Senior Focus

    As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Hometown Paper...
The other day I heard about a fella who doesn't seem to know much about what is often referred to as a "small town" or maybe "hometown" newspaper.
I figure he also knows little about country life. Probably lived all his days in the city.
Meanin' no offense, but I've always felt a little sorry for such unfortunate people. They've missed a lot of joy is the way I see it.
Well the other day this fella had a chance to look at a weekly paper close-up and I understand he had plenty of time to do it.
And it seems some of the contents were a surprise to him. One was the group of pictures of "new borns" announcin' their arrival.
I'd like to tell him I know of no better way for proud parents to tell the good news of their "pride and joy's" birth!
Oh, of course, they could tackle the task of addressin' all the envelopes, but there's the cost of the cards and then lickin' the envelopes and stamps that seem to "go up" every chance they get.
But what new Mother has time for all that, with her hands full takin' care of her perfect, sometimes demandin' new one.
And the proud Daddy is too busy braggin' and tryin' to keep food handy for another hungry mouth.
I remember those days, but right now I'm thinkin' of when I first became a grandmother.
I learned that a newspaper can be like a letter from home. Take this as an example. I happen to be in a position, at the time, where I easily solved the problem of lettin' everybody know about my excitin' news!
I just placed a pretty good size picture of Him on the front page of the Mabank Banner. And I have to admit the headline above it was quite tall. It said, "EXTRA SPECIAL." And the cutline below told who the grandparents were and then who the parents were.
And then I told all the other proud grandmas to bring their pictures-and they to would "make the paper."
And I got a slew of 'em, and only one grandma got upset with me and took her pictures back home.
I don't have room or time to explain what happened, but believe me newspaper work can be a headache-especially if you don't know what your doin' half the time. And that described me.
And I didn't have any body else to blame cause I was the only one there most of the time!
As I was saying, a hometown newspaper can be a letter from home.