Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Excitement in the air . . .
“Two more days of school!” I keep hearin’ that over and over every where I’ve been today.
And especially when I’m at home. Since quite a few of my family work there, or have children and grandchildren who attend school.
So there’s excitement in the air!
On thing that will be different for me is I’ll not have to wait till all the buses get by my road in the mornings.
‘Guess I’ll never get used to having a whole road full of yellow buses goin’ by–tell the truth, I’ll kinda miss ‘em as I sit by my window and say a prayer for all who take a part in the “school business,” a very important one, and I appreciate them all.
And it brings back memories of years ago. It was an altogether different life back then.
One thing we would be very excited about is the programs we would have on two nights in a row–first one for the young kids, and the other would be a “play” performed by the “high school” students.
Of course, in my early school days this took place at Prairieville. Every community had their own school, and the “last night of school” events were eagerly looked forward to and planned at different times–so we could go to all of them!
And every school would be packed with folks from all around the country.
The ones that are still fresh in my mind beside our own are Wise, Arcadia, White Hall, Mono, and Whitton. And Ola, when it came to playin’ sports, they were hard to beat!
Things and lives really changed when schools were consolidated.
There’s not a lot of us left from that far back–but I still have memories–and see “offsprings” of my old friends.
As I was saying, there’s excitement in the air–and memories in my thoughts.


SE Kaufman Senior Center offering new programs, activities
Special to The Monitor
KEMP–Donna Jamerson, director of the Southeast Kaufman Senior Citizens Center, announced the start of the center’s summer activities program this week.
The Center will offer bingo, “42” and other domino games, as well as card and board games, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.
There is always a quilt in progress, and anyone interested in learning to quilt, or just wanting to sit in for a few stitches and conversation is welcome.
An exercise program geared to ages and abilities will be started soon.
Fridays have been designated as “Crazy Days” at the Center, with new and exciting games and programs for everyone.
Also, there are quiet places to sit and read, or chat with friends and neighbors over a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea in air-conditioned comfort.
Lunch is served at noon daily at the Center. Jamerson asks that you let the Center know by 10:30 a.m. whether you plan to eat, so she will have enough food prepared for everyone.
There is a suggested lunch donation of $2 for anyone over 60, and $4.50 for all others to offset the cost of food.
“If you can’t afford the suggested donation, come anyway,” Jamerson said. “After all, the goal of the Center is to create a friendly place for senior citizens to come and meet new friends, have fun, and remain active.”
The Center is looking for volunteers to assist with the activities and new programs, as well as helping deliver Meals on Wheels as substitute drivers.
The Senior Citizens Center is located at 300 N. Dallas in Kemp. For directions, or more information about activities, call (903) 498-2140.






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