Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006




Trooper dragged during traffic stop
Monitor Staff Reports
BROWNSBORO–A Brownsboro man was arrested Oct. 17 for allegedly assaulting a state trooper while attempting to flee a traffic stop earlier this month.
Tony Darrell Brown, 31, was arrested when Henderson County law officers caught up with him Oct. 10.
Two days earlier, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Brian Barnhart had conducted a traffic stop on Henderson County Road 4307.
While the stop was underway, a Chevrolet Suburban approached with music blaring from the stereo.
Barnhart signaled the driver to stop and approached the driver’s window. A look inside showed a can of beer balanced in the driver’s lap and no seatbelt being worn.
Barnhart directed the man to get out of the car and step to the rear of the vehicle. When the two reached the back of the Suburban, the suspect ran back to the driver’s side and jumped behind the wheel.
Barnhart followed and reached inside the half-open window, trying to stop the driver, who began to pull away.
The trooper’s arm was snared in the window and he was dragged across the nearby intersection of CR 4307 and Farm-to-Market 314.
When finally freed, the trooper rolled into a ditch, where the driver of the first vehicle found him and assisted him back to his car.
Barnhart reported the incident to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department.
Oct. 10, the same Suburban was stopped for failure to signal a turn.
It was driven by Rhonda Brown who had a passenger Tony Brown in the front seat. Rhonda Brown later told investigators that Tony Brown had borrowed the Suburban Oct. 8.
Brown is being held in the Henderson County Jail for aggravated assault on a peace officer and evading arrest with a motor vehicle.
Bond was set at $25,000 on the assault charge and $2,500 for evasion.
Brown is also charged with a parole violation, following his release on an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon sentence.


Kemp girl crowned TVCC Homecoming Queen

Courtesy photo
Rebecca Key of Kemp was crowned the Trinity Valley Community College 2006 Homecoming Queen Saturday. Key is the daughter of Brian and Karen Key. The liberal arts major was home-schooled through the Christian Liberty Academy. The TVCC music department nominated the sophomore for the honor.


Tool PD raids ‘8-liner’ game room
Monitor Staff Reports
TOOL–Tool Police Department personnel carried out an evidentiary search warrant against an “eight-liner” game room operating in the city Friday.
Officers executed the search warrant at 8 p.m. at “Happy’s,” located at 1912 S. Tool Drive, assistant police chief Martha Decker reported.
No arrests were made, but officers issued 27 citations for gambling to the patrons in the game room at the time of the raid, Decker said.
Tool officers seized 44 video machines and $2,957 in cash during the raid, Decker said. The business remained closed Monday.
One employee was present, but the owner was not on the premises, Decker said.
Gambling charges may be pending against the owner. The investigation, headed by Sgt. Kendall Wellman, is continuing, she added.


Tool updates two city rules
By Barbara Gartman
Monitor Staff Writer

TOOL–The regular Tool City Council meeting Thursday lasted about 45 minutes, as council members had few items to attend to on the agenda.
The ordinance on fireworks, titled “Sale and Use of Fireworks,” was amended, deleting all references to extraterritorial jurisdiction.
Mayor Scott Confer informed council members the city does not have the authority to regulate the ETJ.
In other business, the council:
• replaced the ordinance titled “Regulation of Drilling and Mining” in its entirety with an updated version.
“Three to four months ago, we (the city) were approached by an individual considering the possibility of drilling within the city limits,” Confer informed those present.
If a prospective driller does come, he must comply with all federal, state and city regulations, Confer added.
“While the city has no right to deny, it does have the right to manage,” Confer said, explaining the need for the new ordinance.
• heard an update on the status of the proposed fire station.
“At the last meeting, we submitted plans that meet regulations,” Confer said.
The fire department went out for bids Friday, Confer said, adding there will be at least three to four bids.
Once the bidder is chosen, the project will go to the planning and then construction stage.
“One of the principal goals is to get the fire rating down from a 10 (the worst) to at least a nine or eight,” he said.
• were told the city is going high-tech. Every road will be computerized by subdivision, width, repairs and needs, Confer explained.
• named The Monitor as the city’s official newspaper for fiscal year 2007.