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    Sheriff Burnett Appeals to Citizens
Special to The Monitor
CANTON-Responding to the increased number of citizens wanting to assist law enforcement officials and build a stronger partnership in the fight against crime, Van Zandt County Sheriff R.P. "Pat" Burnett announced county citizens are being invited to become associate members of the Sheriff's Association of Texas.
Membership invitations will go out in the mail shortly. The funding provides critically technical resources, training and legislative support on key criminal justice issues.
In addition, dues will be used to support crime prevention and awareness programs, promote public safety, fight drug abuse, provide additional training for sheriffs and their deputies and provide scholarships for children of law enforcement officers.
Contributions are tax-deductible.
"The associate membership drive helps provide the funding which is vital to helping us carry out our mission of making our communities safer places to live, work and play," Burnett said.
Citizens not receiving a membership appeal or desiring more information can contact the Sheriff's Association of Texas at: 1601 S. Interstate Highway 35, Austin, TX 78741,
The associate membership program was created to provide citizens with an opportunity to lend their support to more effective law enforcement and to better help local sheriffs protect the lives and property of citizens.
"As the need for building stronger public-private law enforcement partnerships in this country continues to escalate, programs such as this continue to grow in importance," Burnett said. 
"I encourage every citizen receiving a membership appeal to consider joining forces with us by becoming an associate member. It is a valuable investment in our future," he added.
Founded in 1874, the Sheriffs' Association of Texas is a nonprofit professional and educational organization dedicated in the preservation of peace and the protection of the lives and property of the citizens of Texas.
Steve M. Westbrook serves as the executive director.
Headquarters are located in Austin. 
The Sheriffs' Association of Texas does not make solicitations by telephone.
If you receive a phone call from someone who uses the Sheriffs' Association of Texas name, please report it to your local Sheriff or County/District Attorney.


New School for ADD, ADHD to Open in Ennis
Special to The Monitor
ENNIS- The Wedgwood Academy, of Fort. Worth, is opening a new branch in Ennis in the Fall of 2006. 
An information meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006 from 4 p.m to 7 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church, 300 North Sherman, Ennis. 
Wedgwood Academy is a non profit organization dedicated to the education of those special children with Learning Differences, including but not limited to dyslexia, dysgraphia, delays in cognitive development and ADHD. 
Wedgwood Academy was started in January 1997 by a caring and interested group of parents whose children would benefit most from a small classroom setting. 
The Wedgwood teaching staff encourages parental involvement, realizing that the students' home life is as important to his/her education as the school environment. 
The 2006 2007 school will mark the beginning of the eleventh year for Wedgwood Academy, with the graduating class of 2006 being the ninth class to graduate from the school. 
The school is open to students with grade levels and abilities of Kindergarten through twelfth grade. 
The classes will be broken up into different levels at both the Elementary and Middle school divisions in order to allow the student individual acceleration and remediation as needed. 
The student is able to progress at their own pace and time is allowed and provided in areas with which they are not as familiar. 
At the high school level, there will be two programs. 
High School 1 will be for most ninth through 11th graders, and some 12th graders if needed. 
High School 2 is for seniors who may be short on credits needed for graduation. 
This is usually a half day schedule which allows them to focus on additional studies, take junior college courses, or work a part time job. 
Wedgwood Academy at Ennis will be open to interested students and families and will be easily accessible to students in the Ellis, Navarro, Henderson, and Johnson counties.
More information may be found on the website at: or contact the Director, Rachel Wittich, at (817) 263 2976.