Salvation Army to split kettle proceeds
By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

GUN BARREL CITY–The Salvation Army is willing to split the collections in its Holiday Kettle program with organizations and businesses who will be responsible for staffing a kettle from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on any day during the campaign.
A business staffing the kettle will receive 15 percent of the gross collected that day from that kettle.
Nonprofit organizations will receive 20 percent from that kettle on the day it chooses to man the kettle.
Kettles will be set up at three locations in the Cedar Creek Lake area, including two at Wal-Mart, and one at Brookshire’s in Seven Points.
“We’re really encouraging kid organizations, bands, choirs and church groups for their missions programs to participate with us this year,” Dr. Jeanne Caillet, Kiwanis president and Salvation Army representative, said Wednesday.
Guest speaker and Salvation Army volunteer Sharon Jackson reminded members that all monies collected here serve the needy in the Cedar Creek Lake area.
She also outlined the SA’s Stocking Stuffer and Angel Tree programs, which serve about 1,500 children under 16, with the majority 4-7 years of age, and 400 elderly without family in the area.
“Katrina has really put a crimp on the Salvation Army. Its budget has been spent,” Jackson said.
In other business, Kiwanis members heard:
• the Pancake Day and booklet fund-raiser brought in $2,078 for its children’s programs.