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Kemp ISD dress and grooming code for 2007-08
Special to The Monitor
KEMP–Kemp Independent School District students and parents may determine a students’ personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with certain minimum standards.
The District’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.
The dress code prohibits:
• any form of dress or grooming that either reveals cleavage, midriff, or an undergarment or provides a disruptive influence to the normal function of the school. It is deemed inappropriate.
Students must wear undergarments. Shorts and skirts (including slits in skirts) must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
No cut-offs are permitted.
All clothing should fit properly. Clothing should be worn in the way it is designed to be worn. Any clothing that is tight fitting or too baggy is unacceptable (i.e., biking shorts or leggings worn as pants, stretch pants, tights, etc.).
The waistband of all pants, shorts and skirts shall be worn no lower than the waist.
• clothing displaying vulgar or suggestive words, symbols, and/or the name of any alcoholic beverage, drug, or tobacco product. These may not be worn on campus.
When a shirt is deemed inappropriate, the student will be loaned a t-shirt to be worn for the remainder of the school day.
When the t-shirt is returned (clean) to the office, the original t-shirt will be returned to the student. The second infraction will result in disciplinary action.
• clothing that either displays bare skin where normally it would be covered or is otherwise deemed immodest (i.e., slit skirts, off-the-shoulder blouses, tank-tops, crop-tops, sundresses, etc.).
A crop-top is anything that exposes the midriff. Jackets may not be used to cover tops that are not in compliance with the dress code.
A top is too short if the midriff is exposed when the student’s hands are fully extended overhead. For students in grades 7-12, all shirts (tops) must have sleeves.
• clothing that needs laundering or mending. All clothes must be clean and free of holes or tears. Repair work should be neatly patched.
• pajama type clothing.
• swim trunks. Athletic shorts may be worn only in PE/Athletics class.
Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Some classes may require closed-toe shoes for safety purposes.
• hats or head coverings worn inside the school buildings. Prior to first period, hats/caps should be placed in lockers and not carried from class to class.
• the wearing of more than one small earring per earlobe for males.
• piercing of body parts other than ears.
• the wearing of hair in inappropriate colors, designs or styles. Hair must be clean and well maintained.
Hair for males must not extend past the base of the neck in back, past the bottom of the ears on the side or below the eyebrows in front.
Neatly trimmed moustaches are permitted but shall not extend past the corners of the mouth. Beards are not allowed; males must be clean shaven.
• the wearing of exposed or “hanging” chains.
Appropriate personal hygiene should be practiced.
If a student has a tattoo, that tattoo must be covered by clothing or in some other manner at all times. Shirts will be buttoned to an appropriate level.
Concerning extra-curricular activities, the sponsor, coach, or other person in charge of the activity may regulate more stringent dress or grooming of students who participate in the activity.
In any disputed infraction of the dress code, the principal shall have final authority to determine appropriate dress and grooming.
Students who do not comply with the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Domestic violence volunteer training set
Special to The Monitor
GUN BARREL CITY–Break the Chain Against Domestic Violence and The Family Peace Project are two organizations that help women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.
Women are helped to obtain access to community services such as counseling, support groups, legal assistance, Medicaid, WIC and health services.
Both organizations also sponsor a safe house, one in Henderson County and one in Kaufman County, where women and children receive shelter, resources and hope while they make decisions regarding their future.
Break the Chain Against Domestic Violence and The Family Peace Project is hosting a volunteer education/training session from 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30, at St Jude’s Parish Hall, 172 Luther Lane, Gun Barrel City.
We cordially invite anyone interested and we hope you will come to share time with us and have a cup of coffee and dessert!
Contact Jan Wood at (903) 880-6539, or Marlena Taylor at (903) 677-9177 for additional information and to RSVP.

Wildlife calendar available at TFFC
Special to The Monitor
ATHENS–If you have a pond, farm or ranch and are wondering how to best manage it for fish or wildlife, help has arrived.
Now available in the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center gift shop is the Wildlife and Fisheries Management Calendar from Texas Cooperative Extension, which gives month-by-month recommendations for improving habitat, stocking fish, monitoring wildlife populations and controlling pests such as feral hogs.
The calendar is not year-specific (e.g., no dates are included for months), so it can be used year after year.
In addition, the calendar contains appendices telling how to interpret angler catch data to avoid or solve fish growth problems; how to conduct a deer census and age deer on the hoof or by tooth wear; and how to manage feral hogs.
The calendar is illustrated with color photographs of wildlife. It was authored by Dr. Billy Higginbotham of Tyler, a professor and extension wildlife and fisheries specialist with the Texas A&M University System.
The calendar may be purchased at the TFFC gift shop during open hours, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, or ordered by phone by calling (903) 670-2246.
TFFC is located at 5550 Farm-to-Market 2495, four miles east of Athens.
Persons wishing only to purchase items in the gift shop are not required to pay admission.

Come Adopt Us At
The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake

I am one of four Border Collie mix pups. We are six weeks old. There is no history on us because we are too young. We are beautiful puppies looking for wonderful homes. One male, three females.

My name is Bella. I am a beautiful female mix. I seem to love people and seem to be housebroken. I was a stray brought to the Shelter by animal control, so I have no history. I am a wonderful girl looking for a wonderful new forever home.

My name is Lark. I am a beautiful female Chihuahua mix. I was brought to the Shelter by animal control, so I have no history. I seem to possibly by housebroken. I am a little beauty looking for a wonderful new home.

My name is Cain. I am a wonderful old male Catahoula mix. I was brought to the Shelter by animal control, so I have no history. I am just a big old gentle baby who is in need of a new forever new.

Pictured are just a few animals at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake in Seven Points in dire need of a good home. Please call or stop by the Humane Society today and rescue one of these forgotten animals. The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is located on 10220 County Road 2403 in
Seven Points. For more information, please call (903) 432-3422 after 11 a.m.
We are closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

For further information visit our website at