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Kemp holds off Eustace, 8-5
Monitor Staff Reports
KEMP–Kemp’s Yellowjackets opened a 7-0 lead and held on to record an 8-5 District 13-3A baseball victory over the visiting Eustace Bulldogs Tuesday.
Following a break, both teams face key district contests at home Friday, April 20, as the Yellowjackets host the Kaufman Lions at 4:30 p.m. and the Bulldogs have a 6:30 p.m. game against the visiting Crandall Pirates.

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Kemp Yellowjacket second baseman Dalton Fugitt (8) runs down and tags
Eustace Bulldog baserunner Chris Compton to end the top of the third inning
during Kemp’s 8-5 win over the visiting Bulldogs Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 24, Kemp will host Ferris in a 4:30 p.m. game, with a playoff berth likely riding on the outcome, while Eustace will visit Kaufman for a 6:30 p.m. contest.
Friday, April 27, both teams will wind up the regular season, as Eustace hosts Ferris, while Kemp hosts Mabank.
At Kemp Tuesday, Lucas Cope went the distance for the Bulldogs, giving up eight hits and eight runs (only one earned), while walking two and notching one strikeout.
Mikie Scruggs got the win for the ’Jackets, going six innings before getting into trouble in the seventh. Leif Skierski came on in the seventh to record a save.
Scruggs allowed seven hits, four runs (two earned), and issued four walks while notching 11 strikeouts. Skierski allowed three hits and one (earned) run in two-thirds of an inning.
Kemp posted three runs in both the first and second innings, taking advantage of three Bulldog errors.
The Bulldogs stranded two baserunners in the first inning, as Cope singled and Scruggs walked Ryan Compton, but Mike Cook’s fly out ended the inning.
In the bottom of the first, ’Jacket leadoff man Bret Kennedy tagged Cope for a solo home run.
Cope then hit Skierski, who moved to second on a single by Matt Carr and advanced to third on an error.
Dalton Fugitt hit a sacrifice fly to score Skierski, and Carr scored on a passed ball to give the ’Jackets a 3-0 lead.
Bulldog Cameron Coffey doubled in the second inning, but failed to tag, and was called out.
In the bottom of the second, the ’Jackets took advantage of two Bulldog errors, as Josh Carr (who walked), Cody Kuehn and Tim Fuller (singled home by Nick Sallings) all scored.
Kemp made it 7-0 in the third inning when Fugitt nailed a leadoff double and was singled home by Josh Carr.
The Bulldogs threatened in the top of the fourth inning, when Cope singled, Scruggs hit Cook and walked Cameron Coffey to load the bases with two out.
Scruggs caught Brandon Grayson looking to end the inning.
The ’Jackets loaded the bases in the bottom of the fifth inning when Cope hit Nick Sallings, Fugitt doubled and Kuehn walked, but Cope got Fuller to ground out to end the inning.
Both teams got a little sloppy in the sixth inning, as the Bulldogs committed one error and the ’Jackets committed two.
Eustace began to rally in the top of the seventh inning, as Chris Compton singled and Cope followed with an RBI single.
Cope took advantage of two Kemp errors to advance to third base, and Ryan Compton walked.
Cook cleared the bases with a two-RBI single, and Cameron Coffey singled Cook in.
Grayson singled, but Coffey was tagged out trying to steal home.

Keeling sets high jump record at 13-3A meet
Monitor Staff Reports

EUSTACE–Eustace High School’s Zach Keeling set a new school record in winning the high jump during the first day of the District 13-3A track meet Wednesday.
Running event finals were scheduled late Thursday, and results were not available by presstime.

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Eustace’s Zach Keeling sets a new school record and wins the high jump competition with a leap of 6-4 during the first day of the District 13-3A track meet Wednesday at Eustace’s Bulldog Stadium.

The top three finishers in each event qualify to participate in the Region II track meet Friday and Saturday, April 27-28 at the Texas A&M University at Commerce’s Memorial Stadium.
Eustace will host a regional qualifier’s meet Friday and Saturday, April 20-21.
During field events competition Wednesday, Keeling cleared 6-4 on his third and final attempt to set the school high jump record, but failed in three attempts to clear 6-5.
Another Eustace athlete, Chelsea Truitt, also posted outstanding performances Wednesday, as she finished second in both the pole vault and triple jump, and won the long jump.
Field events results are listed below.

Girls varsity

Pole vault – 1. Wade, Crandall (9-6), 2. Truitt, Eustace (9-0), 3. Harris, Kaufman (8-6), 4. Houston, Eustace (8-6), 5. Garrett, Eustace (8-0), 6. Koetting, Ferris (8-0).
Discus – 1. Hughey, Kaufman (118-1), 2. Atkins, Crandall (109-6½), 3. Wood, Crandall (106-10), 4. Rouse, Crandall (103-2), 5. Ward, Eustace (101-7), 6. Brewer, Eustace (92-10).
Shot put – 1. Hughey, Kaufman (41-8), 2. Atkins, Crandall (35-1½), 3. Bassett, Lovejoy (32-9), 4. Strother, Kaufman (32-3), 5. Wood, Crandall (31-1), 6. Cousins, Crandall (30-8½).
High jump – 1. Tyner, Ferris (5-6), 2. Petross, Kaufman (5-2), 3. Butler, Mabank (5-0), 4. Freeman, Eustace (4-10), 5. Walter, Eustace (4-10), 6. Gorka, Kemp (4-10).
Long jump – 1. Truitt, Eustace (16-3¼), 2. Lewis, Crandall (16-2), 3. Miller, Mabank (15-7¾), 4. Bailey, Eustace (15-6½), 5. Tarver, Lovejoy (15-6½), 6. Hollywood, Ferris (14-9).
Triple jump – 1. Bailey, Eustace (33-7½), 2. Truitt, Eustace (32-10½), 3. Parker, Eustace (32-0½), 4. Gorka, Kemp (31-2), 5. Alldredge, Mabank (31-1½), 6. Haynes, Ferris (31-0).
3200 run – 1. Donovan, Kemp (12:12.0), 2. Durnell, Eustace (12:21.3), 3. DiBari, Eustace (12:25.8), 4. Dillon, Mabank (12:30.0), 5. Ramos, Kaufman (13:00.6), 6. Garrett, Eustace (14:03.0).

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Eustace’s Chelsea Truitt leaps 32-10½ to take second place in the triple jump. Truitt also took second in the pole vault and won the long jump competition.

Girls junior varsity

Pole vault – 1. Campbell, Kaufman (7-0), 2. Vrzalik, Kaufman (6-0).

Discus – 1. Moore, Kaufman (91-2¾), 2. Choyce, Kaufman (78-3½), 3. Jackson, Ferris (72-1), 4. Ellison, Ferris (65-7½), 5. Bonner, Eustace (62-11½), 6. Rhodes, Eustace (62-3¾).
Shot put – 1. Moore, Kaufman (27-11¾), 2. Rhodes, Eustace (26-6½), 3. Zaby, Kaufman (25-9), 4. Choyce, Kaufman (25-7½), 5. Chambers, Crandall (25-6½), 6. Bonner, Eustace (25-4).
High jump – 1. McConathy, Eustace (4-8), 2. Davis, Kaufman (4-6), 3. Alexander, Eustace (4-4), 4. York, Eustace (4-4), 5. Vrzalik, Kaufman (4-2).
Long jump – 1. Simms, Kaufman (14-8¾), 2. Berry, Ferris (13-9½), 3. Alonzo, Kaufman (13-4¼), 4. Ruiz, Kaufman (13-3), 5. Martin, Eustace (13-1), 6. McManus, Eustace (12-2).
Triple jump – 1. McConathy, Eustace (30-7), 2. Davis, Kaufman (29-8), 3. Campbell, Kaufman (29-7½), 4. Alonzo, Kaufman (29-4½), 5. Martin, Eustace (28-5), 6. Guidry, Crandall (28-3).
3200 run – 1. Sandaral, Kaufman (13:46.93), 2. Esquviel, Kaufman (13:49.89), 3. Lopez, Ferris (14:22.69), 4. Herrera, Eustace (14:22.99), 5. Sandall, Eustace (15:00.62), 6. Burkhart, Kaufman (15:44.38).

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Kemp’s Kate Donovan (right) and Eustace’s Tanita Durnell duel at the head of the field during the girls varsity 3200 run. Donovan pulled away late to win the race.

Boys varsity
Pole vault – 1. Barnes, Crandall (12-6), 2. Eads, Eustace (12-0), 3. Leamon, Crandall (11-0), 4. Erickson, Ferris (11-0), 5. Daniels, Kaufman (10-6), 6. Simmons, Kaufman (9-6).
Discus – 1. Brent, Kaufman (125-0½), 2. Burns, Ferris (122-0¾), 3. Lopez, Eustace (118-1¾), 4. Simpson, Kaufman (114-8¾), 5. Lowe, Eustace (111-6¾), 6. Bertrand, Ferris (110-8½).
Shot put – 1. Pylant, Kaufman (43-10), 2. Ray, Crandall (42-7), 3. Maple, Eustace (41-2), 4. Burns, Ferris (41-0½), 5. Brewer, Kaufman (38-0), 6. Brent, Kaufman (40-2).
High jump – 1. Keeling, Eustace (6-4), 2. Murrell, Kaufman (6-2), 3. Brady, Mabank (6-0), 4. Adkisson, Eustace (5-10), 5. Marsh, Crandall (5-10), 6(tie). Birch, Mabank and Fisher, Mabank (5-8).
Long jump – 1. Aaron, Crandall (21-2¼), 2. Brady, Mabank (20-9), 3. Kapp, Kaufman (19-5½), 4. Wells, Kaufman (18-10), 5. Watson, Eustace (18-8¼), 6. Turner, Kaufman (18-6¾).
Triple jump – 1. Watson, Eustace (41-4), 2. Burks, Mabank (40-10), 3. Hamilton, Mabank (40-3½), 4. Wells, Kaufman (40-0¼), 5. Kvapil, Crandall (38-10¼), 6. Smith, Mabank (38-10).
3200 run – 1. Altman, Kaufman (10:30), 2. Lee, Eustace (10:55), 3. Bennett, Eustace (10:56.57), 4. Arambula, Eustace (10:56.99), 5. Morena, Ferris (11:19.40), 6. Burkhalter, Mabank (11:23.70).

Boys junior varsity
Pole vault – 1. Koller, Crandall (10-6), 2. Williams, Kaufman (10-6), 3. Thompson, Crandall (9-6), 4. Thompson, Eustace (9-6), 5. Bennight, Kaufman (9-6), 6. Johnson, Eustace (9-6).
Discus – 1. Lopez, Eustace (111-11), 2. Rincon, Kaufman (107-8¼), 3. Shutak, Eustace (103-3¼), 4. Carson, Lovejoy (93-5½), 5. Velasquez, Kaufman (92-8¾), 6. Duncan, Mabank (92-3½).
Shot put – 1. Lopez, Eustace (37-6), 2. Shutak, Eustace (36-10½), 3. Perea, Kaufman (36-5½), 4. Duncan, Mabank (36-2½), 5. Roe, Kaufman (35-11½), 6. Martinez, Kaufman (35-11).
High jump – 1. Adams, Crandall (5-8), 2. Walker, Kaufman (5-6), 3. Grady, Ferris (5-4), 4. McDaniel, Kaufman (5-4), 5. Mueller, Crandall (5-2), 6. Harvey, Eustace (5-0).
Long jump – 1. Downs, Kaufman (17-3), 2. Runnels, Ferris (17-2¾), 3. Conteras, Eustace (16-6½), 4. B.Rumbo, Mabank (16-5), 5. Emmons, Eustace (16-4½), 6. J.Rumbo, Mabank (16-1).
Triple jump – 1. McCullar, Crandall (37-2), 2. Robertson, Mabank (37-2), 3. Gomez, Kaufman (36-6), 4. Walker, Kaufman (36-5), 5. Chambers, Kaufman (35-9½), 6. Rambo, Mabank (35-5).
3200 run – 1. Alvarez, Eustace (11:10.60), 2. Calhoun, Eustace (11:45.14), 3. Contreaz, Ferris (11:49.34), 4. Landon, Kaufman (12:01.93), 5. Wood, Crandall (12:18.14), 6. Smith, Eustace (12:29.00).

Mabank tennis teams qualify for Regionals
Monitor Staff Reports
MABANK–Mabank’s boys and girls tennis teams finished second and third, respectively, during the District 13-3A tennis tournament recently.
James Sander took second place in the boys singles, qualifying for the Region II tournament. Teammate Blake Witkop finished third, qualifying him as a Regional alternate.
Xavier Abrams took fourth place in the boys singles.
Brooke Witkop took the girls singles consolation trophy (fifth place), while Shaylee Williams finished sixth in girls singles.
The duo of Brittany Blair and Shannon Irvin took fourth place in girls doubles, while the duo of Kelly Hitzfeld and Michael Balderas took fourth place in mixed doubles.

Mabank, Kemp teams dominate District 13-3A golf tournament
Monitor Staff Reports
CRANDALL–Mabank’s girls golf team won their third straight district championship, while Kemp won the boys District 13-3A title Tuesday at the Creekview Golf Course in Crandall.
Mabank’s boys team finished second in the boys standings, and all three teams will advance to the Region II golf tournament at the Tanglewood Resort in Pottsboro Monday and Tuesday, April 23-24.
Despite the wet and chilly conditions Tuesday, Kemp’s boys improved their score by 29 strokes from the first round, held April 2 at Cedar Creek Country Club.
The Yellowjackets shot 352 in the first round, but shot 323 in the second to finish with a tournament total of 675.
Chase Traughber led the ’Jackets with a two-day total of 155, leading the district’s top six players.
Kemp’s Dalton Fugitt took third individually with a two-day total of 164, while teammate Ethan Stanley improved 21 strokes from his first-round score to card a tournament total of 171, good for fifth overall.
Mabank’s boys shot rounds of 357 and 334 (an improvement of 23 strokes) to finish at 691.
Former Kemp standout Chris Harper led the Panther boys with a two-day total of 159, good for second overall behind Traughber.
Mabank’s Taylor Brown finished sixth overall with a tournament score of 172.
On the girls’ side, Mabank’s Macey Thomas took third overall with a two-day score of 198, while Sarah Bivins finished sixth overall at 207.
Mabank’s Lauren Slaton and Kemp’s Katie Hibbs tied for fourth overall with tournament scores of 199.
Hibbs will represent Kemp in the girls’ Region II tournament at Pottsboro.
The top six players qualified for regional play as individuals, while the Kemp and Mabank boys, along with the Mabank and Crandall girls, qualified as teams.
Kaufman’s Chantry McMahn took the top girls medalist honors with a tournament score of 151, while Crandall’s Amanda Genovese was second at 170.

Upcoming Games


April 20
MHS @ Ferris*
KHS vs Kaufman*
EHS vs Crandall*

April 24
MHS vs Crandall*
KHS vs Ferris*
EHS @ Kaufman*

April 27
EHS vs Ferris*
(end regular season)
*District 13-3A game


April 20
MHS @ Ferris*
(end regular season)
*District 13-3A game

April 20
Regional Qualifiers meet
@ Eustace