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  Robbery suspect caught at store
Wanted for 40 robberies in 32 counties
By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

CEDAR CREEK LAKE–A robbery suspect – sought for convenience store robberies in 32 Texas counties, including the robbery at the One Point Beverage store in July – was recognized at the Wal-Mart in Gun Barrel City Tuesday.
Gun Barrel City police Sgt. Damon Boswell was patrolling the parking lot when a car accident occurred.
Sgt. Patrick Johnson and investigator Dusty Bryant came to assist.
All three recognized one of the cars and drivers involved as fitting the description of the suspect linked to aggravated robberies across Texas.
Carl Leonard Lively, 54, was held on a charge of driving with an expired license.
In the meantime, Seven Points officer Tim Meadows paid a visit to One Point Beverage store owner Phan Sim who was able to pick him out of a lineup as the man she held off as long as she could, brandishing a pipe against his handgun.
When asked how the officers were able to identify him as the robbery suspect, Boswell cited the video surveillance tape from the One Point robbery. Also, Lively was still driving the blue Chevy Tahoe he was seen driving away by Sim.
Officers also found items of interest in his car which matched video footage.
Lively’s expired license lists him as a resident of Palestine.
“An eight-county task force has been looking for the guy since May,” Boswell said.
He is also the one officers suspect robbed convenience stores in Coffee City and Corsicana, he added.
All told, warrants are being prepared for Lively in connection with 40 robberies. Lively has been charged with aggravated robbery and is being held in the Henderson County Jail.

Kemp FFA sweeps Waco fair
Special to the Monitor
KEMP– The Kemp Future Farmers of America swept a recent Waco meet scoring the highest number of points for the second time in a row.
They scored a total of 117 sweepstakes points to win the overall Ag Sweepstakes Award – again.
The event, held at the Heart of Texas Fair, was judged Oct. 10.
The award came with a certificate for $200 in its choice of metal products from Pioneer Steel.
Dr. Kyle McGregor, Ag Mechanics judge from Tarleton State University, made a special visit to Kemp ag teachers Harry Sump and Judd Lewis to comment on the Kemp FFA members and the pride exhibited by the students in the exhibition of their products.
Lewis and Sump expressed their pride and appreciation for the FFA members and the excellent job, not only in exhibiting their projects but in representing their FFA and school.
Results of the fair include:
• Brian MacKinnon, a white ribbon for his truck speaker box.
Livestock equipment entry winners were:
• Sasha Durham, red ribbon for a horse feeder,
• Quincy MacDougald, red ribbon and third place division for a round bale feeder,
• Andy Hodges a blue ribbon and second place division for a square bale feeder,
• William Forest, three red ribbons for a halter rack, tie ring and a saddle rack, and
• Tommy Nichols a red ribbon for a saddle rack.
Farm machinery entry winners were:
• Matt Hinds, a blue ribbon for a hay spear, and
• John Kilgore, a red ribbon and third place division for a welding helmet rack.
Farm, home and yard convenience entrants were:
• Trey Weick, a blue ribbon and second place division for a picnic table,
• Charles Newkirk, Travis Logan and Josh McClintock – a red ribbon for a deacon bench,
• Matt Hinds, Jonathan Davis, Michael Clevinger and Brandon Morton – a blue ribbon and third place division for a yard swing,
• Amber Cockerall, Brittany Dunn, and Tyler Willis – a blue ribbon for a table/bench combo,
• Quincy McDougald and Clayton Norman – a red ribbon for a yard chair, and
• Roy Greenhaw, a blue ribbon for a garden bench.
Gates, metal or wood entrants were:
• William Forrest and Bradley Caldera – red ribbon and third place division for a bow gate,
• Jonathan Cockerall, Jose Aguliar, Jesse Wasek and Zack Peterson – a red ribbon for a bow gate.
Woodwork project entrants were:
• Amber Sanford and Cody Cox, a red ribbon for a woodchest,
• Cameron Faber a red ribbon for washer boxes,
• Andy Hodges and Zack Peterson – a red ribbon for a gun rack,
• Brandon Morton, a red ribbon for a quilt rack,
• Toni Old, Julian Hamilton, Cody Cox – a white ribbon for a magazine rack.
Red ribbons were awarded to Tiffany Pass, Kimberly Thomas, the team of Josh Thompson, Cody Dunagan, Diana Underwood, Shane Jernigan and Jerry Syfrett for their wooden benches.
Other woodwork projects include:
• Steven Hafley, a red ribbon for a tool box,
• Kerri Stewart, a red ribbon for a hat rack,
• Kara Casey, a white ribbon for a wall shelf,
• Cody Bruner, a red ribbon for a coffee table,
• Dustin Jones, a white ribbon for an ironing board cabinet,
• Michael Clevinger, a red ribbon for a bookshelf,
• Brandon Morton, a red ribbon for a bookshelf,
• Christin Cantrell, a red ribbon for a wall shelf , and
• Jerry Syfrett and Billy House, a white ribbon for a CD rack.
Wildlife project entrants were:
• Chase Harper, a red ribbon for a deer feeder,
• Craig Hamilton and Bryan Fivecoat, a white ribbon for a deer stand,
• Zack Jones, white ribbon for a deer feeder,
• Holden Henderson, a white ribbon for a tree stand,
• AJ Durham, a red ribbon and third place division for a fishing pole rack,
• Matt Carr, Jeremy Bush, Billy House and Chase Harper, a white ribbon for a hog trap.
• Chase Harper, a red ribbon and third place division for a deer stand, and
White ribbons were awarded to Stephanie Greenhaw, Ashley McKee and Shane Jernigan, for their birdhouses.
Barbecue sets and grills entry winners were:
• Matt Hines, a red ribbon and third place division for a firering,

Local pre-schooler fights off MRSA staph
By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

TOOL–A local family is facing the horror of MRSA staph – an antibiotic-resistant strain of staph.
Tool residents Lori and Robert Overton have been spending their days and nights at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, watching helplessly as their 3-year-old son, Dalton, fights the infection that has settled in his blood stream, bones and head.
This strain, often referred to as a “superbug,” is most frequently contracted in hospitals.
However, in Dalton’s case, the germ was likely transferred from his fingernails and through his skin when he scratched himself.
Dalton suffers from a skin rash called eczema, and this makes him more vulnerable to infections.
His mother brought him to ETMC-Athens Oct. 16 because Dalton was complaining that his leg hurt.
“I thought it was a bad sprain,” Lori Overton told The Monitor.
In two days, her concerns went from a sprain to efforts to save his leg.
“It was so hard to grasp. One minute I‘m thinking ‘pulled muscle’ and the next ‘save his leg,’” Overton said.
A blood test revealed a battle with infection, and an MRI located a pus pocket at the top of his left femur.
Doctors flew Dalton out of Athens to D/FW because of his increasing pain level.
The infection gravitated to the boy’s growth plates on his femur, Overton said.
Dalton was taken immediately into surgery on his hip to remove the pus pocket and to drill holes to drain the rest.
An aggressive course of type-specific antibiotic was administered. The day following surgery, doctors discovered an infection in his left ear. A few days later, it appeared in his right ear as well. Dalton was switched to a wider spectrum of antibiotic to treat the secondary infection.
By Halloween, Dalton was feeling a might better. It seemed the treatment was having effect. His mother was allowed to roll him in a cart down the ward to join in some holiday trick or treating.
“Today (Halloween) was a good day. There were smiles today, I really needed that,” Overton said.
“They say maybe next week, he can come home to continue his treatment,” Overton added.
But she and doctors are concerned that another symptom that cropped up with the ear infection has not diminished.
Dalton is having great difficulty moving his head and neck. He was scheduled for a second MRI Thursday afternoon. He’ll have to be sedated for the procedure – something that is very hard for his mother to bear.
However, Overton is not bearing this all alone. Her church, the First Baptist Church of Seven Points, is praying for her and Dalton. They’re also hosting a benefit chili dinner to raise funds and help them with loss time at work, bills and expenses.
The benefit is set for 2-5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10 at the church at 416 West Cedar Creek Pkwy (Farm-to-Market 85 past the Dairy Queen on the left). Donations are gratefully accepted. Chili plates sell for $6 and $3 with all proceeds going to the Overton Family.
If you’d like to help in advance of the benefit, contact Danielle Wood by e-mail at