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  Post Office drop boxes hit again
By Barbara Gartman
Monitor Staff Writer

KEMP–Once again, a thief or thieves have snipped the back latch of the blue mail drop box just outside the Kemp Post Office.
They took the inside bucket and made off with an undetermined amount of mail.
And once again, there’s a sign on the box, telling customers to bring their mail inside the post office.
The theft occurred sometime after dark Friday night, or early Saturday, May 1, Kemp Post Office superintendent Nate Witcher said.
“Our clerk who arrives first in the mornings, Patricia Fore, called Kemp Police,” he said.
“Then I got here at 6 a.m., put the sign on the box and called the postal inspector,” Witchter added.
“Anyone who deposited mail in the box after 5:30 p.m. Friday until 2:30 a.m. Saturday should check their financial statements, creditors and bill collectors,” Witcher said.
Due to rain overnight Friday, it will be difficult to capture a clean set of fingerprints from the lock portion of the box, but there may be prints on other parts of the mail box.
“We have recovered the (inside) bucket and a piece of mail,” Kemp Police Chief Richard Clemmo said.
“I have contacted the Postal Inspector and am waiting on a response,” he added.
The Postal Inspector will either send the evidence to FBI laboratories or instruct Kemp police to send it to a local lab, he said.
Witcher said that over the same weekend, thieves also broke into the mail box outside the Trinidad Post Office.
“The thieves go through the mail hunting for items such as cash, credit cards and money orders,” he explained.
Information on a money order can be washed off with a chemical and new information filled in, allowing a criminal to cash it with few problems, he said.
The Monitor reported on the same type of theft in December, 2009.
At that time, the thieves allegedly hit boxes in Kemp, Mabank and Malakoff.
The act is a federal offense with penalties “up to five years per piece of mail,” upon conviction, according to postal inspector Sam Gonzales.


Purse-snatcher’s description given
Monitor Staff Reports

GUN BARREL CITY–Police released a description of the April 30 would-be purse snatcher from the Walmart parking lot Thursday.
Gun Barrel City investigating officer Jesse Ison described the perpetrator as a white male, weighing about 220 pounds and 5-10 in height. He has brown hair, cut very short, and he was wearing a blue Texas Ranger shirt and blue jeans. His estimated age is late 20s to early 30s.
A white female with dark blond hair and wearing a white shirt reportedly was driving the getaway vehicle–a dark-colored Ford F-150 four-door pickup.
The attempted purse snatching left a woman with a broken foot, bruising and road rash. The attempt occurred around 4:55 p.m., Ison said.
The woman had just exited her car and was instructing her two daughters, ages 6 and 7, to remain close to her when the man attacked her and tried to take her purse.
The woman believes another elderly woman was the attacker's initial target.
Anyone with information as to the identity and whereabouts of these two suspects are asked to call Gun Barrel City Police Department at (903) 887-7151. Press 1 to speak to a person about your knowledge of the suspects.


Beading a gift for Mother’s Day
Monitor Photo/Pearl Cantrell

GirlScoutsbeading.jpg (209050 bytes)Marsha Cyzmer and daughter Nicole from Simply Beadiful in Gun Barrel City help a troop of Girl Scouts from Tool Elementary prepare a special necklace for Mother’s Day gifts April 30.

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