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Dentist duo wins top flight at CCCC tourney
Monitor Staff Reports
KEMP–Seven Points dentists John Loar and Jeff Seibert won the championship flight at the Member-Guest tournament at the Cedar Creek Country Club June 9-11.
Seven flights, each with first through fourth place, were listed for the tournament.
In the championship flight, Loar and Seibert were first, followed by the duo of Tyler Underriner and Jeb Stuart, Larry Delong and Ken Smith, and in fourth place Dan Nelson and Scott Musick.
The duo of Jim Braswell and Joe Wyzkoski took first place in the first flight, followed by John Cheney and Greg Pitoniak, Jim Stuart and Graham Stuart, and Stan Williams and Jeremy Williams.
The father-son duo of Tom Carpenter and Kyle Carpenter took first place in the second flight, followed by Rod Hunt and Ken Jones, Les Payne and Kevin Koestner, and Rodney Wray and Brian Castallano.
Kris Brown and Richard Milligan took first place in the third flight, followed by Tommy Borders and Ron Rodgers, Stan Sowers and Chris Powers, and Jerry Jost and Bill Hart.
Ray Brown and Wally Sieter led off the fourth flight, followed by Buddy Morgan and Eddie Dowler, Jim Jones and Brant Bennett, along with Marshall Barton and Kyle Barton.
Heading up the fifth flight were Ron Jones Sr. and Larry Gottselig, followed by Tom Vittrup and Ed Bass, Tracy Nowell and Dick Ramsey, and Tom Green and Tom Tompter.
Harry Weaver and James Cassels led the sixth flight, followed by Ray Adams and Tony Toro, Bob Relyea and Ron Johnston, and Lee Ayers and Johnny Countryman.
The duo of Marty Jackson and Terry Parton led the seventh flight, followed by Derek Drab and Gene Kizzar, Mickey Edwards and Bill Cawfield, and Gary Gallatin and Roger Owen.


Bunt wins Denim & Diamonds tourney
Monitor Staff Reports
KEMP–Sherry Bunt and Cathy Richter took Low Gross and Low Net titles in the championship flight of the annual Denim & Diamonds Invitational golf tournament at the Cedar Creek Country Club June 8.
Bunt finished with an 82, one stroke ahead of Linda Day, while Susan Pool was third in Low Gross with an 86.
Richter finished with a Low Net of 70, tied with Wanda Gregory, while Karen Coston was right behind with a 72.
Sharon Embry took Low Putts in the championship flight with 28, and also took the Closest to the Pin title on No. 5.
Overall, Pat Herring took Closest to the Pin on No. 18.
In the first flight, Kitty Bradfield took Low Gross with an 87, while Pat Peace took Low Net with a 69.
Karen White was second in Low Gross with an 88, followed by Marianna Ziegler with a 90.
Donna Bass was second in the Low Net with a 70, followed by Shirley Pinkham with a 74.
Gee Gee Weaver took the Low Putts title in the first flight with 32, and also took the Closest to the Pin on No. 5.
In the second flight, Theresa Sockwell won the Low Gross with an 88, followed by Louise Powers and Joyce McLaughlin, who both had 93s.
In the Low Net, Loleta Hill took first with a 67, followed by Margie Yager with a 68 and Carol Miller with a 72.
Linda Cobb had Low Putts with 30, and Hill took Closest to the Pin on No. 14.
In the third flight, Shirley Wood took Low Gross with a 97, followed by Roberta Bahl (98) and Linda Overman (99).
Fran McGraw took Low Net with a 69, followed by Pat Jackson (72) and Janet Randolph (75).
Melinda Kardon had Low Putts with 31, and Sandra Wilson took Closest to the Pin on No. 8.
In the fourth flight, Denise Stuart took Low Gross with 100, followed by Imogene Lively (102) and Sammy Coleman (104).
Sherry Farley took Low Net with a 65, followed by Winnell Herrington (71) and B.J. Williams (74). Freddie McDole took Low Putts with 35.

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First team listed is home team