Senior Focus

    As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Owl Hootin' ...
I was sittin' here one night a while back, and I heard an owl hootin' and it brought back memories of years ago.
I'm not much into a lot of TV watchin'-too much stuff goin' on that's not fit to watch is the way I see it.
To my way of thinkin' it's a lot more peaceful to just sit and listen to hootin'.
Anyway, here came the memories as they always do.
I got to thinkin' 'bout the big ol' owl that used to come and sit in the tall oak tree right outside the kitchen window.
When we'd hear his lonesome call Mama would motion for us to be quiet and we'd slip over and peep outside.
The moon would usually be shining bright and we could see him plain as day.
It seemed kinda spooky when he'd say, "who? who?"
Well that owl kept on hootin' 'round here-did for several nights. But I never knew which tree he was in.
And then, lo and behold, a few days later I ran across a story in the Dallas paper telling about this bunch of owls. It sounded like they caused quite a stir.
Somebody looked up in a tree and there was a whole bunch of 'em lookin' back.
Now seeing twelve owls in one tree would cause anybody to be a little curious, I figure.
But it seems there were other strange things about 'em. Not only were they travelin' in a gang, they also had long ears.
In fact, that's what they're known as, to folks who know about such critters-long-eared owls.
The story didn't say how long. But when word got out about 'em, folks flocked from all over the country to see for themselves.
In fact, I might have given a little thought about going for a look myself if I'd heard about 'em in time-cause I've sure never seen a long-eared owl. Have any of you?
Then I got to thinkin' some more. It came to my mind, who knows that might have been the same owls hootin' 'round here-you know takin' time about doin' the hootin'.
I kept on sittin' here and I got to thinkin' maybe I better start watchin' a little more TV- 'specially the news.
What if another bunch of long-eared owls show up somewhere and I miss my chance of seein' one again-I just might go to hootin' myself.
As I was saying, hearing an owl hoot brings back memories-and it could get a little spooky if I don't get control of my thinkin'.