Sunday, January 28, 2007




Veterans Memorial gets tank
By Barbara Gartman
Monitor Staff Writer

KAUFMAN–An M-60A3 tank used in both the Korean and Vietnam wars has found a final resting place in Kaufman.
The 55-ton part of American history arrived Jan. 17, and will soon be on display at Kaufman County Veteran’s Memorial Park.
A concrete slab, poured to specifications for supporting the heavy piece of equipment, is currently in place.
The tank was towed to a spot behind the old jail on Farm-to-Market 1388 to await a time when it can be safely moved to its new resting place.
Once there the tank will be completely sealed.
Obtaining the tank is the culmination of approximately 13 months of legal work by the American Legion Post 165, and specifically that of Legion finance officer Johnny Countryman, who handled all the paperwork.
Sometimes, delays in paperwork were misunderstandings, and sometimes just technicalities between the Legion and the U. S. Army’s Department TACOM Life Cycle Management Command in Warren, Mich.
“The lady I was dealing with didn’t understand the judge (County Judge Wayne Gent) was the county’s highest official (needed to accept the tank), and when we said we going to ‘put’ the tank at the memorial, the papers were again sent back.” Countyman said.
What the department insisted on was the word “place” instead of put, he added.
The engine and transmission was removed to demilitarize the tank.
B&V Towing of Terrell donated its time and equipment and was given the responsibility of towing the tank, Countryman explained.
Final placement awaits drier weather, he said.
“We hope to have a howitzer join it later on this year,” he said, adding, “A life-size bronze WWII GI is being prepared to be at the entrance of the park.
“We hope to have it in place before the Traveling Wall comes to Kaufman County in late April,.” Countryman said.

Courtesy Photo
A 55-ton M-60 A-3 tank was recently delivered to Kaufman County for display at the Kaufman County Veteran’s Memorial Park. Pictured are veterans James Crouch and Ray Raymond.

The Running Panther is official
Chartwell Builders’ design of a Running Panther was approved as the official logo for Mabank Independent School District this month. The logo will be used on all official district letterheads. Mabank school trustees discussed having the design “licensed” at their regular meeting Monday, but also agreed to allow school entities to use previous logos, if desired.

EDC proposes street repair fund
By Mary Landrie
Monitor Staff Writer

SEVEN POINTS–Seven Points Economic Development Corporation directors agreed a street repair and maintenance fund is needed to help address upkeep of the city’s roads.
The fund would come from one-half the sales tax dollars collected monthly by the EDC, with the city also contributing regularly to the fund.
It costs about $65,000 to refinish 2½ miles of blacktop, directors heard at Tuesday’s regular meeting.
The city’s portion of revenues from sales tax and franchise fees averages about $54,000 a year, city secretary Debbie Mosley said.
The fund would not be used to be build new roads, but to fix existing streets, such as Pritchett Lane, Jess Hinton Road and Arnold Hills Road, all of which are in desperate need of attention, EDC members agreed.
With the widening of State Highway 334 scheduled to begin in March, all members agreed something needed to be done about other roads within the city limits.
“Something’s got to be done to improve the infrastructure,” board member Danny Hampel said.
Directors agreed to hand the idea of a road fund to the city council, and recommend it be put to a vote.
If the city council goes ahead with the idea of the road fund, voters can voice their opinion at the polls May 12, Mosley said. If voters approve this action, money will begin entering the fund in December, she added.
“The EDC supports the community and wants Seven Points to look its best, not only for those in the community but for potential residents, as well,” Hampel said.
A service to the community is already being strongly supported by the city’s EDC, and that’s The Library at Cedar Creek Lake.
Each month, the EDC supports the library by paying the note on the building, maintaining the building and parking lot and paying the utility bill. All told, the EDC contributes $4,200 a month, directors heard.
Another area directors hope to improve upon is the EDC website,
The website features information on local businesses and churches, as well as the Greater Cedar Creek Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. The EDC hopes to gain more information to expand and improve the website.
Directors will ask local businesses and churches to contact them with detailed information that can be added to the site.
Currently, the site lists some businesses and churches, but some entries only feature a name. Members agreed to appoint Cheryl Jones and Gary McClaskey to work with the website technician.
The site can include links from the EDC site to church or business web pages, it was noted.
The EDC can be contacted by e-mail at
The EDC meets at 7 p.m. each fourth Tuesday at the Seven Points City Hall, and will meet again Feb. 27. The public is encouraged to attend.
In other business, members:
• set Wednesday, Feb. 28, as the deadline for getting the city billboard on State Highway 175 repainted.
•amended minutes of the Nov. 28, 2006, meeting to read that Jones was named secretary, and Hank Laywell was named treasurer.
• approved bank auto drafts for utility and loan payments.
• approved financial reports for November and December.
• agreed to continue to require two signatures on bank transactions, even though the bank requires just one.