Senior Focus

    As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

What’s that?
It has always fascinated me to hear the different names “things” are called.
I learned, in my travels, it depends on where you were raised that determines the whole thing.
Mama used to tell that when her folks came from Virginia for their first visit, some of ‘em didn’t know what a “porch” was.
Back in the mountains it was called a “gallery.” I’m sure I’ve misspelled the name, but maybe you get the train of my thought.
I’m glad because more and more I seem to loose ‘em.
Anyway, this all brought to my attention the article I recently read about “re-doing” a chicken coop, into something really nice.
I’m always interested in such activity. But there are times when I want to call, write a letter or meet ‘em on my rounds and tell ‘em what a “coop” is.
You see, the “thing” they were workin’ on was not a coop to begin with.
You can take my word for it. It was as big as a small room in a lot of houses.
Big enough for a huge flock of hens and the ole’ rooster too.
Who, by the way, always acted as if “he” was the “cock of the walk.”
But the fact that the buildin’ where most chickens called “home” is referred to as the “hen” house, or it was in my younger days.
Now anybody in his or her right mind, and fortunate enough to be born below the Mason-Dixon line, will tell you that a coop is a “crate-like” thing.
It is often used to put a fowl, of any description, in. And the reason is to keep it there till the time comes to do whatever it was caught for in the first place.
All of this kept being on my mind so I decided I would start on my rounds and take a survey among the folks I met, and get their opinion of what a coop is.
The first person I approached told me, “Anybody with a lick of sense knows what a chicken coop is. Do you mean to tell me you don’t?”
I didn’t answer, just moved on. The next person I mentioned the word “chicken” to said, “I was always scared to death of a squawking’ two-legged hen, but never of a four-legged friendly dog!”
I decided to drop the whole subject, and went back home.
As I was saying, it depends on where you were raised that determines what you call things.