday Night Madness
Mixed Two Couples

Men’s high game/series – Waylon Jones - 266/695, Lynn Heady - 259/697, Barry Warren - 202/574.
Women’s high game/series – Shirley Speed - 213/552, Janna Martin - 198, Rhonda Smith - 173/473, Nancy Bird - 474.
Seniors Rock
Mixed Any Combo - Seniors

Men’s high game/series – Ken Hood - 247/621, Carl Cox - 234, Make Flaharty - 231, Terry Tull - 642, Jim Thomas - 612.
Women’s high game/series – Joyce Bracey - 199/561, Theresa Ritchie - 193/546, Marsha Bingham - 190/498.
Tuesday Night Combo
Mixed Any Combo

Men’s high game/series – Jim ramey - 300/785, Ken Hood - 256, Tim Haley - 255/702, Roger Cotterell - 673.
Women’s high game/series – Karol Slaughter - 226/633, Carol Leonard - 211/522, Terri Klein - 205/521.
Mixed Any Combo

MFirst half of league ended Dec. 13. The second half will begin Jan.10.
Recycled Teenagers
Mixed Any Combo - Seniors

Men’s high game/series – Ken Hood - 246/625, Carl Ivy - 237, Charles Holbert - 217/619, Dan Herod - 600.
Women’s high game/series – Linda Cox - 203/525, Gerry Walker - 202/515, Joy Montooth - 197/520.
Wednesday Warriors
Mixed Any Combo

Men’s high game/series – Dirk Rider - 257/638, Erin Nance - 248/616, Waylon Jones - 237/612, Charles Holbert - 616.
Women’s high game/series – Shirley Speed - 205/534. Patti Naasz - 192/509, Kaye Walker - 182, Theresa Ritchie - 497.
No Holds Barred
Mixed Any Combo

Men’s high games/series – Mike McFall - 233/562, Lucky Boothe - 222, Ken Hood - 215/592, Carl Cox - 215, Martin Kennedy - 562.
Women’s high games/series – Roberta Kennedy - 232/586, Linda Cox - 182, Karen Stephens - 180/503, Shirley Rawlinson - 479.
Thursday Night Gutterdusters
Mixed Two Couples

Men’s high game/series – Pete Evans - 257, Theril Montooth - 249, Yogi Mixon - 247, Lynn Heady - 247/675, James Simpkins - 681, Jeff Hajek - 652.
Women’s high game/series – Joyce Bracey - 214/553, Susie Haley - 212, Joy Montooth - 205/588, Tracey Haycraft - 564.
Cedar Creek Lakers
Mixed Two Couples

Men’s high game/series – Waylon Jones - 277/716, Lynn Heady - 245/696, Tim Haley - 245, Jeff Haley - 651.
Women’s high game/series – Amanda Haley - 217/589, DeeDee Lambert - 201/561, Joyce Bracey - 200/569.
Saturday Morning
Madness Youth League Mixed Any Combo

Boy’s high game/series – Taylor Polley - 205/556, Colton Haley - 187/452, Tyler Schlebach - 168/456.
Girl’s high game/series – Sedi Milholland - 140/396.




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