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Kiwanis urged to support community theater efforts
Monitor Staff Reports
SEVEN POINTS–Artists attract the kind of people who support local businesses and make an area a good place to raise children, members of the Cedar Creek Lake Kiwanis club heard Wednesday.
Forrest Attaway, education director at the Henderson County Performing Arts Center, said history has shown that economically depressed areas begin to flourish when they become a haven for artists – pointing to the examples of Greenwich Village and the Soho areas of New York City.
Having a community theater and performing arts “brings people out of the woodwork,” he told club members at their weekly luncheon.
“If an area becomes known as being friendly to the arts, people will flock to the area – people we want to be here,” Attaway said. “They’ll spend money here, and make this area a place to raise your children.”
A Mabank High School graduate, Attaway recalled starting out college as a music major.
“I added political science, which somehow jumped right into acting,” he recalled, drawing a laugh.
At the Henderson County Performing Arts Center, auditions just closed for a production of “Cinderella,” which should begin performances around the second week of July, he said.
The HCPAC is also working with The Library at Cedar Creek Lake in Seven Points, which will host theater arts classes this summer.
In addition to learning how to speak in front of others, children enrolled in the classes will learn how to work with others as part of a production company.
Students will learn how to write a play, develop sets and costumes, and how to promote the play, all of which takes teamwork, Attaway said.
“I played football in high school, and it’s a team effort,” he said.
In addition to the children’s play, “Cinderella,” the HCPAC will be presenting an adult-oriented drama, “Lonely Planet,” in June.
The key to getting a community theater going is support from groups such as Kiwanis, Attaway said.
“You want honesty in theater – we need cash,” he said. “One of the things we really need out here are volunteers. I need somebody who will say, ‘I’ll help you,’ and help because it’s fun – not because you’ll get paid, because you won’t.”
For more about the Henderson County Performing Arts Center, its classes and programs, call (903) 675-3908.





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