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As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Helpin' others . . .
I read a story the other day that made me think about when I made my first and only trip to New York City. I thought I’d share it with y’all.
A lady had her arms full, carryin’ a book in one hand, a small basket of stuff and an umbrella in the other, and hanging by one finger was a bag filled with presents for her g.g. children back home.
As she stepped off the subway to change trains, the bag dropped, fallin’ into the crack between the platform. When the train pulled out, she couldn’t reach the bag, and to jump onto the tracks was too dangerous.
Watchin’ the whole thing was another woman. She pointed to the umbrella the one havin’ the problem was holdin’.
But it was too short. So the observer pointed to a rather stern-lookin’ man standin’ close by.
He had a long, crooked-handed umbrella. So she tapped him on the shoulder and showed him her problem.
“Sure,” he said, handed her his umbrella and said, “Try it.”
With the first try she brought the bag up.
The man smiled, she smiled, the other woman smiled. In fact, there were a lot of folks smilin’.
She returned the umbrella and thanked him, and everybody went their own way.
It’s surprising how people really want to help if they know you need it. It helps to look around, especially if you happen to have an umbrella with you.
No, I didn’t drop anything onto the subway tracks, but I would have lost my way if Daughter #1 and #2 had not kept their eyes on me (and their mother-in-law) when they took us on a trip to New York.
As I was saying, the story reminded me of my first and only trip to New York City.


Aging services conference slated at TVCC
Special to The Monitor
ATHENS–Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC), Area Agency on Aging of East Texas (AAAET) and Adult Protective Services (APS) for Region 4 have joined forces in bringing to you a day-long conference on topics addressing issues impacting persons growing older and those with disabilities.
Topics of discussion will include:
• Protecting your assets (living wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney),
• Office of the Attorney General (fraud and scams),
• American Association of Retired Persons (legislative updates),
• Texas Silver Haired Legislatures (future plans and goals),
• Department of Aging and Disability Services (community care services and guardianship programs)
• Department of Family and Protective Services (exploitation),
• Health and Human Services Commission (medicaid and estate recovery),
• East Texas Area Agency on Aging (community programs, prescription enrollment plans),
• 2005 Whitehouse Conference on Aging (updates).
The Protective Services for Aging conference will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday May 16, at the TVCC campus administrative building, auditorium. The address is South Prairieville 100 Cardinal Drive, Athens.
The conference and barbecue lunch are free.
Registration is open, space is limited.
If you or someone you know is interested call and register today.
Breakout sessions will be 60 minutes each.
To register or for more information, contact TVCC at (903) 675-6212.
Persons who attend and wish to receive by mail a certificate from TVCC designating 6.0 CEU credits will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork, subject to approval.
Anyone requiring special services will need to contact the number above at least seven days prior to the conference date, so proper arrangements can be made.
TVCC is an affirmative action/Equal Opportunity Institution.





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