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Mays gets death
By Michael V. Hannigan
Monitor Staff Writer

ATHENS – Lethal injection.
The jury in the Randall Wayne Mays capital murder trial returned its verdict Tuesday afternoon.
Mays is to be executed in connection with shooting deaths of two Henderson County peace officers.
According to the verdict read by 392nd District Judge Carter Tarrance, the jury found that Mays would be a future danger, but did not believe there were mitigating circumstances.
Defense attorney Bobby Mims had tried to convince the jury that his client was mentally ill and therefore should be sentenced to life in prison instead of death.
Mims said a different attorney has been appointed to handle Mays’ automatic appeal.
Mays was convicted of shooting and killing Henderson County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Tony Ogburn, 61, of Log Cabin.
Even though there are two counts of capital murder and a charge for aggravated assault on an officer, the state only tried him on one capital charge.
That way, if for any reason the trial and its verdict was disallowed, the state could come back and prosecute the other charge for killing Henderson County Sheriff’s Department investigator Paul Habelt, 63, from Eustace.
Deputy Kevin Harris was also shot in the leg during the altercation.
The jury handed up the guilty verdict last Friday after five days of testimony and just an hour after closing arguments. The sentencing phase of the trial began with the prosecution on Saturday, and continued with the defense on Monday when Mays’ family offered emotional testimony.
The two sides offered their closing arguments Tuesday morning.
The capital murder statute was applied in Mays’ case because he was convicted of murdering a peace officer in the line of duty. The jury could choose between life in prison or the death penalty.
In gut-wrenching testimony last week, the events leading up to the deaths of Ogburn and Habelt were laid out.
Officers were called to a domestic disturbance at the Mays’ residence in Payne Springs May 17, 2007. Henderson County Sheriff’s Deputy Billy Jack Valentine was the first officer on the scene.
Three times during the five days of the guilt/innocence phase of the trial jurors got to watch and hear a video recording of the incident from the dashboard camera of Valentine’s car. Although little but an empty dirt road can be seen, dialogue between officers and Mays can be heard clearly on the tape.
The tape and testimony established that Valentine and Mays were talking calmly right up until Valentine started to read Mays his rights prior to questioning him about shooting his gun across the road.
At that time, Mays turned and ran for the house. Valentine tried to grab him, but Mays pulled out a knife and slashed at the deputy. When Mays made it to the house where the guns were, officers took cover.
Valentine then tried to talk Mays out of the house. After calling for a negotiator and advising his superiors of the situation, Valentine, along with Ogburn and Harris, managed to talk Mays out of his home.
While talking, however, Mays saw Valentine trying to get between him and the house, so he turned and ran for the house again. Valentine tried to stop him, but tripped on a garden hose.
With Mays back in the house with the guns again, Valentine was trapped against a wall between the home’s windows.
It wasn’t long after that the shooting began. Testimony showed that both Obgurn and Habelt were shot in the head.
Moments later, Mays was shot and wounded by officers and gave up.

GBC sets runoff election for mayor
By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

GUN BARREL CITY–For the lack of seven votes, Gun Barrel City is preparing a runoff election for mayor.
Three candidates ran for the post, spliting the vote. Texas municipal law states that when three or more run for the same office, the winner is the one to carry more than 50 percent of the vote.
Incumbent mayor Paul Eaton led the pack with 194 with Marty Goss coming in second with 128. David Parras came in third with 78 votes.
Since 400 voters participated in the election, the winner needed 201 votes to be seated as mayor.
The runoff election is set for Saturday, June 28. Until then, Eaton will continue as mayor.
This isn’t the first runoff for the city. In 2002, a runoff was held to decide Council Place 4 (west) between Elsie Jordan and Carol Meyer. However, back then elections weren’t so expensive to run. Voting machines were not yet required.
No estimate on the cost was available.

Unofficial May 10 Election Results


Kemp ISD
Place 1
Don Jedlicka * 119
Larry Dalrymple 77
Place 2
Steve Greenhaw * 138

Mabank ISD
Place 3
(unexpired term)
Paul Edmondson 335
Tyson Johnson 441
Place 4
Michael Cathey* 427
Dr. Jeff Gaddis 372
Place 5
Scott Tuley* 388
Todd Grimes 410

Malakoff ISD
David Hennessee* 79
Jan Shelton 281
Clyde Tinsley* 226
Ed Wood 217
(Two seats available)
Bond - For 339
Against 153


Caney City
Nancy Clark* 20
Patricia Mayfield* 19
Claude Miller* 20
Charles D. Reynolds 4
(Three seats available)

Enchanted Oaks
Allen Bell* 114
Tony Davis 54
Lee Hobbs* 112
Sandi Rando* 92
Corey Walker 35
(Three seats available)

Sherry Burkett 28
Sondra McAdams 55
Karyn Mullen* 61
Chuck Powers* 77
Scott Purl* 65
Mark Sanders 69
(Three seats available)

Gun Barrel City
Paul Eaton* 194
Marty Goss 128
David Parras 78
Run-off election to be held Saturday, June 28

Place 2
Melvin Hayes 74
John Gregg 32
Place 4
Kevin Banghart 156
Dean Wright Jr. 105

Prop. 1 Sales & Use tax
For 305
Against 77

Leodis Buckley* 49
Matt Ganssle 45
Jessie Morton 39
Todd Weber* 37
(Three seats available)

Log Cabin
Roger “Gene” Bearden 94
Joan Foster 67
Richard Harrah 81
Albert Malone 19
William “Bill” Tucker* 76
Weldon Wallace 127
(Three seats available)

Payne Springs
Michael McDonald* 86
J.T. Nobles 98
Vic Brazzell 94
Michael Juica 93
Rodney Renberg 102
(Two seats available)

Wet 86
Dry 100

Seven Points
Tara Goode 19
Hank Laywell* 32
Dean Moore* 25
Richard “Yankee” Smith 24
Mike Tayem 21
(Two seats available)

Rob Hebrank 48
Kay Wiggins Hernandez* 64
Betty Terry* 58
Zelma Womack 72
(Two seats available)

J “Mike” Black 108
Tamra Brickey 82
Tracy Bush 121
Monty H. Pennell 60
A.J. ‘Red’ Phillips* 94
Fran Sonka* 117
Dr. Bruce Thurston 82
Nelson Wright 50
(Three seats available)

Celebrities at Gaters

Courtesy Photo/Sharron Rankin
Some Dallas Cowboys and other notables were on hand at Gaters in Gun Barrel
City Saturday to introduce the latest drink to hit the market. VIB or “Vacation
in a Bottle” is a lightly carbonated pomegranate drink that’s touted as a wave of
relaxation. Helping Gaters’ owner, Billy Odom, present the drink were (from left,
 back row) Dan Carpenter, formerly with the Dallas Cowboys, but currently the
Detroit Lions, Marc Columbo, offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, Marco
Riveria, retired Dallas Cowboy, Donnie Nelson, President of the Dallas Mavericks
and two friends of Donnie Nelson; (middle row) Alex Riveria with VIB, Susan Harrison,
General Manager of The Monitor, Odom and Brandon Lopez, actor; (front row) Kayla King of Edom, Cory Procter, center for the Dallas Cowboys and Carey Dean with 106.9 FM, The Ranch.


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