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IRS warns consumers of tax reduction schemes
Special to The Monitor
MABANK–For National Consumer Protection Week, the Better Business Bureau is joining with other national organizations and government agencies to encourage consumers to “Read Up, Reach Out and Be Informed!”
This is particularly important as the tax filing deadline approaches.
The BBB predicts that scam artists will try to take advantage of people’s confusion over newly-enacted tax breaks that went into effect after the 2007 tax filing forms were printed.
Reaching out to the BBB, the IRS and other trustworthy organizations for credible information will help consumers to recognize tax scams, resist being defrauded and make educated tax-related decisions.
Following are a few of the tax schemes commonly advocated by unscrupulous promoters, according to the IRS.
• Zero Wages. Taxpayer is told to attach to their return a Form 4852 (Substitute Form W-2) or a “corrected” Form 1099 showing zero or very little wages or other income.
The taxpayer indicates he or she is rebutting information submitted to the IRS by the employer.
· Zero Return. Promoter instructs taxpayer to enter all zeros on their income tax filing, or to enter zero income, report their withholding and then write “nunc pro tunc” (Latin for “now for then”) on their return. The taxpayer is told this will lead the IRS to disregard the original return on which they reported wages and other income.
• Tax Abatement. This scam rests on a faulty interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code and involves the tax filer using Form 843 to request abatement of previously assessed taxes.
• Misuse of Trusts. Taxpayer is encouraged to transfer assets into a trust to reduce income subject to tax, deductions for personal expenses and reduced estate or gift taxes.
Be aware that some trusts do not deliver the promised tax benefits; the IRS is examining these arrangements.
• False Arguments. No one has the right to disobey tax laws! The following are false arguments used by shady promoters and thrown out of court.
The 16th Amendment concerning Congressional power to lay and collect income taxes was never ratified; wages are not income; filing a return and paying taxes are voluntary acts; and, being required to file Form 1040 violates the 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination or the 4th Amendment right to privacy.
Those who do get involved with an illegal tax scheme may well face repayment of taxes, plus interest and penalties.
Don’t let yourself be victimized.
Before you do business with a tax adviser, heed the call of National Consumer Protection Week and “Read Up and Reach out!” Contact the BBB to find out if the business is trustworthy.
A legal or financial expert can also assist you in evaluating tax-related promotions or solicitations. Visit the IRS Web site for additional information on tax fraud.

Shelton notes family Civil War history
Special to The Monitor
MABANK–Ruth Shelton first became involved in genealogy in 1957, when she traced her McLendon ancestors.
Ruth was born in Eustace and has lived in Dallas and California until her return to the Cedar Creek Lake area in 1986.
She has one son who lives in Benbrook, two grandsons and three great-grandsons living in Fort Worth.
In 2001, she received a call from a distant cousin living in Indianapolis, and learned her grandmother had 13 siblings instead of the three that she knew about.
Some of her research took her to Quitman, Miss.
The Texas Hospital, located at Archusa Springs just south of Quitman, Miss., city limits, was built in July, 1862, to give medical aid to confederate soldiers.
Due to the lack of medical supplies and facilities, the people of the Galveston-Houston area were alarmed that the Texas soldiers sent here would suffer greatly. Contributions were given and money was raised by the people of Texas.
They sent Dr. Louis A. Bryan with wagon loads of medicine from Mexico to help with the medical shortage.
He selected Quitman to be the place for his hospital. At that time, Archusa Springs was a beautiful resort center located on the bank of Archusa Creek.
The transportation and location was good and the springs, with its healing sulphur content, made it an ideal place.
The Texas Hospital was built by local contractors and served the Confederacy as well as the general public until it was burned by Union forces, Feb. 17, 1864, under the command of Brigadier General Walter Q. Gresham.
It was a sad day for Quitman because of the destruction, looting and burning.
The railroad trestles, courthouse, depot, businesses, houses and farm animals, as well as the hospital, were burned.
In his report to General Sherman he stated, “A large and elegant hospital building recently erected was destroyed.” The hospital had served its last day.
Earlier, the staff had moved on to Auburn University where the hospital discontinued its service at the end of the war.
As time went by, the graves of the soldiers who died there were forgotten for more than 70 years.
It was discovered by a farmer in the 1930s.
Public interest grew and with help from the Quitman Woman’s Club and federal government, the markers, arch and border around the cemetery were put in place.


Come Adopt Us At
The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake
ABOVE–My name is Bodey. I am a beautiful 2-3 year old male, brindle and white Boxer. I walk well on a leash and seem to really adore children. As of Feb. 13 I am now fixed and current on my shots. I was a stray brought in by animal control, so I have no history. I am a beautiful boy looking for my forever home.
ABOVE–My name is Nugget. I am the cutest little male Dachshund mix. I was brought to the Shelter by animal control, so I have no history. So far I am a very sweet young man. As of Feb. 13 I am fixed and current on my shots. I am a beautiful boy looking for my forever home.
ABOVE–My name is Brutus. I am a beautiful, male Red Heeler. I am very shy until I get to know you. I was brought to the Shelter by animal control, so I have no history. I walk well on a leash and seem to be very sweet. I am looking for my forever home.
ABOVE–My name is Reese. I am a very beautiful, female Red Heeler mix. I am 12-14 weeks old. I am a beautiful kid who needs a lovely family to start my life with. I would make a wonderful pet for children since I am still such a kid myself. I am looking for my forever home.

Pictured are just a few animals at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake in Seven Points in dire need of a good home. Please call or stop by the Humane Society today and rescue one of these forgotten animals. The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is located on 10220 County Road 2403 in Seven Points. For more information, please call (903) 432-3422 after 11 a.m.
We are closed on Wednesdays. Holiday Hours: Closed Dec. 30-31 and Jan. 1.