Senior Focus

    As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

The Firemen's Fish Fry ...
The firemen's annual fish fry is one of my favorite events. I look forward to it every year.
When I think about how they endanger their lives, the sleep they give up and all the other things they do for us, I can't thank them enough.
Years ago we really had little need for street signs. We knew where each other lived and how to get there-daylight or dark.
Then the town began to grow. And eventually street signs were set up.
But, as time past they started fallin' down and needin' repairs.
So, when I learned that the firemen were going to do something about the streets and houses not being properly identified, I breathed a sigh of relief.
You see I had not quite recovered from an ordeal I experienced because of the street signs not being taken care of.
I had ordered something (I've forgotten what) from Dallas and it was to be delivered via express. I waited and waited and it never did come. So I called the company to see what was causing the delay.
The guy that answered the phone kept insisting that he would personally see that the package was on their truck the next trip it made down this way if I would just give him my address, and I did.
I kept saying, "Mabank." Finally he said, "Lady, I know you live in Mabank, but I must have your house number." And I said, "But you don't understand. I don't have one."
And he said, "Well, at least give me the name of your street."
And I said, "Okay, wait just a minute 'til I run out to the ditch in front of the house and see if the old post is still laying there. I'm not sure whether it's Mount Vernon or what!"
He said, "Do you mean to say you don't have street signs?"
And I said, rather embarrassed, "Well, there are a few up here and there, but not very many."
And he said pretty loud, "Will you please tell me how you expect our driver to find your house if you don't even have a street sign, much less a house number? Do you want him to drive up and down the streets yelling that we have a package that belongs to you, in hopes you will hear about it?"
At the time we lived within hollering distance of Market Street, and by now, I was kinda upset myself, so I yelled back, "Well, I guarantee you if he does I'll hear about it, and then I will see that the nut has an escort back to Dallas to be sure he doesn't get lost on the way!"
I finally received whatever it was I ordered, but I was somewhat shook up by it all.
I think it is a wonderful idea to have streets and houses numbered. I like to know where I am.
As I was saying, the firemen's fish fry is one of my favorite events.