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January 27, 2011

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Lake Info

Normal Lake Level is 322.00 feet
above Mean Sea Level.
Current level for Cedar Creek Lake is: 319.31
Water Temperature:
46 degrees - top
44 degrees - bottom

Sports in Brief

Flag football sign-ups
The Max 5-on-5 league is open to students in grades K-6th, and includes Canton, Eustace, Kemp, Malakoff and Mabank. Cost to sign up is $125, which includes a reversible team jersey and flags. All games will be played on Saturdays in Mabank during March and April. Games will be non-contact, with all players participating.
A sign-up was scheduled from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. two Saturdays, Jan. 22 and 29, at the Mabank Junior High Gym lobby.
Registration deadline is 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5. For more information, contact Ron Anderson at (469) 688-2704, or Todd Brown at (903) 603-0529.

Tri-County soccer sign-ups slated
Sign-ups for Tri-County Soccer Association spring games are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. two Saturdays, Jan. 29 and Feb. 5, and 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 3, at the GBC McDonald’s restaurant.
Players must be 4 years old on or before Jan. 1. Fee is $60 for new players (includes uniform and insurance) and $40 for returning fall players not transferring teams. A copy of a birth certificate (not the original) must be provided for any new players.
Practices will begin in mid-February and games will be played March 12-May 7. Coaches and officials are needed and must pass an online background check at
For more information, call Candi Conner at (903) 887-3138.

Upcoming Events

Girls basketball

Jan. 28
MHS vs Ferris*
KHS @ Crandall*
EHS @ Teague*

Feb. 1
EHS vs Mildred*

Feb. 4
MHS @ Crandall*
KHS @ North Forney*
EHS bye

Feb. 8
MHS vs North Forney*
KHS vs Kaufman*
EHS @ Blooming Grove*
(end regular season)
(*district contest)


Boys basketball

Jan. 28
MHS vs Ferris*
KHS @ Crandall*
EHS @ Teague*

Feb. 1
EHS vs Mildred*

Feb. 4
MHS @ Crandall*
KHS @ North Forney*
EHS bye

Feb. 8
MHS vs North Forney*
KHS vs Kaufman*
EHS @ Blooming Grove*
(*district contest)



Jan. 28
MHS b idle
KHS @ Corsicana

Jan. 27-29
MHS g @ Kennedale tourn.
EHS hosts girls tournament

Jan. 31
EHS @ Palestine
(end season)

Feb. 1
MHS b vs Whitehouse*
KHS vs Athens*

Feb. 4
MHS g vs Kennedale
MHS b @ Athens*
KHS bye
(*district contest)

















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Sports Highlights

Mabank’s Ryan defends swimming championship
Monitor Staff Reports
MABANK–Mabank High School senior Sean Ryan successfully defended his district swimming championship in a brand-new district.
Last year, Ryan was the District 15-4A “Swimmer of the Year,” and Ryan won two events at the District 16-4A championships Saturday in Duncanville to grab the “Swimmer of the Year” award for the third time in four years.
Ryan won both the 100-meter backstroke and the 100-meter butterfly events at the Duncanville ISD Natatorium.
“Sean won both of his individual events by very comfortable margins,” coach Chris Brock said. “He’s now gearing up for the Region IV-4A meet Friday and Saturday, Feb. 4-5.”
“I just wanted to take the first leg of each race out fast, and then keep my swims clean to the finish,” Ryan said. “My goal is to medal at the regional meet and advance to the state meet.”
Since last April, Ryan has trained and lifted weights almost every day – twice a day during the Christmas holiday break, he said.
“Along the way, I have battled an upper-respiratory infection in November that kept me out of the pool for two or three weeks, and tendonitis in the rotator cuff area (of the shoulder), which you can imagine for a swimmer is very painful,” he said. “I am taking ultrasound therapy for this almost every day now.”
Ryan has been the entire Mabank swimming team since his freshman year, practicing at the Cain Center in Athens.

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Mabank’s boys, Canton’s girls top meet
Monitor Staff Reports
MABANK–Mabank’s boys and Canton’s girls won the team championships at the annual Mabank Invitational powerlifting meet Saturday, which drew 95 boys and 51 girls to the main competition gym.

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Mabank Panther senior Cameron Cantrell grimaces as he begins a successful squat of 435 pounds during Saturday’s powerlifting meet. Cantrell won the 198-pound class with a total lift of 1,245 pounds.

Mabank’s boys amassed 36 points to win the meet, followed by Kaufman (29 points), Crandall (27 points), North Forney (22 points), Forney (21 points), Quinlan Ford (21 points), Palmer (17 points), Canton (12 points) and Eustace (10 points).
Canton’s girls dominated the meet, amassing 62 points. Crandall was a distant second with 41 points, followed by Mabank (21 points), Forney (16 points) and Quinlan Ford (seven points).
Girls results

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Eustace's Preston Amason grimaces as he successfully squats 335 pounds Saturday. Amason finished seventh in the 165-pound class with a total lift of 900 pounds.

Mabank captured two first-place finishes. Jessica Becerra won the 132-pound class with a total lift of 655 pounds, with a squad of 255, a bench press of 145 and a dead lift of 265.
Shelby Swain won the 148-pound class with a total lift of 630 pounds, with a squat of 255, a bench press of 100 and a dead lift of 275.
Class results are listed below.
97-pound 1. Macy Matthews, Canton, 560 total (235/100/225)
105-pound 1. Raegan Fields, Canton, 525 total (200/95/230).
114-pound 1. Taylor Thomas, Crandall, 660 total (240/100/320)
2. Shelbi Jeanes, Canton, 630 total (245/125/260)
3. Kiki Townsend, Forney, 560 total (200/100/260)
4. Macy Gilcrease, Crandall, 475 total (200/75/200)
5. Darian McCord, Mabank, 460 total (195/75/190)
123-pound 1. Brie Rose, Canton, 665 total (270/130/265)
2. Sierra Zielke, Canton, 650 total (260/110/280)
3. Jordan Koskelin, Mabank, 650 total (275/125/250)
132-pound 1. Jessica Becerra, Mabank, 665 total (255/145/265)
BO Ashley Wilcoxson, Mabank, no total
148-pound 1. Shelby Swain, Mabank, 630 total (255/100/275)
7. Kassie Lander, Mabank, 520 total (225/80/215)
165-pound 1. Stephanie Brown, Canton, 805 total (330/135/340)
181-pound 1. Jacey Williams, Canton, 785 total (340/145/300)
198-pound 1. Arrin Brown, Canton, 1,020 total (415/165/440)
3. Stormie Dawes, Mabank, 550 total (225/100/225)
220-pound 1. Bethany Brent, Kaufman, 625 total (270/105/250)
SHW 1. Savoy White, Crandall, 690 total (275/135/280)
Boys results
Mabank had three first-place finishes, while Eustace had one first-place win.
Mabank’s Robert Dominguez won the 165-pound class with a total lift of 1,065 pounds, squatting 375, bench press of 250 and dead lift of 440.
Panther Josh Matheson won the 132-pound class with a total lift of 640 pounds (335 squat, 215 bench press and 300 dead lift).
Mabank’s Cameron Cantrell won the 198-pound class with a total lift of 1,245 pounds (490 squat, 320 bench press and 435 dead lift).
Eustace’s Taylor Brown won the 181-pound class with a total lift of 1,100 pounds (475 squat, 225 bench press, 400 dead lift).
Class results are listed below.
114-pound 1. Ralph Bustos, Kaufman, 645 total (255/140/250)
123-pound 1. Jage Smith, Kaufman, 860 total (335/145/380)
5. Trey Russell, Eustace, 640 total (240/135/265)
132-pound 1. Josh Matheson, Mabank, 850 total (335/215/300)
3. Arturo Ledezma, Mabank, 765 total (300/155/310)
4. Jesus Barcenas, Eustace, 740 total (280/160/300)
6. David Martin, Eustace, 645 total (270/125/250)
BO Jorge Urteaga, Eustace, no total
BO Anthony Corrente, Mabank, no total
148-pound 1. Jonny Sorey, Forney, 1,025 total (380/225/420)
165-pound 1. Robert Dominguez, Mabank, 1,065 total (375/250/440)
4. Korey Nix, Mabank, 980 total (380/240/360)
5. Clayton Lane, Mabank, 920 total (335/225/360)
7. Preston Amason, Eustace, 900 total (335/215/350)
181-pound 1. Taylor Brown, Eustace, 1,100 total (475/225/400)
198-pound 1. Cameron Cantrell, Mabank, 1,245 total (490/320/435)
220-pound 1. Casey Sergent, Quinlan Ford, 1,400 total (575/305/520)
3. John Velez, Mabank, 1,110 total (470/275/365)
8. Dreyton Munden, Mabank, 1,005 total (375/265/365)
10. Jordan Vanover, Mabank, 925 total (380/205/340)
11. Ricky Dixon, Eustace 900 total (325/225/350)
12. Cody Kuykendall, Mabank, 895 total (285/270/340)
BO Lionel Garcia, Eustace, no total
242-pound 1. Dillon Morrison, Crandall, 1,370 total (555/390/425)
3. Peyton Owen, Mabank, 1,140 total (430/260/450)
9. Wally Baker, Eustace, 585 total (190/190/205)
BO Cori Brown, Mabank, no total
275-pound 1. Raul Torres, Palmer, 1,070 total (425/245/400)
6. Collin Martian, Mabank, 785 total (295/240/250)
SHW 1. Guner Hudson, North Forney, 1,260 total (475/285/500)
3. Justin Pinson, Mabank, 940 total (320/225/395)
BO Hunter Strebeck, Mabank, no total






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