Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Gettin' confused . . .
There are times, most of the time really, when I think Mama should have named me “Confusion.”
But if she had I would probably get mixed up and introduce myself as “Miss Confucius” and that would really be misleadin’.
A few weeks ago, some of you might remember, I was puzzled when my car wouldn’t stop runnin’.
Well, the other day I got in the car, made sure to put the key in the proper place, and I couldn’t turn it.
I was in a hurry, always runnin’ late. I jerked the thing out, looked at it and asked myself how in the world did I pick up a ring of keys that had hung on the nail in the kitchen forever, waitin’ for somebody to claim ‘em.
I thru ‘em in the floorboard, determined to put ‘em in the trash can when I got back home.
Then I dug around in my purse, got my keys and took off on my rounds.
The first place I stopped, don’t remember where, was the T-room I think. Well, anyway, here come Daughter #3 flyin’ thru the door, she came straight to me and asked, rather loud, “Where are my car keys?”
It so happened just before I left home I had gone next door to see how things were goin’ on over there.
Which happens to be one of my self-appointed duties.
And it seems I just happen to have picked up her keys as I walked out the door.
I calmly told her there’s always somethin’ to be thankful for. All she had to do was go out to my car and pick ‘em up off the floorboard, at least she didn’t have to go thru the trash can.
When I got home I located the stray ones and put ‘em out of sight, but I couldn’t throw ‘em away. After all, they do belong to somebody.
And besides I have a fondness for ol’ keys and locks.
As I was saying, Mama should have named me “Confusion.”


Senior training available through Experience Works
Special to The Monitor
TERRELL–Attention seniors – we have paid training positions available!
If you are more than 55 years of age, unemployed, and have limited income, and if you are having trouble finding a job and need training to update your skills, come and see us.
We have paid training positions in Kaufman and Rockwall counties.
From 1 to 3 p.m. Thursday, April 27, Experience Works representatives will be available to meet with you.
We will be at the Texas Workforce Center in Terrell. The address is 109 Tejas Drive, Suite 300.
Experience Works is a national, non-profit organization providing income-eligible seniors with training, experience, supportive services and information they need to improve their lives, gain self-sufficiency, realize their goals, and obtain employment.
We currently have paid training positions in Kaufman County. If you know an individual 55 or older with limited income in your area, we encourage you to refer them to us.
If you want more information, call Laural Hamilton at (903) 275-2667.