Sunday, April 16, 2006


Man bitten by ’gator
Hunt in the dark for dog leads to bite
Monitor Staff Reports
TRINIDAD–A Key Ranch Estates man trying to save his small dog from an alligator attack was bitten by the small ’gator.
David Ligon, who lives on LBJ Ranch Road, said the attack came early in the morning March 30, adding he had “pretty much healed up now.”
Ligon said he went looking for the dog (he also owns two “good-sized” golden retrievers) after midnight when the dog failed to respond to his calls.
“He’s come back several times over the last two or three years looking like he’d gotten into something,” Ligon said, adding he had thought the dog had run into a conflict with another dog.
While driving slowly through the area, he spoke with a neighbor, who said she had come outside after hearing a commotion a few minutes earlier in a nearby Cedar Creek Lake inlet.
Ligon, who was armed with a knife and a flashlight, went down into the cove, and found his dog beset by “two or three” small alligators, each between two and three feet long.
As he approached his dog, “one of them took a swipe at me, and I took a swipe at him with my knife,” he recalled.
Ligon said he suffered puncture-type wounds to his right forearm, and realized he might be in serious danger.
“When I dropped my flashlight, it showed one (alligator) out in the water, and she was probably eight or 10 feet long,” he said. “That’s when I decided to go back to the car and get my gun.”
Armed with a rifle, Ligon returned to the cove, but found the alligators had left the scene.
He recalled a neighbor had told him about a year ago one of her friends had seen two six-foot alligators in the area.
“They’re in the lake, that’s for sure,” he said. “It’s still pretty wild – there’s still a lot of open territory around here.”

Man charged in church burglary
Monitor Staff Reports
TOOL– One man has been booked in connection with a burglary of a church in Tool, this past weekend.
Kenneth Holt, 19, was named on an arrest warrant on the charge of theft for receiving stolen property, according to a Tool police report.
“He had a stolen TV and was in the process of hooking it up to a satellite and programming the stations,” Assistant Police Chief Martha Decker told The Monitor.
In addition, when First Baptist Church of Tool got its computer back, the secretary found that she was locked out from using it, since the password had been changed. “We had to question him (Holt) to find out the password, so the church could get access to information it had stored there,” Decker said.
He wasn’t just a person who happened to be living in the same house where the stolen property was stored, Decker said.
The church got back almost everything, Decker reported. “There are still a few electronic components and a sewing machine missing,” she added.
There will most likely be an additional person sought in connection with the incident, to be recorded as a file at large – meaning a grand jury will decide whether charges are valid against the second individual, she explained.