Senior Focus

    As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Keeping old things ...

I know what the Bible has to say about savin’ up things that will rust and moths enjoy chewing on. But I have to tell you I have a problem with part of this word of advice.
It’s not that I don’t know how wise it is, but, you see, I like old rusty things. I’m always on the lookout for most anything that’s been around a while.
Now my husband didn’t share my obsession. In fact more than once I can recall him saying, “Why are you always draggin’ old things home, why don’t you get rid of some of ‘em before it all takes over?”
And I’m sittin’ here thinkin’ how smart I thought I was when I would say, “You better watch out when I start you may be first on my list.”
He didn’t bat an eye, and most of the time he would go along to help if I’d found or been givin’ somethin’ I couldn’t handle, but he did shake his head while doing it.
Thru the years I’ve kept right on till today “it’s” about to take over.
There are times in the middle of the night I wake up and wonder when I’m gone what in the world will my kids do with all this stuff. No doubt the fire boys will need to be alerted, for I can visualize the biggest bonfire this end of town has ever seen.
But on the other hand, there will be things they will be fighting over.
One of my treasures is a little book that was brought to me by two sisters after their mother’s death. Inside is the message, “I have ‘willed’ this book to Opal Toney. Please give it to her when I am gone.”
And I have another one that says, “Opal dear, this is a very old book. I want you to have it. If you don’t want it–give it away–or throw it away.”
Yes, books are one of my great joys, not that I’ve read them all, I enjoy lookin’ at ‘em, the older and worn the better.
Of course, none are rusty, but some pages are loose or maybe missing, but they are ole’ friends to me.
And I’m almost as bad about magazines, they are stashed everywhere.
One day I came across a box of ‘em I hadn’t seen in no tellin’ when.
It was on a rainy day. I wasn’t feelin’ up to snuff, even tho I was rejoicing about the rain.
In days gone by I would’ve been out in it, but parts of me have become somewhat rusty so I don’t do some of the things I used to, such as take long rainy walks.
Anyway, to my way of thinkin’ it was a perfect day to spend readin’.
As I was browsing among the musty pile a story caught my eye.
I started readin’ and the tale had me hurrying to turn the page. You know the kind, I was in another world in another time. And about that time one of my kids came thu the door as I yelled, “Oh, no! I can’t believe this!”
“I’m reading this story and I’ve just come to where it says, ‘Continued next month.’”
I kept fuming and carryin’ on. She said, “Why, Mama, don’t get so upset, you can finish it next month, it’ll give you something to look forward to.”
I told her there wouldn’t be a next month for that magazine.
And of course she had to know why and I said, “Because, it’s an ol’ one.”
She then asked, “How old, what’s the date?” I said, “Would you believe 1907?” She shook her head and went on her way.
I’ll probably keep on wondering what took place the next month... it ought to be against the law to use the word “continued,” causes too much suspense.
As I was saying, I know what the Bible says, but...





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