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Know the signs of hypothermia
By Jim Salzmann
Special to The Monitor

CEDAR CREEK LAKE–It is time to think of cooler temperatures and to dress properly in anticipation of boating problems that can be life-threatening.
Cold weather can produce health risks such as hypothermia.
Hypothermia is the drop of the body’s core or internal temperature to below 96 degrees F (35.5degrees C). Below that temperature, normal biological functions are impaired, and it is a serious life-threatening condition.
Cold weather poses a variety of health risks. When the temperature falls below 70 degrees, hypothermia can start to be a real problem, and it is an insidious killer.
Hypothermia can actually happen in 70-degree F. weather. Exposure to windy and wet conditions increases the chances of getting hypothermia.
In colder conditions, the onset of hypothermia can be very sudden and profound. It can be brought on by an accidental immersion in cold water, or an unexpected shower with a cold driving rain and gusty winds, if you do not have the proper clothing.
For this point of discussion, the core is your torso and head, where your vital organs are located.
Although a 2˝ degree F. drop from a normal 98.6 degrees seems slight, it can have a crippling effect on the body, and could lead to death or permanent disability.
Impending hypothermia is brought on when the body temperature is from 96.0 degrees F to 97 degrees F. Most people are aware that they are cold and will take steps to warm themselves up.
Shivering will start to begin, but it can be controlled with voluntary activity. Muscles will tense up and hands and feet can begin to feel stiff.
The victim will start to feel fatigued and slightly weak. The skin can become pale and may feel numb.
Mild hypothermia symptoms include uncontrolled, intense shivering. The muscles can be quite stiff, and movement of the joints can become uncomfortable. The victim is typically alert, but will suffer from a loss of coordination.
Most hypothermia victims are very difficult to deal with, as denial of the condition is quite common. That is why it is such a killer.
If you or someone in your party is experiencing these symptoms, you or they need help.
Moderate hypothermia takes over as blood vessels constrict in an effort to prevent loss through circulation.
Movement becomes very uncomfortable. Shivering stops. The victim can appear drunk, with slowed slurred speech, poor coordination and a lack of balance.
Confusion, apathy and an inability to make proper decisions sets in. Breathing may become shallow. Drowsiness or an urge to sleep will start to set in.
Victims in this state have been known to plead to be left alone and allowed to sleep. You need to ignore these pleas and get the victim professional medical attention immediately.
Extreme hypothermia is when the core temperature sinks below 93 degrees F.
The victim is completely exhausted, has no strength. They want nothing more than to go to sleep, and may become unconscious.
The victim will appear completely drunk, with no coordination, and may not be able to walk. The body may become rigid, and speech very slurred. The skin will appear blue or even gray in color and will be cold, and the pupils will become dilated.
A victim in this state of hypothermia can be almost combative, and will typically deny there is any problem. As unconsciousness sets in, there can be very little breathing, or shallow breathing, and the victim can appear dead.
The key to survival for a victim in this condition is getting them to a medical facility where they can be properly warmed. They should not be warmed in the field. Improper warming of a person with severe hypothermia can cause serious medical problems during the process that can result in complications.
When looking for the warning signs of hypothermia, you need to be alert for complaining of being profoundly cold, confusion, sleepiness, slurred speech, unusual behavior including denial and apathy, shallow breathing or a lack of coordination.
The most important thing is don’t allow yourself to become a victim. Always be prepared for any contingency. Wear the proper gear and clothing, such as dry suits or wet suits, as needed.
Dress in layers, stay out of the wind and keep dry. Wear a hat and keep the extremities warm.
If you get the early signs of hypothermia, do not ignore them. Proper action early can keep you out of the emergency room, and enjoying the water.
Remember – the colder and wetter the conditions are, the more rapid the onset of hypothermia can be.
Immersion in very cold water can cause loss of consciousness in a matter of minutes. The younger and older a person is, the more susceptible they are to hypothermia. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of hypothermia, among other things.
One final note: think about winterizing your boat before freezing temperatures set in.
You can learn more about safe boating by attending a safe boating class or by volunteering in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Call (903) 432-4490 for more information.

Lady Bulldogs fall to TKG, 59-25
Monitor Staff Reports
EUSTACE–Eustace’s Lady Bulldogs basketball team fell in two non-district contests Monday and Tuesday.
Now 0-3, the Lady Bulldogs next are scheduled to host the Fruitvale Lady Bobcats, opening with sub-varsity games at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2.

Monitor Photo/Kerry Yancey
Eustace Lady Bulldogs Nicole McNeel (right) and Vanessa Lopez wrestle with Malakoff Lady Tiger Mallory LaRue for control of a rebound during Malakoff's 38-26 non-district basketball win over the visiting Lady Bulldogs Tuesday.

Next weekend, Dec. 4-6, the Lady Bulldogs will host their Roundball Round-up invitational basketball tournament.
Eustace will go on the road after the tournament, as they visit LaPoynor Tuesday, Dec. 9.
At home Monday, the Lady Bulldogs fell to the T.K. Gorman Lady Crusaders 59-25.
“Although it was not a win for our junior varsity or varsity, I felt like we improved from last week’s (season-opening) game against Grand Saline,” new Lady Bulldog coach DaLinda Cassell reported.
“The girls are still trying to understand our offense and our defense,” she added. “We had some breakdowns at some times during the game, but when we executed on both ends of the floor, we looked really good.”
Jessica McConathy led the Lady Bulldogs with 11 points, with sister Jessica McConathy adding eight points.
Harmony Allen added three points, Allie Cass had two points and Ashley Watkins chipped in a free throw, while Aurora Beasley had a strong defensive game at the post position.
Tuesday, the Lady Bulldogs traveled to Malakoff, and fell to the Lady Tigers 38-26. Scoring details from the game were not available by presstime Wednesday.

Castle, Spurgeon make All-District volleyball team
Monitor Staff Reports
MABANK–Mabank High School juniors Alison Castle and Hayley Spurgeon were named to the second team of the District 15-4A All-District volleyball squad by loop coaches recently.
Red Oak’s Lady Hawks and Mesquite Poteet’s Lady Pirates dominated the superlatives on the All-District team.
The Lady Hawks had the district’s MVP (senior Andrea McQuaid), Hitter of the Year (junior Jenny Lawson), Defensive Player of the Year (senior Dana Hilzedager) and Coaching Staff of the Year.
Mesquite Poteet had the Libero of the Year (junior Bethany Yanetti), Setter of the Year (senior Katy Chapman), Blocker of the Year (senior Blair Claypool) and Newcomer of the Year (sophomore Shambreka Jones).
Forney senior Ashley Parker was named the Server of the Year.
Red Oak also placed four players on the first team – Kaci Bird, Jackie Porter, Jackie Hunter and Kelsey Dahl.
Poteet had two players, Melissa Lusk and Kaitlyn Gibson, on the first team, joined by Forney’s Caitlyn Everrett and Remington Roberts, and Terrell’s Molly Phounsavith and Ciara Holmes.
In addition to Castle and Spurgeon, the second team featured Lancaster’s Leah Norman and Destinee Walker, Red Oak’s Breanna Saun, Poteet’s Abby Arrieta, Forney’s Stephanie Nance and Kaylan Thompson, and Terrell’s Breanna Jackson and Kameryon White.
Mabank players given honorable mention were seniors Melody Cook, Erica Umana and Lauren Hamilton, juniors Lauren Norwood, Allyson Butler and Shaylee Williams, and sophomore Torrie Garrett.

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Girls Basketball

Dec. 2
MHS @ Kaufman
KHS @ Ferris
EHS vs Fruitvale

Dec. 4-6
MHS @ Scurry-Rosser tourn.
KHS @ Scurry-Rosser tourn.
EHS hosts tournament

Dec. 9
MHS @ Ferris
KHS @ Malakoff
EHS @ LaPoynor

Dec. 12
MHS @ Commerce

Dec. 11-13
KHS @ Edgewood tourn.
EHS @ Mineola tourn.

Dec. 16
MHS vs Lancaster*
KHS vs Italy
EHS @ Cross Roads
*district contest

Boys Basketball

Dec. 2
MHS @ Van
KHS vs Athens
EHS vs Fruitvale

Dec. 4-6
MHS-Cedar Creek Shoot-Out
KHS @ Quinlan-Ford tourn.
EHS @ Scurry-Rosser tourn.

Dec. 9
MHS vs Rains
KHS @ Scurry-Rosser
EHS @ LaPoynor

Dec. 11-13
KHS @ ET Shoot-Out
EHS @ ET Shoot-Out

Dec. 15
MHS vs Wills Point

Dec. 16
EHS vs Grand Saline

Dec. 18-20
MHS @ Sabine tourn.
EHS @ Grand Saline tourn.

Dec. 19
KHS @ Fairfield



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