Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Busy as a bee . . .
I’ve been busy as a bee the past few days–and I feel like I’ve been stung by one.
No–I’ll retract that statement, ‘cause if that happened I’d probably be on my way to the nearest emergency room.
That’s one of the many things I’m very allergic to.
I’ve been doin’ somethin’ that’s about as bad–inhalin’ clouds of dust, but don’t tell my family.
I’ve been goin’ thru piles of stuff and throwin’ a few things in a pile to take to the rodeo pen for “haul away” day.
And it’s a chore! Good thing there’s a few days to go, ‘cause I’ve spent too much time sittin’ and readin’ and lookin’–and rememberin’ way back to days past.
And I have to admit, my “to keep” pile is bigger than my “trash” pile.
I ran across an old ledger of my sales from one of my many times I spent at “First Monday.”
I always jotted down the folks who bought something from me–and it reminds me of folks I’ve not seen in years.
I would take orders one month and work, work, work and deliver them the next month.
It makes me tired to think about it now.
But, most of all, it causes me to want to do it one more time at least.
But First Monday is not the same as it was back then.
Too commercial for me. Maybe that’s because I have memories of goin’ when I was no higher than a grasshopper, as Grandpa used to say.
Oh, I still hop around a little, but not very high!
I also spent a lot of time and energy goin’ and sellin’ ‘em my “efforts” at Market Hall, Edom Craft Fair–was at the very first one, tell ya about it some day. It was a blast!
I’m past all that, but I’m givin’ it some thought of havin’ my OWN show out under my trees...if I can stir up enough energy.
I’ll let you all know if that ever happens!
As I was saying, I’ve been busy as a bee!






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