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Legislation filed against eight-liners
Special to The Monitor
AUSTIN–According to State Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Van), “eight-liners” are fast becoming a problem.
“Eight-liners” is the popular term for these machines, and refers to the Las Vegas-style machines that are appearing all over Texas.
They can be found in gas stations, bars, truckstops and game rooms.
Flynn has filed legislation to clarify the definition of a gambling device in an effort to help law enforcement efficiently identify and seize these machines.
“Not a day goes by that I don’t hear an outcry from our communities that clearly demands a stop to the continued blind eye that is turned on these vile game rooms,” Flynn said.
“One only needs to drive around rural Texas to see the criminal activity happening in our own backyard,” he added.
Texas is having greater number of charges filed against people for their roles in illegal gambling rings.
Statistics show that where gambling exists, so too does money laundering and organized crime.
Texas law prohibits the use of eight-liners.
In 2005, 35 sites were raided resulting in 733 machines being collected.
Flynn’s bill, House Bill 330, clarifies the definition of “gambling device” in order to provide law enforcement to prosecute and seize these machines.
Additionally, it moves the burden of proof to the defendant to prove the machine was not being operated illegally.
Further, the bill limits the amount that can be won from any gaming machine to a value of $50.
“I intend to see that our County Attorneys, District Attorneys and law enforcement across Texas are given the proper tools to bring those who break the law to justice,” Flynn said.

Canton Christmas Ball set
Special to The Monitor
CANTON–The Canton Christmas Ball takes place beginning at 8 p.m. Dec. 16, at the Canton Civic Center featuring Dave Alexander and his Big Texas Swing Band.
Alexander does the nationally syndicated “The World of Western Swing” show on Saturday mornings at KKUS The Ranch in Tyler.
He has been inducted into the Western Swing Halls of Fame in Texas, Washington, and California, and has been named “entertainer of the year” by the Academy of Western Artists.
“They have these kinds of Christmas balls in several different parts of Texas, and Dave Alexander’s band is the biggest band they have at any of them,” KKUS program director Tom Perryman said.
“He is a big part of western swing everywhere, and he brings the best musicians he can find, and a horn section,” he added.
Alexander said people who come to the Canton show can expect to hear Christmas music and western swing, with places to just sit and listen as well as three big dance floors.
Alexander has toured and recorded with George Strait, Toby Keith, LeAnn Rimes, and many others.
Band mates include three-time world champion fiddler Randy “Snuffy” Elmore, Texas Playboy Billy Briggs and a dynamic horn section.
Attesting to the once-again-growing popularity of western swing, the opening act in Canton is scheduled to be the Robert E. Lee High School Texas Swing Fiddlers band from Tyler, led by Lee’s orchestra director, Mike Grinnell.
The 15-piece group, which won a competition in Branson, Missouri, will be augmented by some of last year’s graduates as it shares fiddle breakdowns, traditional Irish tunes, and western swing.
Tickets for the concert and dance are $25 VIP, $20 reserved, and $15 general admission and are available at Circle B Western Wear in Canton; Cavender’s Boot City, Longview and Tyler; any Bacon Family of General Motors Dealerships in Frankston, Jacksonville, and Palestine, or by calling 800-878-3271.

Pet Talk
Adding a new puppy at Christmas
By Joan B. Guertin
Special to The Monitor

CEDAR CREEK LAKE–For some strange reason Christmas has become synonymous with adding a new puppy to the household.
Contrary to popular belief, this is often the very worst time for a new addition.
That puppy under the tree may delight the family at the moment, but soon wears thin when added to the other demands and stress of the day.
Puppies require a great deal of time and attention.
They need to go out often to relieve themselves. The best plan is to take the pup out frequently and begin directing its toilet habits from the very beginning.
If it doesn’t soil inside (due to diligence on the part of the humans), the chance of soiling in the wrong place is reduced).
However, as kids and adults are engrossed in the activities around the tree and the need to sample and play with each new gift, the puppy’s needs are too often neglected, and bad habits begun.
Another good reason to refrain from giving a puppy, is the added confusion of the holiday. The puppy may be able to deal with the confusion of the family, but a houseful of company may be too much.
It is best, the puppy be allowed to settle in with as little stress as possible.
A stressed or overtired puppy may feel the need to protect itself from too much handling or the mauling by very young children. It needs quiet time, not over-stimulation.
A puppy at Christmas isn’t totally a bad idea. The way it is presented needs to be planned differently.
One way is to present the puppy as an early Christmas present. Making the selection of the puppy, a family choice which includes the children in the selection process.
The entire family visits and plays with the litter several times, well before the holiday, with everyone involved.
When the perfect puppy has been selected, and it is still a week or two before the busy holiday week, the puppy goes home and has time to settle in, begin the house training process, learning the routines and becoming a member of the family without stress or strain. By then the new will have worn off a bit, and the puppy is actually a member of the household.
If that won’t work then the next best choice is to select the puppy before the holiday, but don’t pick it up until a day or two after the Christmas rush is over.
If the children don’t know it is coming and it is what they have been wanting, Santa can deliver some of the things that a puppy needs and place them under the tree, such as a dog house, a wrapped present with leash, collar, doggy sweater, toys, etc.
The kids get the idea. Then they have the thrill, after the Christmas excitement has died down to pick up their new puppy. It is then the center of attention.
Older children or a parent receiving the gift, might get a kick out of a gift certificate from the breeder with a date for the appointment to pick out the new puppy.
A new puppy can be a real joy, but if overstressed, the experience can be a nightmare for both puppy and family.

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ABOVE–I am a beautiful female Golden Retriever. I was brought to the Shelter by animal control, so I have no history. I walk on a leash and seem to get along well with others. I have not been at the Shelter long enough to know much more. I am a beautiful old girl looking for a great home.

ABOVE–My name is Rocks. I am a beautiful female mix. I am just the sweetest girl ever. I get along well with other dogs. I just want to be with people and love attention. I am learning to walk on a leash and doing very well. I learn quick. I am a very smart girl looking for a great home. I was brought to the Shelter by animal control. I have been started on my shots and need to be fixed.
ABOVE–My name is Cindy. I am a beautiful female Dalmation. I was brought to the Shelter because my owner is now deceased. So far I have been a wonderful girl. I seem to get along with others, I am housebroken if you stay on top of it and I walk well on a leash. I am a little shy at first but am the sweetest once I get to know you. I am a beautiful girl looking for a forever home. ABOVE–My name is Speks. I am around a 2 year old female Rat Terrier. I walk well on a leash and I sit, stay, know how to play ball and know what “no” means. I do have some type of skin allergy/condition. I am fixed and current on my rabies shot. I am a beautiful girl looking for a great home.