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Normal Lake Level is 322.00 feet above Mean Sea Level.
Current level for Cedar Creek Lake is: 322.19
Water Temperature:
na degrees - top
63 degrees - bottom



Kemp girls defeat Kaufman 9-8 for first district win
Monitor Staff Reports
KEMP–In a nail-biting extra inning of play the Kemp Lady Yellowjackets squeezed past the Kaufman Lions in district 13-3A play Friday, March 23.
By the fourth inning the Lions were leading 8-2, in a match hosted at Kemp.
Kemp came back to make six runs in the fifth inning with Amanda White bringing in the tying RBI.
Kemp then went on to score one last run in an extra inning to win the game 9-8.
Not only was the win the Kemp girls’ first one of the season, it was the first district win in four years.
“It was a real morale builder,” new softball coach Corrie Riland told The Monitor.
Riland was hired to teach and coach girls softball at Kemp High School just this school year, previously having taught and coached at Sulpher Springs.

’Jackets edge Pirates, 3 - 2
By Mary Landrie
Monitor Staff Writer

KEMP–Kemp’s varsity Yellowjackets slid past Crandall last Thursday to grab a 3 - 2 victory.
The top of the first was fairly uneventful with Crandall’s Dalton Good grounding out, Cary McSwain singled but was tagged out going to second, and Zach Ragsdale flied out.
Kemp’s Bret Kennedy walked but was tagged out on his way to second. Leif Skierski grounded out and Matt Carr walked, advanced to second on a passed ball, but was caught trying to steal third.
Bad luck seemed to follow the Pirates as Adam Warner struck out swinging, Colton Kipoli grounded out, William Wood was hit by a pitch and Josh Blunt grounded out.
The ’Jackets cranked things up a notch with Nick Sallings who hit the only home run of the game while bringing in another runner in the bottom of the second. Dalton Fugitt walked, was batted forward to second base, but was tagged out on his way to third. Mikie Scruggs singled, stole second, and was batted home. Carr struck out swinging, but Justin Gordan reached base on a bunt and was batted to second. Cody Kuehn then singled bringing in a runner and setting the score to 2 - 0.
The third inning was kept short with Crandall’s Nolen Cornett grounding out, Josh Barton striking out swinging, and Good grounding out. Kemp’s luck was no better with Skierski grounding out, Carr striking out swinging and Sallings flying out.
The fourth inning brought a little more action as the Pirate’s McSwain was hit by a pitch and then caught trying to steal second base. Ragsdale struck out swinging, Werner singled, and Kipoli grounded out.
Kemp’s Fugitt struck out swinging in the bottom of the fourth and Scruggs grounded out. Carr walked and stole second but was left stranded as Gordan struck out looking.
The top of the fifth brought fans to the edge of their seats as Crandall’s William Wood was hit by a pitch, batted forward to second, advanced to third on a wild pitch, and was batted forward to home. Blunt walked, advanced to second on a wild pitch, and was batted home bringing the score to 2 - 2.
Cornett singled, advanced to second on an error, was batted to third but was caught trying to steal home. Barton popped out and Good reached on an error. McSwain struck out swinging leaving Good stranded.
The ’Jackets wrapped up the game in the fifth inning with little resistance from the Pirates. Kuehn grounding out and Kennedy walked, stole second, was batted forward to third and scored on a passed ball. Skierski made it to second but Carr struck out swinging, Sallings was intentionally walked, and Fugitt grounded out leaving two on base and ending the game at 3 - 2.


Catch more fish!
Crappie and docks
By R.J. Abernathy
Special to The Monitor

You know the local lake that you spend all your time fishing? The one with all those houses that line the shore – the houses with all the boat docks?
Those docks might be clogged with people loading and unloading boats and having all kinds of fun, but some of the best crappie fishing can be found directly below them at almost any time of year.
So what is it about these docks? It doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re fishing, if you’ve got crappie in the water, they’re bound be around these docks.
Granted, crappie love certain docks more than others (wooden docks seem to hold more crappie than metal ones), but once you figure out which docks they prefer, and what kinds of baits and tackle work best around this structure, there will be nothing stopping you from stocking the livewell with big slabs of crappie.
Docks provide the necessities these tasty fish need to survive. Support pilings provide food and cover along a wide range of depths.
Grass shrimps, crustaceans and minnows feed on small plankton, then crappie feed on them. The older docks have algae growing on them, which attracts baitfish, and that attracts the crappie.
Most importantly, docks are best when it’s sunny and hot. Clouds tend to make the cover less important and causes fish to scatter.
Bright sun penetration pushes crappie into the most shaded area under the docks, and it’s not unusual for crappie to be on one side of the dock in the morning and on the other side later in the day.
Wooden docks just a foot or so above the water are ideal crappie habitat. The posts and cross-members also provide shade and protection for crappie.
Deeper water, at least nearby, is another key ingredient. Shallow docks may produce during certain seasons, but deep-water structures will hold crappie year-round.
Other than the spawning season, the water depth beneath or at the end of a dock should be at least six feet to attract crappie.
Docks and piers in shallower water can be productive, providing nearby there are deeper creek channels, which are travel corridors that crappie use to migrate in and out of creek arms as the seasons change.
Also, around most docks there will be sunken trees, brush, stakes and other man-made structures placed in the water. Many dock owners do this to establish a holding area for crappie, and also to hold a larger concentration of fish.
Because crappie are so found in so many places around the country, it seems people in different places have different ideas on what constitutes crappie tackle.
For some, it’s simply down-sized bass gear. But, when you target crappie specifically, choose an ultra-light spinning reel and rod, like a like an Abu Garcia Cardinal 100 on a five-foot Berkley Lightning Rod.
Most people prefer 4- to 8-pound test monofilament, such as Trilene XL, but let things like water clarity and the structure you are fishing around determine how heavy a line to use. The last thing you want is to lose a big crappie because it broke the line as it rubbed against the dock.
Many people target crappie using live bait – namely minnows. There’s ways to catch more crappie using artificial baits, and it lessens the amount of time you spend re-rigging baits and running back and forth to the bait shop.
A Johnson Beetle Spin has been catching crappie for decades and it’s very easy to fish – just cast and retrieve.
Others like to pack PowerBait Crappie Nibbles into a Berkley Scent Vent. This in-line component spins on the line above the bait or hook, and releases the scent and taste of the Crappie Nibbles as you retrieve it.
Some of the best crappie fishing can come on flipping a 1-inch Berkley Micro Power Tube packed with Crappie Nibbles.
All of these baits are powerfully effective ways to get those tasty crappies on your line. Simply cast them on the shady sides of the docks and dock supports until you get a strike. Once you’ve located one crappie, you can be relatively certain that there are more.
Crappie fishing is a great way to spend time fishing with the family and to introduce non-anglers to fishing.
By targeting crappie around docks and employing these simple techniques, you can be rewarded with a great fishing experience and a fine meal.

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