Challenger Bible Lectureship set
for April 7-9

Event to be held at Mabank Church of Christ
Special to The Monitor
MABANK–The loving Christians of the Mabank Church of Christ cordially invite you and your family to the upcoming Challenger Lectureship, April 7-9, 2006. This year our theme is “Breaking Up Your Fallow Ground: Spiritual Principles Gleaned From The Book of Jeremiah”.
It begins Friday night with our 8th annual youth night. Generally, we have 300-400 in attendance.
There will be singing, prayer, and three lessons from God’s inspired word. Ben Griffith will present a lesson titled, “I Am A Youth” (Jer. 1:6).
He is 16 and aspires to be a preacher some day. Ray Duncan, a Mabank resident, teacher, and coach, will present a lesson titled, “We Have Sinned Against Jehovah” (Jer. 3:25). Glen Colley, an author and preacher from Alabama, will present a lesson titled, “Wash Your Heart From Wickedness” (Jer. 4:14). Glenn and his family have written several books.
I highly encourage all parents to read, “Your Mama Don’t Dance.” The evening will conclude with pizza and snacks.
At 9 a.m. Saturday, the lectureship will begin: Glen Colley, “Hear the Word of the Lord” (Jer. 22:29); 10 a.m.: “The Words of Jeremiah” (Jer. 1:1-52:34).
This lesson will be an overview of the book of Jeremiah presented by Johnny Ramsey. Johnny has an incredible ability in surveying books of the Bible. You will have a good understanding of this book after that lesson.
At 11 a.m., the 94-year-old Perry B. Cotham will present the lesson, “My People Have Forgotten Me” (18:15).
Brother Cotham has been a preacher since 1929 and a missionary since 1972. He is an incredible preacher and teacher.
Following a church provided lunch; the 2nd Annual Open Forum will begin (1-4:30 p.m.).
This year our theme is – “Challenges Facing The Lord’s Church.”
Three men will form a panel to answer your written down questions. You may write questions about the Lord’s Church and/or questions about the challenges she faces. Bob Stapleton, Hardeman Nichols, and Robert Dodson will be the panelists.
They have a combined 126 years in preaching and teaching. You will enjoy the open forum!
Following the dinner hour there will be singing and then two more lessons. At 7 p.m. James E. Haynes Jr., the preacher of the Mabank Church of Christ will present a lesson titled, “I Will Bring A Nation Against You” (5:15). At 8 p.m., Randall Morris, “The Way of Life and the Way of Death.”
Sunday, the lectureship will continue at 9 a.m.
Daniel Haynes, a senior student at the Browntrail School of preaching will present a lesson titled, “Your Sins Have Withheld Good From You” (5:25).
At 10 a.m. Ron Coleman, a worldwide evangelist, will present a lesson titled, “I Will Make A New Covenant” (31:31).
At 5:30 p.m., Jeramie Sweet, a junior at the Browntrail School of Preaching will present the lesson, “Search For Me With All Your Heart” (29:13). At 6:30 p.m., the lectureship will conclude with Timothy Spark’s lesson, “I Am In Derision Daily” (20:7). Timothy is an excellent speaker and works in radio and television. He has scores of free Bible lessons available on CD and DVD at
A lectureship booklet will be provided to everyone that attends. CDs will be available “free of charge” for any of the lessons.
We hope that you will come and hear God’s wonderful word proclaimed! “Is not my word like fire, declares the LORD, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?” (Jer. 23:29).