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  Avada Hearing Care Centers give children the gift of hearing
Special to The Monitor
MABANK–Getting the gift of hearing is easier than most people think – you visit your local Avada Hearing Care Center and they provide you with a complete hearing evaluation and the hearing instruments you need.
However, for many, that isn’t an option, due to their life situation, which is why Avada regional directors across the country are dedicated to improving the quality of life for disadvantaged individuals.
The Avada Hearing Care Centers Regional Director for Texas Chris Czop (Avada is an operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management Inc. (HHM)), traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico, Nov. 4-8, 2007, with Hearing Aids for Latin America.
The group he traveled with included Ray Solcher, the executive director of Hearing Aids for Latin America, along with Mark Brumbeck, Gary Coté, John Freeman and Ashley Sill.
They dispensed more than 300 hearing aids in three days to children in a small clinic in Guadalajara.
The trip carried a lot of meaning for Czop.
“People rode all night on buses to see us. We saw children hear for the first time, and their parents crying with joy,” Czop said. “It was a very emotional experience. In my 22 years in this business, that trip was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.”
Hearing Aids for Latin America is a Houston-based charity that is not affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturers.
The organization does four to five trips a year to provide hearing-impaired adults and children free hearing instruments and batteries.
Last year alone, the organization helped more than 1,000 hearing-impaired children and adults.
Nationwide, Avada Hearing Care Centers’ mission has always been to serve the hearing-impaired with the highest degree of professionalism, technology and service available.
Czop exemplifies this mission, and has gone above and beyond to donate his time to help improve the quality of life of hearing-impaired people who otherwise would not have the resources available to them.
“It’s extremely important to everyone associated with Avada to provide hearing-impaired individuals with the instruments they need to rediscover life through better hearing,” Czop said.
Avada of Mabank is located at 1424 South 3rd Street, Suite B.
Everyone over the age of 55 should have annual hearing screenings. Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers offer free hearing screenings for those interested.
Avada operates more than 240 hearing care centers nationwide.
For more information about Avada of Mabank and its services, please call (903) 595-1811, or visit


Local woman loses 197 pounds
By Barbara Gartman
Monitor Staff Writer

GUN BARREL CITY–For most people losing 15 or 20 pounds is a struggle, especially when they have to stay on a diet for a lengthy period of a few months.
Pam Bowen began her quest to lose weight in March 2004, now four years later she has reached her goal.
That first Weight Watchers (WW) meeting she attended, Bowen weighed in at 353 pounds, shocking even to her at the time.
Now she weighs a trim 155 pounds.

Monitor Photo/Barbara Gartman
Pam Bowen (left) accepts a floral arrangement provided by Capt’n “B” Floral etc. Brenda Price of Weight Watchers presents the flowers and a lifetime membership to Bowen for losing 197 pounds during a four year period.

Although she does have some extra flesh to get rid of, it’s not as much as it could be.
“Exercise has controlled the amount of excess skin. I truly believe God led me to this,” Bowen said.
In the beginning she doubted the program would work for her, so she put off following the instructions from the first meeting.
However, when she did start the following Monday, and after following the ww instructions very lightly for only four days, she found she had lost several pounds.
After that she decided to give the program her full attention and try to get her life back.
At the 100 pounds lost mark, she made a list of 10 things most people take for granted but that she now enjoys. The list includes:
• wearing panty hose to church.
• sitting in armed chairs.
• shopping at the malls.
• kneeling at the alter for prayer.
• turning over in bed.
• climbing up into a pickup truck.
• sitting down in a small car.
She could barely fit into her own car. The steering wheel dug into her stomach.
Everything she did everyday was hindered by her weight, she said.
“Pam is a beautiful example to all of what Weight Watchers can do for people who commit to the program,” WW leader Brenda Price said.
She is 52 years old and has learned the importance of eating healthy and controlling portions, Price explained.
For her diligence, Bowen was presented a lifetime membership to Weight Watchers at its meeting Thursday.
“I’m very proud. I feel wonderful. I feel like I am starting a whole new life,” she said.
In honor of her overall achievement in her weight loss journey, a huge colorful floral arrangement was also presented to her from Capt’n “B” Florist etc.
Bowen is a 20-year veteran Wal-Mart employee. She works in the cash office.
She is also planning to join the WW workforce as a receptionist helping others lose weight in a healthy manner.
“I think people have to have a mind-set (in order) to succeed. And when they do Weight Watchers is the best program for the money,” she said.


Flower show set for April 14
Monitor Staff Reports
SEVEN POINTS–The Cedar Creek Lake Garden Club will hold its annual flower Show 1-4 p.m. Monday, April 14, in the Community Room at The Library at Cedar Creek Lake.
Many beautiful and unique floral arrangements are presented each year. The public is welcome and encouraged to visit this one-day showing.
This show will close with a happy winner of a unique, 42-inch round outdoor umbrella table, whose top is set with mosaic tiles.
For more information about this annual fund-raiser or rules for entering the flower show, please call Sarah Hutchens at (903) 778-4243.


Come Adopt Us At
The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake

My name is Nelson. I am a beautiful male Dachshund. I was brought to the shelter by animal control, so I have no history. So far, I seem pretty laid back and gentle. I am a wonderful boy looking for my new forever home.

My name is Oreo. I am a beautiful female black Lab. I was brought to the shelter by animal control, so I have no history. I seem to get along with other dogs. I need help with leash training. I have been started on my shots and need to be fixed. I am a beautiful girl looking for my new home.

We are a whole litter of Shepherd mix babies. We were brought to the shelter by animal control, so we have no history. We have been started on our first set of shots. We are good kids looking for our new forever homes.

I am a beautiful Border Collie, who is four months old, or so. I was brought to the shelter by animal control, so I have no history. I have not been at the shelter long, so not much is known about me. I am a beautiful kid looking for a new home.

Pictured are just a few animals at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake in Seven Points in dire need of a good home. Please call or stop by the Humane Society today and rescue one of these forgotten animals. The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is located on 10220 County Road 2403 in
Seven Points. For more information, please call (903) 432-3422 after 11 a.m.
We are closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

For further information visit our website at


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