Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Sittin’ on the sidelines...
Durin’ summer vacation, many children look forward to Bible school.
And at First Baptist, Mabank, that has been goin’ on this week.
As many other folks know it takes much plannin’ and work to get things ready.
I used to be involved in all that, but not any more.
These days I sit on the sidelines and cheer others on, and give advice that nobody listens to.
I was excited about a “new” idea I heard Daughter #3 and #5 talkin’ about.
They explained to me it was a “gatherin’ place” across the street from the church.
It was given the name “First Ladies Cafe.”
Coffee, orange juice, ice water, muffins and other refreshments were ready for parents, grandparents or whoever brought children on “Registration Day.”
I thought that was a great thing to do, and I planned to be there to watch.
But somethin’ else came along that kept me from goin’, misplaced my car keys probably.
So instead I went to sit by my window, determined to make it there the next day. As I looked outside, I couldn’t believe what I saw–or rather what I didn’t see.
One of my plants was missin’ from the stand I keep it on–or try to.
My first thought was maybe two certain great-grandsons were haulin’ it around in the wheelbarrow. And no tellin’ where it might be if they found something’ more interestin’ to do.
But I figured it would show up somewhere. The next mornin’ I got up early and headed straight to the “Ladies Cafe.”
And what did I see–not only that plant, but the whole place was decorated with other plants and other things from my yard.
All across the front of the place was collections of snuff bottles filled with sunflowers!
I rushed back home, grabbed a few of my “favorite” rocks and took them to keep the table clothes form blowin’ away!
No, I didn’t make it the first day, but I did the second.
As I was saying, these days I sit on the sidelines.






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