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’Jackets advance to regional semifinals
By Kerry Yancey
Monitor Staff Writer

LANCASTER–In exciting overtime play Tuesday night, the Kemp Yellowjackets fought hard to defeat the Kaufman Lions 47-45.
The basketball win advances Kemp to regional semifinal play against Princeton, at 8 p.m. Friday, March 2 in Commerce.
This is the third time Kemp has played Kaufman, and second overtime game against the Lions this season.
Last year, the Princeton Panthers knocked Kemp out of the regional quarter playoffs.
It looks like a rematch is set.

Kemp ’Jackets edge Buckeyes, 48-47
By Kerry Yancey
Monitor Staff Writer
EMORY–Kemp senior guard Joseph Simmons capped a game-long comeback with a short jumper to give the Yellowjackets a dramatic 48-47 win over the Gilmer Buckeyes in an area basketball championship game Saturday.
Now 19-12 on the season, Kemp was scheduled to face the Kaufman Lions for the third time this season in a regional quarterfinals contest in Lancaster Tuesday.
A partisan crowd at Rains High School (the vocal Kemp fans far outnumbered the Gilmer contingent) saw a bruising defensive contest featuring two very athletic, physical teams.
Gilmer opened an early lead, thanks to quick hands on defense and some errant passing by the ’Jackets.
Both defenses clamped down inside. With entry passes blocked, both teams looked to their guards to score from outside.
Both Buckeye guards, Zach Jones and Devane Clark, each hit treys to give them a 21-16 lead, prompting Kemp coach Tracy Carter to call time with 3:21 left in the first quarter.
Kemp senior Justin Gibson answered with a trey to keep the ’Jackets close.
The Buckeyes looked to take advantage of Jones’ and Clark’s quickness, as each defensive rebound was followed by a long pass downcourt. However, Simmons and Gibson were able to get back on defense, and each drew a charging foul during the first half.
With time running out, Jones grabbed a steal, and Gibson was charged with an intentional foul.
That call allowed the Buckeyes to shoot free throws and play for the last shot of the first half – a trey by Jones that gave them a 26-19 halftime lead.
Simmons and Gibson hit back-to-back treys to open the second half, bringing the ’Jackets within a point at 26-25, and Gibson’s spinning layup in the lane tied the score at 27 with 4:52 left in the third.
Both teams began working inside – Kemp senior Jacarri Culberson against Gilmer senior Dominique Buchanan – as each offense made adjustments to offset the matchup zone defenses.
Kemp sophomore Josh Carr provided a spark on offense, getting two assists when entry passes to him were distributed back outside for open shots, and grabbing two rebounds.
The Buckeyes opened a seven-point advantage when Buchanan hit and former Canton standout G.J. Kinne made a good play inside, but the ’Jackets came back behind Culberson.
Culberson’s assist to Kevin Freeman pulled Kemp within two, 36-34, at the end of the third quarter.
Simmons (who had four treys) and Jones swapped 3-point baskets to open the fourth quarter, followed by offsetting baskets from Buchanan and Carr.
Both teams posted stops, but Culberson’s put-back made it a one-point game, 47-46, with 2:30 left to play.
Gilmer missed, grabbed a steal but fumbled, and Kemp called time with 1:01 to play, still trailing by one point.
Simmons drove to the right of the lane, pulled up and hit a soft jumper with about 42 seconds to play to give the ’Jackets a 48-47 lead.
The Buckeyes played for the last shot, going inside to Buchanan, but he ended up too far underneath the basket.
Buchanan’s shot bounced off the bottom of the glass. Culberson grabbed the rebound, made a long outlet pass to Gibson – and time ran out.
“Joseph had an outstanding game,” Carter said later. “He was focused the moment we got on the bus.
“Josh Carr’s play really got us going in the second half,” Carter added. “He played aggressive around the basket and distributed the ball well.”
Simmons finished with 16 points, three steals and three assists, while Gibson finished with 12 points (two treys), three rebounds and two assists.
Culberson finished with 11 points, eight rebounds, three assists and one block, while Freeman finished with seven points and four rebounds, and Carr finished with two points.

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Kemp senior Joseph Simmons (left) and Gilmer sophomore
Zach Jones (right) chase down a loose ball during Kemp’s
come-from-behind 48-47 area championship victory Saturday.

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
A large contingent of Kemp fans cheer their team during the area championship
basketball game at Rains High School Saturday.

Crandall hosts 13-3A powerlifting meet
Monitor Staff Reports
CRANDALL–Mabank, Kemp and Eustace lifters qualified for regional competition Saturday by winning or placing at the District 13-3A powerlifting meet in Crandall.
Results of the meet are listed below, with each contestant’s total lift (squat, bench press and dead lift) and adjusted score.
97 pounds – 1. Janice Martin, Eustace (415 total, 459.78 score), 2. Caitlin Duran, Mabank (365 total, 411.03 score).
105 pounds – 1. Sara Simmons, Crandall (605 total, 629.50 score), 2. Joy Bedford, Crandall (555 total, 582.42 score), 3. Crystal Ortiz, Ferris (475 total, 498.47 score), 4. Chelsey Dillon, Mabank (435 total, 459.62 score).
114 pounds – 1. Jill Shook, Crandall (660 total, 642.25 score), 2. Heather Bailey, Eustace (575 total, 567.64 score), 3. Kelsey Rainey, Mabank (355 total, 358.48 score).
123 pounds – 1. Elizabeth Paul, Crandall (760 total, 692.36 score), 2. Candice Jones, Crandall (625 total, 578.94 score), 3. Alyssa Jernigan, Kemp (475 total, 439.99 score), 4. Jennifer Cooper, Kemp (450 total, 409.95 score), 5. Jessica Bivens, Eustace (410 total, 393.40 score).
132 pounds – 1. Hannah Lewis, Crandall (665 total, 584.40 score), 2. Rusty Hendley, Mabank (580 total, 526.99 score), 3. Megan Newton, Crandall, 560 total, 488.77 score), 4. Amanda Johnson, Mabank (470 total, 407.77 score).
148 pounds – 1. Jill Rouse, Crandall (580 total, 478.91 score), 2. Miranda Groom, Mabank (555 total, 444.56 score), 3. Veronica Maltos, Eustace (550 total, 448.75 score), 4. Allison Vrzalik, Kaufman (540 total, 442.91 score), 5. Macey Thomas, Mabank (515 total, 417.41 score).
165 pounds – 1. Melissa Peebles, Crandall (675 total, 514.82 score).
181 pounds – 1. Krista Jennings, Mabank (680 total, 487.42 score), 2. Abby Tamez, Crandall (615 total, 429.33 score), 3. Macey Olivarez, Kemp (590 total, 398.55 score), 4. Leslie Deen, Kemp (470 total, 332.48 score).
198 pounds – 1. Brisha Ward, Eustace (600 total, 405.30 score), 2. Rebekah Steward, Kaufman (585 total, 384.11 score).
220 pounds – 1. Vanessa Maltos, Eustace (785 total, 494.55 score).
Superheavyweight – 1. Candace Williams, Kemp (715 total, 413.20 score), 2. Christian Cantrell, Kemp (710 total, 420.75 score), 3. Amythest Ortiz, Eustace (385 total, 217.49 score.
114 pounds – 1. Cris Murray, Kemp (725 total, 694.41 score), 2. Collin Mathis, Crandall (645 total, 644.42 score), 3. Travis Watson, Crandall (610 total, 616.16 score), 4. Jake Minze, Eustace (585 total, 572.07 score).
123 pounds – 1. Filipe Ortiz, Ferris (985 total, 915.26 score), 2. Austin Kvapil, Crandall (765 total, 697.30 score), 3. Justin Gaddis, Kemp (755 total, 675.42 score), 4. Zack Arambula, Eustace (745 total, 654.33 score), 5. Cody Roberts, Eustace (675 total, 603.86 score), 6. Aaron Alvarez, Eustace (640 total, 583.36 score), 7. Justin Chambers, Kaufman (600 total, 552.18 score.
132 pounds – 1. Nick Lane, Kemp (980 total, 804.58 score), 2. Nathan Oliverez, Kaufman (900 total, 750.87 score), 3. Chris Anderson, Ferris (865 total, 710.17 score), 4. Andrew Patrick, Crandall (630 total, 521.39 score), 5. Zach Thorpe, Kaufman (625 total, 530.19 score).
148 pounds – 1. Cale Barnes, Crandall (1,240 total, 910.04 score), 2. Jacob Flores, Ferris (1,065 total, 781.60 score), 3. Mike Jones, Eustace (1,060 total, 773.16 score), 4. Jeff Rambo, Mabank (830 total, 629.06 score), 5. Herb Dounlearn, Ferris (805 total, 602.06 score), 6. Justin Calhoun, Eustace (780 total, 568.93 score).
165 pounds – 1. Guillermo Mendieta, Mabank (1,250 total, 857.13 score), 2. Garrett Hill, Mabank (1,070 total, 712.19 score), 3. Trey Moore, Ferris (1,040 total, 705.85 score), 4. Travis Marrs, Crandall (940 total, 631.68 score), 5. Kolton Barber, Crandall (870 total, 623.36 score).
181 pounds – 1. Eric Sparks, Kemp (1,170 total, 757.58 score), 2. Jake Lewis, Crandall (1,090 total, 712.10 score), 3. Norman Brady, Mabank (1,035 total, 645.63 score), 4. Jaryd Bedford, Crandall (975 total, 620.59 score), 6. Josh Unruh, Eustace (935 total, 581.01 score).
198 pounds – 1. Michael Morrison, Crandall (1,195 total, 723.69 score), 2. Justin Crowsey, Mabank (1,190 total, 718.28 score), 3. Hepitasio Perea, Kaufman (1,135 total, 671.37 score), 4. Michael Shaefer (1,105 total, 666.98 score), 5. Dillon Bramblitt, Mabank (1,105 total, 651.62 score).
220 pounds – 1. Justin Lewis, Ferris (1,390 total, 770.76 score), 2. Tyler Griffith, Ferris (1,195 total, 677.57 score), 3. Brett Brewer, Kaufman (1,140 total, 660.23 score), 4. Colton Ries, Kaufman (1,095 total, 637.49 score), 5. R.P. Smith, Mabank (1,095 total, 608.60 score), 6. Juan Santoy, Kaufman (1,075 total, 624.47 score).
242 pounds – 1. William Wood, Crandall (1,400 total, 769.16 score), 2. Chris Brent, Kaufman (1,300 total, 710.71 score), 3. J.R. Hudson, Mabank (1,245 total, 671.18 score), 4. Jaymes Maple, Eustace (1,215 total, 652.82 score), 5. Payden Bertrand, Ferris (1,210 total, 654.01 score), 6. Brandon Crow, Kemp (1,210 total, 649.41 score), 7. Michael Roe, Kaufman (1,070 total, 592.25 score).
275 pounds – 1. Brandon Carrico, Mabank (1,310 total, 698.62 score), 2. Juan Martinez, Kaufman (1,140 total, 602.03 score), 3. Harley Mitchell, Eustace (1,100 total, 574.20 score), 4. Nic Shutak, Eustace (1,085 total, 562.72 score).
Superheavyweight – 1. Shawn Hamm, Kemp (1,510 total, 731.60 score), 2. Humberto Hernandez, Ferris (1,310 total, 653.95 score), 3. Clint Pylant, Kaufman (1,220 total, 621.96 score), 4. Josh Lopez, Eustace (995 total, 517.70 score).

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Mabank’s Guillermo Mendieta squats 475 pounds during the District 13-3A
powerlifting meet in Crandall Saturday. Mendieta won the 165-pound weight
division with a total lift of 1,250 pounds and an adjusted score of 857.15.

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Three friends and a coach help Kemp’s Justin Gaddis don his support shirt prior to the bench-press
competition at the District 13-3A powerlifting meet at Crandall Saturday. Gaddis finished third in
the 123-pound division with a total lift of 755 pounds and an adjusted score of 675.42.

Eustace hosts tournament
Monitor Staff Reports
EUSTACE–Lubbock Christian won the championship of the Eustace Bulldog Invitational baseball tournament Saturday, defeating Palmer to win the trophy.
The hosting Bulldogs were eliminated by Lubbock Christian in their fourth game.
Eustace was scheduled to visit Kerens Tuesday, and will play in the Fairfield Invitational tournament this weekend, opening Thursday (today).
Tuesday, March 6, the Bulldogs will host the Rains Wildcats, opening with a 5 p.m. junior varsity game, and then will play in the Malakoff Tiger Invitational tournament March 8-10.
Eustace opened the Bulldog tournament with a 14-3 win over Scurry-Rosser, with Nick Shutak notching his first career victory by tossing a five-hitter.
The Bulldogs pounded out 11 hits, but committed four errors, while the Wildcats committed three errors.
Chris Compton nearly hit for the cycle, getting a single, double and triple and driving in four runs, while Ryan Compton had a double and three RBI.
Also getting hits for the Bulldogs were Cameron Coffey (two doubles, two RBI), Aaron Coffey (single, two RBI), Cody Lowe (RBI single), Caleb Bailey (single), Ryan Gassman (RBI single) and Rusty Hart (triple).
Quinlan-Ford’s Panthers handed the Bulldogs a 9-3 defeat in the second game, with Cameron Coffey taking the loss.
Coffey helped his cause with a single, and the Bulldogs also got hits from Chris Compton (single), Ryan Compton (two singles, RBI) and Lowe (two singles, RBI).
The Bulldogs bounced back to knock off Cross Roads 8-3 in game three, as Mike Cook struck out seven Wildcats to notch his first win of the season.
Getting hits were Cameron Coffey (single), Chris Compton (single), Lucas Cope (single), Gassman (three RBI single), Hart (RBI single) and Brandon Grayson (two RBI).
Lubbock Christian eliminated the Bulldogs with a 15-5 win in game four.
Cope, in his first outing, took the loss, giving up 10 hits, but helped his cause by knocking out two homers and driving in four runs.
Also getting hits for the Bulldogs were Cameron Coffey (single), Hart (single) and Chris Compton (RBI single).
Monday, the Eustace junior varsity opened with an 11-0 loss to the hosting Athens JV.
Getting hits for the Bulldogs were Jonathon McRae (single, double) and David Easley (single).

Chapel Hill wins Bulldog Relays
Monitor Staff Reports
EUSTACE–Chapel Hill took the girls and boys titles at the annual Bulldog Relays Friday.
Hosting Eustace took second place in both the girls and boys divisions at the annual track meet, which took place on a brand-new – literally just hours old – track at Bulldog Stadium.
While the junior varsity portion of the meet Thursday had good weather, drizzle and occasional showers marred the varsity competition.
Chapel Hill won the girls division with 165 points, followed by Eustace with 139 points, while Kaufman finished third with 83 points.
Ferris finished fourth with 65 points, followed by Brownsboro (48), Gladewater (33), Kemp (24), Malakoff (21), Quinlan (15), Crandall (12) and Van (9).
Chapel Hill also won the boys competition with 136 points, followed by Eustace with 133 and Mabank with 90 points.
Athens finished fourth with 60 points, followed by Quinlan (48), Van (43), Ferris (40), Kemp (18), Fruitvale (18), Gladewater (17) and Cross Roads (6).
Results provided to The Monitor did not include first names of the participants.
Pole vault – 1. Truitt, Eustace (9-3, new meet record), 2. Wade, Crandall (8-0), 3. Milewski, Van (8-0), 4. Reed, Quinlan (7-6), 5. Houston, Eustace (7-0), 6. Cotton, Van (6-0).
Discus – 1. Hughey, Kaufman (98-11), 2. Valentine, Gladewater (89-11), 3. Easterling, Chapel Hill (88-10½), 4. Simmons, Quinlan (86-1), 5. Massenburg, Chapel Hill (83-10), 6.Mayfield, Chapel Hill (79-11).
Shotput – 1. Hughey, Kaufman (38-6¼), 2. Valentine, Gladewater (32-4½), 3. Kelley, Chapel Hill (30-10½), 4. Chimney, Brownsboro (30-9¾), 5. Richardson, Malakoff (30-9½), 6. Eastorling, Chapel Hill (30-8¼).
High jump – 1. Tyner, Ferris (4-10), 2. Brown, Gladewater (4-10), 3. Freeman, Eustace (4-6), 4. Jones, Chapel Hill (4-4), 5. Ford, Chapel Hill (4-2), 6. York, Eustace (4-0).
Long jump – 1. Truitt, Eustace (16-8), 2. Harvey, Chapel Hill (16-7), 3. Dixon, Chapel Hill (15-11¾), 4. Brown, Gladewater (15-5½), 5. Sanders, Chapel Hill (15-0½), 6. Hopkins, Ferris (15-0).
Triple jump – 1. Jones, Chapel Hill (31-6¾), 2. Dowell, Malakoff (31-6), 3. Dixon, Chapel Hill (30-8¾), 4. B.Walter, Eustace (29-2½), 5. K.Walter, Malakoff (30-1½), 6. Freeman, Eustace (29-11½).
3200 run – 1. Donovan, Kemp (12:35.66), 2. T.Durnell, Eustace (12:40.96), 3. L.DiBari, Eustace (12:55.05), 4. Hudgins, Kaufman (12:55.28), 5. Garrett, Eustace (13:05.02), 6. Derouen, Gladewater (13:05.28).
400 relay – 1. Chapel Hill (50.88), 2. Kaufman (52.58), 3. Brownsboro (53.0), 4. Eustace (54.3), 5. Quinlan (54.99), 6. Van (56.11).
800 run – 1. C.DiBari, Eustace (2:31.95), 2. C.Durnell, Eustace (2:35.46), 3. Scott, Brownsboro (2:37.58), 4. Walters, Eustace (2:42.68), 5. Ogle, Ferris (2:43.55), 6. DeRoun, Gladewater (2:47.11).
100 hurdles – 1. Mills, Chapel Hill (16.61), 2. Bledsoe, Chapel Hill (17.26), 3. Miller, Chapel Hill (17.5), 4. Freeman, Eustace (18.3), 5. Tyner, Ferris (18.61), 6. Allen, Gladewater (19.0).
100 dash – 1. Lee, Chapel Hill (12.38), 2. Hopkins, Ferris (12.4), 3. Bell, Brownsboro (13.01), 4. Hunter, Kemp (13.02), 5. Booth, Kaufman (13.3), 6. Offord, Kaufman (13.35).
800 relay – 1. Chapel Hill (1:50.11), 2. (not listed), 3. Ferris (1:56.13), 4. Malakoff (1:56.46), 5. Brownsboro (1:56.81), 6. Eustace (1:57.29).
400 dash – 1. Scott, Brownsboro (1:05.37), 2. DiBari, Eustace (1:07.68), 3. Wileford, Kaufman (1:08.09), 4. Lema, Kaufman (1:08.17), 5. Walter, Eustace (1:08.52), 6. Trimble, Malakoff (1:08.77).
300 hurdles – 1. Mills, Chapel Hill (50.71), 2. Truitt, Eustace (51.22), 3. Strickland, Brownsboro (51.94), 4. Miller, Chapel Hill (53.72), 5. Allen, Gladewater (54.35), 6. Bledsoe, Chapel Hill (54.44).
200 dash – 1. Hopkins, Ferris (26.9), 2. Harvey, Chapel Hill (27.06), 3. Winstu, Chapel Hill (27.28), 4. Houston, Crandall (28.13), 5. Tyler, Quinlan (28.47), 6. Rodgers, Eustace (28.61).
1600 run – 1. Donovan, Kemp (5:55.27), 2. Durnell, Eustace (6:01.13), 3. DiBari, Eustace (6:06.19), 4. Garrett, Eustace (6:11.21), 5. Hudgens, Kaufman (6:15.62), 6. Smith, Quinlan (6:24.15).
1600 relay – 1. Ferris (4:30.72), 2. Eustace (4:34.24), 3. Kaufman (4:38.09), 4. Chapel Hill (4:36.40).
Pole vault – 1. Nichols, Quinlan (10-0), 2. Thompson, Eustace (9-6), 3. McGee, Chapel Hill (7-0).
Discus – 1. Lewis, Ferris (135-3), 2. Maple, Eustace (131-11), 3. Pennington, Van (114-9½), 4. Bertrand, Ferris (111-11), 5. F.Lopez, Eustace (109-8), 6. Westmoreland, Athens (104-3).
Shotput – 1. Maple, Eustace (42-1½), 2. F.Lopez, Eustace (39-10½), 3. Pruitt, Quinlan (39-4¼), 4. Juarez, Ferris (37-8¾), 5. Lowe, Eustace (36-11¼), 6. Lewis, Ferris (36-5¾).
High jump – 1. Brady, Mabank (6-0), 2. Keeling, Eustace (5-10), 3. Lynch, Chapel Hill (5-8), Cooper, Chapel Hill (5-4), 5. Johns, Quinlan (5-4), 6. Ambler, Van (5-4).
Long jump – 1. Cooper, Chapel Hil (20-2), 2. Burk, Mabank (19-5½), 3. Watson, Eustace (19-5½), 4. Jackson, Chapel Hill (19-5), 5. Gamble, Athens (18-5), 6. Johnson, Athens (18-5).
Triple jump – 1. Burk, Mabank (40-8), 2. Jackson, Chapel Hill (38-6), 3. Lynch, Chapel Hill (37-6½), 4. McGlaun, Cross Roads (36-11), 5. Watson, Eustace (35-6), 6. Contreras, Eustace (35-0½).
3200 run – 1. Nixon, Eustace (10:34.77), 2. Reynolds, Athens (11:14.08), 3. Bennett, Eustace (11:20.61), 4. Burkhalter, Mabank (11:33.11), 5. Klecka, Mabank (11:43.86), 6. Marshall, Gladewater (11:51.05).
400 relay – 1. Chapel Hill (43.81), 2. Athens (44.57), 3. Mabank (44.74), 4. Eustace (46.63), 5. Van (47.8).
800 run – 1. Nixon, Eustace (2:03.84), 2. Alvizo, Fruitvale (2:09.26), 3. Hales, Gladewater (2:10.14), 4. Ambler, Van (2:11.58), 5. Alexander, Ferris (2:11.71), 6. Davis, Mabank (2:12.86).
110 hurdles – 1. John, Quinlan (16.64), 2. Selmon, Ferris (16.65), 3. Miller, Quinlan (17.81), 4. McGee, Chapel Hill (17.84), 5. Graves, Eustace (19.5).
100 dash – 1. Warren, Chapel Hill (10.48), 2. Brady, Mabank (11.08), 3. J.Farmer, Kemp (11.28), 4. Burk, Mabank (11.51), 5. Cooper, Chapel Hill (11:58), 6. Birch, Mabank (11.61).
800 relay – 1. Chapel Hill (1:34.27), 2. Mabank (1:38.71), 3. Kemp (1:38.86), 4. Eustace (1:41.96), 5. Athens (1:45.20).
400 dash – 1. Massenburg, Chapel Hill (50.82), 2. Windland, Van (54.99), 3. Alvizo, Fruitvale (55.09), 4. Brady, Mabank (55.46), 5. Waldo, Cross Roads (55.73), 6. Alexander, Chapel Hill (56.01).
300 hurdles – 1. John, Quinlan (42.79), 2. Eads, Eustace (43.51), 3. Selman, Ferris (44.78), 4. Miller, Quinlan (47.25), 5. Graves, Eustace (47.26), 6. Fridley, Mabank (47.86).
200 dash – 1. Rasberry, Chapel Hill (22.53), 2. Lynch, Chapel Hill (23.16), 3. Burk, Mabank (23.34), 4. Alvizo, Fruitvale (23.82), 5. Parry, Mabank (23.99), 6. Costlow, Mabank (24.13).
1600 run – 1. Hale, Gladewater (4:59.86), 2. Alverez, Eustace (5:10.92), 3. Reynolds, Athens (5:13.73), 4. Bodeen, Ferris (5:17.23), 5. Burkhalter, Mabank (5:18.54), 6. Klecka, Mabank (5:18.7).
1600 relay – 1. Van (3:42.9), 2. Eustace (3:44.1), 3. Athens (3:49.9), 4. Chapel Hill (3:50.6), 5. Mabank (3:52.7).
Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Mabank’s Shane Burk flies through the air
during the triple jump competition at the Bulldog
Relays Friday. Burk won the triple jump with a
leap of 40-8, and also finished second in the long jump.


Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Mabank’s Norman Brady brushes the bar as he attempts to clear 6-2 at the
Bulldog Relays Friday. Brady won the high jump with a leap of 6-0.

Fly Fish Texas set March 3
Special to The Monitor
ATHENS–Somewhere out there – in Texas, or Colorado, or Alaska, or the Florida Keys or Patagonia – a fish is waiting for you to present a fly to be engulfed.
Are you ready?
The first step in your fly fishing adventure should be attending Fly Fish Texas at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center the first Saturday in March.
There you will learn to cast, tie flies and even build your own fly rod, and you’ll do it all under the supervision of expert fly fishers from Texas and beyond.
Fly fishers will converge on Athens for the eighth annual Fly Fish Texas event to share tips and techniques during seminars and hands-on demonstrations.
Seminars will cover fly fishing for redfish, trout, tuna, stripers, bass and carp; kayak fishing; teaching youngsters to fly fish and choosing a guide.
Demonstrations and classes will teach building a fly rod, knot tying, salt-water fly-tying, dry-fly tying, spinning deer hair, casting using long (spey) rods, accuracy casting and Dutch oven cooking.
Speakers scheduled to appear include Mark Marmon, a member of Texas Fly Fishers in Houston and urban fly fishing guide; Ronnie Ray, founder of Tejas Outfitters, a fly fishing and outdoor adventure service based in Austin; and Steve Watson and Jared Satterwhite, members of Pineywoods Fly Fishers in Lufkin and kayaking addicts.
No prior experience in fly fishing is needed. Beginning and intermediate fly fishing classes will be offered.
Admission to the day-long event is included with regular admission to TFFC: $5.50 for adults, $4.50 for seniors and $3.50 for children ages 4-12. TFFC is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located at 5550 FM 2495, three miles east of Athens.
For more information and a schedule of events and seminars, visit and click on Fly Fish Texas in the Quick Links box, or call (903) 670-2222 or (903) 676-2277.

Xtreme open season with win
Monitor Staff Reports
TATUM–The Athens-based Texas Xtreme semi-pro football team opened its season Saturday with a dominating 24-7 win over the hosting East Texas Outlawz.
The East Texas Wolves will visit Brownsboro High School for the Xtreme’s Texas United Football League home opener at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 3.
Saturday’s season-opening win was a costly one for the Xtreme, as they lost starting quarterback B.J. Kennimer for the season in the second quarter with a broken left leg and badly dislocated ankle.
Tailback Brandon Thompson and fullback Brandon Dillard also left the game in the second quarter after sustaining injuries and did not return.
Despite the loss of their entire starting backfield, the Xtreme were not in any danger, as their defense was more than capable of winning the game.
In the first half, the Xtreme defense held the Outlawz to zero first downs and minus 38 rushing yards on 12 attempts.
In the second half, the Outlawz registered 10 rushing yards on seven carries and completed 2-of-12 pass attempts for 21 yards and three interceptions. They had four first downs, three courtesy of Xtreme penalties.
“When you surrender a total of minus 27 yards for the entire game, the defense has done its job,” coach Gary Craig said.
The Outlawz’ only touchdown came on a 98-yard fumble return.

Kemp opens with 3 wins
Monitor Staff Reports
KEMP–Kemp’s baseball Yellowjackets forged three straight road wins to open the season, defeating Nevada Community and scoring two wins in Mexia’s Blackcat Invitational tournament.
The Yellowjackets were scheduled to visit Tyler All-Saints Tuesday, and play in the Nacogdoches Dragon Invitational tournament this weekend, opening Thursday (today).
Tuesday, March 6, the ’Jackets will stay on the road for a 6 p.m. non-district game against the Canton Eagles, and then head to Waco to play in the Time Warner Classic tournament March 8-10.
Kemp will return home Tuesday, March 13, for a 3 p.m. game against Fort Worth Diamond Hill-Jarvis.
At Community Feb. 20, the ’Jackets pounded out 15 hits and took advantage of eight errors by the hosting District 10-3A Beavers to roll up a 15-0 shutout.
Nick Sallings got the win for the ’Jackets, tossing a one-hitter and striking out 14 batters.
The ’Jackets opened a 3-0 lead in the third inning when both Justin Gordan (who tripled) and Tim Fuller (who singled) both scored on errors.
Kemp made it 6-0 in the fourth when Matt Car singled in Dalton Fugitt and Sallings doubled in Carr.
The ’Jackets scored three runs in the fifth, all of them coming with two out. Shane Henderson singled, and Bret Kennedy joined him on base after being hit by a pitch.
Fugitt then brought both of them home with an inside-the-park home run.
Kemp blew open the contest with a six-run sixth inning, featuring two Beavers errors, a double by Kennedy, a triple by Fugitt and a single by Sallings.
The ’Jackets opened the Mexia tournament with a time-limit 4-3 victory over Reicher in six innings.
Fugitt got the come-from-behind win, with Mikie Scruggs coming on to pitch one inning to notch a save.
Kemp opened a 1-0 lead in the first when Carr doubled and scored on an error, but Reicher tied the score in the bottom of the first on a single.
After a scoreless second inning, the ’Jackets scored in the third when Sallings singled in Kennedy, who reached base when he was hit by a pitch.
Reicher, however, countered with two runs in the bottom of the third, as Fugitt gave up a walk and a single, before back-to-back bunts scored two runs.
Kemp retook the lead in the top of the fifth with two runs on singles by Fugitt, Carr and Sallings, along with a walk by Kennedy.
The ’Jackets followed that nail-biter with a 14-1 blowout of Whitney, pounding out 12 hits and taking advantage of three errors.
Kemp took command early with a six-run first inning.
Kennedy reached first on a dropped third strike, and went to second on an error. Fugitt walked, and Carr brought both of them in with a three-run homer.
Sallings and Gordan both walked, and Scruggs doubled both of them home, but was thrown out trying to steal third.
Leif Skierski and Cody Kuehn both walked around a fly out by Tim Fuller, and Kennedy singled home Skierski.
The ’Jackets added five runs in the second inning, opening with a solo shot by Carr.
Scruggs singled home Sallings (who walked), and Fuller singled home Scruggs. Fuller followed that with a single to score Fuller.
Kuehn added the fourth single of the inning to score Fuller, and Kennedy singled home Kuehn.
Kemp added two runs in the third on a two-run shot by Sallings, and added a run in the fourth inning when Henderson scored on an error.

Mabank wins consolation
Monitor Staff Reports
MABANK–Mabank’s Lady Panther softball team won the consolation bracket of the Malakoff Lady Tiger Invitational tournament last weekend.
Mabank went 3-3 in the tournament, going 1-2 in a tough pool with Grapeland, Scurry-Rosser and Elkhart, before defeating Teague, Palestine and hosting Malakoff.
The Lady Panthers are scheduled to play in the Grandview Invitational tournament this weekend, opening Thursday (today).
Monday, March 5, the Lady Panthers will host Dallas Molina, opening with a 5 p.m. junior varsity game, before winding up non-district play at home against Seagoville, opening with a 4:30 p.m. JV game.
At Malakoff, the Lady Panthers opened pool play with a 3-0 loss to Grapeland, followed by a narrow 1-0 loss to Scurry-Rosser.
Mabank bounced back to edge Elkhart 1-0 in a tough battle before losing a 5-3 time-limited game to Teague.
The Lady Panthers crushed Palestine 9-0 and then edged the hosting Lady Tigers 5-4 to claim the consolation trophy.
“The games against Elkhart and Malakoff are the type of wins that could propel the Lady Panthers into the playoff race in District 13-3A,” head coach Russell Budai said. “Both games were nail-biters, and are the type of games playoff teams win.”
Sisters Melody Lander and Brandie Lander both made the All-Tournament team. Brandie Lander and Karlyn Bellows pitched for the Lady Panthers.
Alison Castle, who notched a triple and a home run, led the Lady Panther hitting.
Melody Lander had a big double against Elkhart, and Jordan Mounts had the game-winning RBI in that contest.
Lauren Norwood, Katie Cross, Krista Jennings, Ashley Hammack all had hits in the tournament.

Upcoming Games


Feb. 27
MHS @ Westwood
KHS @ Tyler All-Saints
EHS @ Kerens

March 1-3
MHS @ Fairfield tourney
KHS @ Nacogdoches tourn.
EHS @ Fairfield tourney

March 6
MHS @ Van
KHS @ Canton
EHS vs Rains


Feb. 26
MHS vs Westwood

Feb. 27
KHS @ Cross Roads
EHS vs Cayuga

March 1-3
MHS @ Grandview tourn.
KHS @ Scurry-Rosser tourn.
EHS @ Spring Hill tourn.



Feb. 27
MHS vs Waxahachie*
(boys & girls)

March 2
MHS girls vs Terrell*
MHS boys @ Terrell*


Feb. 26
Eustace Invitational (girls)
(Cedar Creek Country Club)