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Sunday, October 3, 2010

 Lake Info

Normal Lake Level is 322.00 feet above Mean Sea Level.
Current level for Cedar Creek Lake is: 320.01 Water Temperature:
79  degrees - top
degrees - bottom




Lady Bulldogs bop Teague
Monitor Staff Reports
EUSTACE–The Eustace Lady Bulldogs set the stage for a first-round showdown against Leon by knocking off the Teague Lady Lions, 3-0, Tuesday night.
Now 26-6 on the season and 5-0 in loop action, Eustace was scheduled to host third-ranked Leon’s Lady Cougars Friday night in the District 14-2A first-round finale.
Next Tuesday, the Lady Bulldogs have their second-round bye, and they will resume district volleyball play on the road Friday, Oct. 8, against the Mildred Lady Eagles.
EHSvsTeague.jpg (420134 bytes)
Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Eustace Lady Bulldogs Kacie Richards (10) and Allie Cass (2) go up to block a hit by Teague's Katelyn Mehringer (14) during the opening game of Eustace's 3-0 district sweep of the visiting Lady Lions Tuesday.

In front of a sparse crowd Tuesday, the Lady Lions took an early lead, but were gradually passed by the Lady Bulldogs, who took 25-15, 25-14 and 25-13 wins.
While the Lady Lions had a strong net game, the Lady Bulldogs used unified play, getting solid performances across the board, to whittle down the Teague attack.
Lady Bulldog senior Allison Cass led the Eustace attack with 12 kills, three digs and three aces, four other players also had four or more kills.
Senior Vanessa Lopez finished with six kills, two digs and one ace, while junior Catania Grant (back full-time after resting an injured shoulder during most of the first round) added five kills, five digs and an ace.
Both Harmony Allen and Kacie Richards had four kills each, while Allen adding two blocks and an ace, and Richards adding two digs.
Senior setter Shelley Temple continued her steady play with 25 assists, while Bethany Strickland added an assist.
Mallory Keeling had one kill, four digs and an ace, while Kayla Ward had three digs on defense.
The teams split the sub-varsity contests, as the Eustace freshman won in three games, 21-25, 25-18 and 25-12, while Teague won the junior varsity match 25-23 and 25-20.

Ritter wins triathlon
Monitor Staff Reports
McKINNEY–Olympic Center trainer William Ritter won the Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon race in McKinney this past weekend.
Ritter, who works at the East Texas Medical Center-Cedar Creek Lake facility in Gun Barrel City, finished first among 194 male runners, clocking 2:02:43, about two minutes ahead of Dallas resident Shawn Bonsell (2:04:34), who led the Masters age group.
Ritter competed in the Open age group. There were 261 competitors entered in the triathlon, including 66 women.
Plano resident Elizabeth Meraz (competing in the 30-34 group) was the first-place female runner, clocking 2:26:03, about three minutes ahead of Dallas resident Nikki Bertrand, running in the 25-29 age group.


Winterizing your boat – tips to deal with E-10 gasoline
Special to The Monitor
ALEXANDRIA, Va.–Boaters and anglers will soon be putting away their boats for the season.
But before they do, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has some tips learned from fuel industry insiders on how to store a boat with E-10 gasoline (containing 10 percent ethanol) over the winter.
The octane issue
Over long winter storage periods, E-10 gasoline loses octane at about the same rate as non-ethanol gasoline. So leaving the gas tank mostly empty – and then refilling in the spring in the hopes of “refreshing” the fuel to regain any octane loss – is not necessary.
However, a nearly empty gas tank introduces another problem – the strong possibility of phase separation.
Ethanol (an alcohol) attracts water. It also absorbs water – about 10 times more than regular gasoline.
When ethanol can no longer absorb the water, it will “phase separate” from the gasoline. Should phase separation occur, the (water soaked) ethanol will settle to the bottom of the tank, which is where the engine’s fuel system pick-up is located.
The problem with leaving a tank mostly empty is that it increases the tank’s “lung capacity” to breathe in moist air (water) through the vent.
If the tank is mostly empty over the winter, there will also be less E-10 gas in the tank to absorb the moisture.
This combination of more water and less absorption greatly increases the chances of phase separation. Adding fresh gasoline in the spring would not remedy the problem – the phase-separated ethanol would remain separated at the bottom of the tank.
The water separator issue
Any moisture in a tank will be readily absorbed by the ethanol.
E-10 can hold up to percent of water by volume and up to that concentration, the water molecules will dissolve in the gasoline, forming a soluble mixture that will pass through a water separator and burn harmlessly in your engine.
The only time water will collect in a tank and not be absorbed is if phase separation has occurred, and by then it will be too late. A water separator is not a solution to the phase separation problem.
The fuel additive issue
Fuel additives are good for many reasons, and should be used when laying up a boat for winter, but no additive will stand up to a good-sized slug of water.
Once too much water has entered the tank and the gas has begun to phase separate, no additive will return the fuel to its original state. The only solution to phase-separated gas is to have a professional drain the tank and start anew.
The best advice for storing E-10 in your boat’s gas tank over winter – keep the tank nearly full.
This greatly reduces the volume of moist air that can enter the tank via the fuel tank vent when temperatures fluctuate in the fall and spring. With any fuel, an antioxidant will help keep it fresh during lay-up.
Finally, never plug up a fuel tank vent – it creates pressure that could cause dangerous leaks in the fuel system.
For more information, including free downloadable winterizing checklists, go to


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