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    MHS Choir to Perform
Special to the Monitor
MABANK-The Mabank High School Choir will provide dinner and a short show from 6-7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13, before the football game.
The event, called "Tater 'n Tunes" will take place in the high school cafeteria.
A baked potato with all the fixin's (provided by The Chuck Wagon Restaurant), dessert and a drink costs $7 in advance and $10 at the door, as long as supplies last.
Members of the choir serve as wait staff and will be accepting tips.
Proceeds from the dinner will go toward the students' spring trip.
The choir has been invited to perform at Disneyworld in Florida in April, 2007.
The evening also includes a "Tater Art Show." The top five winning "taters" will be auctioned off.
Come and enjoy the fun, food, and great country and patriotic music.
For information, call choral director Catherine Lindsey, at the MHS Choir office at (903) 887-9366.
Also, a public concert is being offered by the two top MHS choirs from 5-5:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 14.
The choirs will perform at the First Baptist Church of Gun Barrel City, under the direction of Lindsey and Dr. William Witwer, the director of Choral Studies at Texas A&M Commerce.
Witwer will work with the students in a choir clinic all day Saturday prior to the performance.
The concert will include the following selections: "The Star Spangled Banner" "Come Praise the Mighty Lord," by Handel and "Weep no More" by Childs.
The concert is free and the public is welcome.


What Can Happen When you Play With Fire
By L. Shroeder
Special to The Monitor

MABANK-What is it about fire? It can really capture your attention which is why most people enjoy watching a camp fire, as the flames lick the air with sparks going skyward.
Much like the fireworks on the Fourth of July, this fascination of watching a fire always caught my eye as a young boy.
One day while at home alone, after school, I began to get bored after eating a bowl of ice cream while sitting on the living room carpet.
I began to tear up my book report and placed the paper in the bowl. Why? Because I had a failing grade, and I did not want my parents to see such a bad report.
I did not want another lecture about my poor performance at school.
As the paper laid there in the ice cream bowl, my mind flashed back to a movie, where the spy burned the secret message so it could never be found.
This is what I felt I needed to do to this book report. It did not need to fall into the wrong hands, my parents.
As I lit the paper and watched it burn, I must have become intrigued with the flames, because I began to add more paper and the fire grew bigger.
The fire was burning so nicely in this glass bowl when suddenly, there was a loud crack and the bowl split into three pieces, with the carpet catching on fire. I was so startled. I quickly poured my drink on the fire which drowned it out.
As I began to clean up my mess, I discovered the damage I had done. The carpet was burned - a spot just as black as can be.'
Man, I knew I was going to get in big trouble. There was no lie I could tell to get me out of this mess.
While I was looking at this burned spot in the middle of this one-month old carpet, my wicked mind began to start working.
I realized that the living room carpet was exactly the same size and color as the carpet in my folks bedroom.
12x12 feet with the wood floor exposed around the edges.
I got a tape measure and figured out where the burned spot was and where it would be if I switched the carpets around from one room to another.
Guess where the burned spot would end up in the bedroom? 
I realized it would be dark under the bed, and no one would be able to see it.
I looked at the clock. My mom would be home in 30 minutes, just enough time to make the switch.
This was not going to be an easy task for an 11-year-old boy, but I did it.
The bedroom carpet went to the living room and the carpet with the burned spot went to the bedroom.
The spot was neatly hidden under the bed.
No one ever knew.
No one ever saw the burn on the carpet for more than 12 years.
It was not until my mom moved out of her house, that she saw the burned spot.
Not knowing what it was, she blamed the spot on the cat for leaving a present.
It was not until a few years ago, with the family all together relating stories about the stupid things we did as kids, I told my mom about the fire.
She just shook her head, looked at me with loving eyes, and said "I am not surprised."


Betty Brown Seeks Re-Election
Special to The Monitor
ATHENS-First elected in 1998, Representative Betty Brown is currently serving her fourth term in the Texas House of Representatives, representing Henderson and Kaufman counties. She is a Kaufman County native.
Speaker Tom Craddick appointed Brown to serve as Chairman of Budget Oversight for the Agriculture and Livestock Committee for the 78th Legislative Session, a position that places her on the Appropriations Committee. 
She received the same appointment for the 79th session. 
Most recently, the Speaker has appointed Brown to the Legislative Library Board. 
The board administers the Legislative Reference Library an independent agency of the Legislature.
Brown has been recognized for her excellent conservative voting record by many organizations including the National Rifle Association, Texas Right to Life, Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Medical Association, and the Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce. 
In May, 2006, Brown accepted an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors for the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.
Brown and her husband, Ron, own and operate a ranch near Terrell on land that has been in her family for four generations. 
They have three children and seven grandchildren. 
A graduate of Terrell High School, she attended SMU in Dallas.
Representative Brown has been very active in the community and in her church. She is an emeritus member of the Kaufman County Historical Commission and is a member of Kaufman County Republican Women, Henderson County Republican Women, Lone Star Republican Women, and of the Cedar Creek Republican Club. 
She has worked many years in grassroots politics and volunteered time to lobby for conservative issues at the local, state and national level. Brown has also held many leadership positions including serving on the state board of the Texas Federation of Republican Women.