Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Repeatin' history . . .
I’m sittin’ here thinkin’ how history has a way of repeatin’ itself. Sometimes in unusual ways.
When we lived on Gun Barrel Lane, our old house was one of the earliest built out that way, many years ago.
Behind it was a little one-room buildin’. I don’t know how long it had been there, but I fell in love with it, if such things are possible.
It’s a long story how, over night, it was moved to the side of our house, facin’ the road.
The next thing folks noticed, as they passed, was an out-door toilet had appeared.
I must confess that came about after I had told everybody at church, and all over town that I needed one.
My sister-in-law, Mary’s, dad, Hugh Killian, built one and delivered it in the back of his pick-up.
Other things followed. A lot were from generous ole’ friends or their families in memory of a loved one.
Added was a (fake) well, with bucket and dipper, a rail fence, and a couple of big stumps from dead trees (another one of my loves).
The stumps were soon surrounded by flowers and morning glories covered one side of the house.
Much hard work was contributed by my family–and at times by folks I didn’t even know.
Then folks started stoppin’ and askin’ if they could take pictures, with their family and friends posed in front of the ‘scene’.
One artist asked permission to set up her easel and paint her own version of what she called “quaint”.
Well, the time came when my husband decided we needed to sell the property.
The house was fallin’ down and the price was right.
I agreed with him with one stipulation. My house had to move with me, and it did.
Since we’ve been living where we are, I now have a little “pint-sized” barn.
And that, too, has a long story how it got here.
And guess what? Folks are now takin’ pictures with the barn in the background.
And the best thing about it all is it is my great-grandchildren and their friends are in many of the pictures.
As I was saying, history has a way of repeatin’ itself.






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