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Teen arrested after 3 kids overdose
Monitor Staff Reports
HIDDEN HILLS HARBOR–Henderson County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 17-year-old Aug. 14 for delivering a controlled substance to juveniles in a Hidden Hills Harbor residence.
Three youngsters, all under the age of 15, were admitted to the emergency room in Gun Barrel City around 9 p.m. for a possible drug overdose.
Drug Unit Investigator Bryan Tower questioned the victims and learned Derrick Allen Braune, 17, had delivered the prescription medication Lorazepam to the juveniles that morning. Braune was questioned at the urgent care center.
Braune confessed to stealing 20 pills and giving them to the youngsters. He said he smoked marijuana with them, but denied ingesting any of the medication.
He admitted watching the juveniles smoke and ingest some of the pills, crushing others and inhaling the crushed powder.
Braune was arrested at the hospital and booked in the Henderson County jail on two counts of endangering a child and one count of delivering a controlled substance. Both charges are state jail felonies. Bonds total $75,000.
All three juveniles were treated and released from the hospital.

2 arrests at Can Depot gameroom
Monitor Staff Reports
SEVEN POINTS–Henderson County investigators arrested a man and a woman on drug charges at the Can Depot game room on FM 85 in Seven Points.
While responding to reports of illegal gambling and narcotics activity, DEU officers Kenny Collard and Darrel Waller stopped in the establishment.
After a look around the room, Waller located a glass pipe used for smoking methamphetamine. It was near Jimmy Dwayne Williams, 43, who has come under the law’s scrutiny on three occasions, dating back to 2004.
Waller decided to make a run for it and took off out the back door. After a short chase, Waller caught up with Williams, who had earlier identified himself with a fake name.
Williams had an active warrant for bond forfeiture on file.
Collins found a pink zipper bag between two of the machines where Aimee Linn Mooneyham, 29, was sitting.
Besides containing some female items, it held four clear plastic baggies. Two of them contained what was believed to be methamphetamine. One bag was empty, the last bag contained seven round pills of an unknown substance.
More of the white powder believed to be methamphetamine were in the bottom of the purse.
Mooneyham was placed under arrest for manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance less than 4 grams.
Williams was charged with possession of a controlled substance less than 1 gram, evading arrest, failure to identify a fugitive from justice and a warrant for bond forfeiture.
Both suspects were taken to the county jail. Bonds had not yet been set at presstime Tuesday.

Puppy mill owners ordered
to reimburse expenses

534 dogs given over to the Humane Society
of United States in custody hearing Monday

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

KAUFMAN–In a custody hearing Monday for the animals rescued from deplorable conditions at a kennel near Prairieville Aug. 11, Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Johnny Perry determined that animal cruelty resulted from the keeping of more than 500 dogs at Klassie Kennels.
He ordered that owners Margaret and James Boyd forfeit custody, and he turned the animals over to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
The Boyds were also ordered to reimburse the expenses to care for the animals, and they must also pay to have the animals spayed or neutered.
The Boyds are facing animal cruelty charges in a hearing likely to take place Thursday or Friday, the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office PIO said.
The HSUS responded immediately to a call from the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake about a woman with 400 dogs requesting dog food from the shelter Aug. 7.
The organization flew an investigator out to go along with local shelter manager Krista McAnally with a second load of dog food Aug. 11, and convinced Peggy Boyd that they had some interested buyers who would like to see some pictures of the dogs. She agreed.
The photos were taken to the Kaufman Sheriff’s Office and a search warrant ordered. Since the raid, the animals had been kept securely at the county fairgrounds.
Volunteers from several animal rights groups have helped to care and nurse the dogs.
HSUS investigator Scotlund Haisley stated on the organization’s website that the conditions under which the animals were kept were among the worst of the puppy mills HSUS has seen.
Various rescue groups from around the country have been waiting in the wings for the court’s custody ruling. Many of the animals will be transported to Colorado, Florida and to the northeastern parts of the U.S.
Over the last week, 20 dogs delivered litters of puppies and others are due any day.
These will most likely not be transported immediately.
Those interested in helping with the rescue should send an e-mail to In the subject line, detail who you would like to do to help, such as donate time at the shelter, foster one or more dogs and litters, or adopting.
Include your name, address and day and evening phone numbers, as well as any experience you have at caring for animals.


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