Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Memories refreshed....

I’m sittin’ here looking at the March 27, 1967 issue of the Mabank Banner.
I’m findin’ it quite interestin’. It brings back and refreshes many memories.
I evindently wrote somethin’ about Tool and “Gobbler Hill” the week before, but I don’t remember what. After all that was 37 years ago.
Anyway, I see here where I told about receivin’ a short, to the point note with no signature, and I’m again wonderin’ who it was from.
The message said, “I don’t know anything about ‘Gobbler Hill,’ but I know about Tool. Whoever stuck an ‘E’ on the end of it? How about coole, poole, foole, spoole and so on. I’m glad you know how to spell Tool!”
Another story on the front page tells about Tool and Seven Points each being incorporated after a majority of voters checked “yes” on their ballots.
Today as I entered the bank, here in town, the door was held open for me by Scott Confer, mayor of Tool, who was ahead of me.
And also on the front page of the Banner I’m holding in my hand is a picture of his wife, Louann (Hyde) and a classmate of hers, Johnny Cloud. They were chosen “favorites” of their sophomore class of Mabank High School that year.
Louann is now employed by the city of Mabank with the official title of City Administrator.
Yes, time does pass by and our kids do grow up.
As I was saying, the note was short and to the point.






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