Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Come and gone . . .

Once again, Fourth of July has come and gone, and I’ve not fully recovered!
Over 80 people showed up at Daughter #1’s home to celebrate!
A stranger could have stopped by and been welcomed–or maybe gone unnoticed.
Kids of all ages were runnin’ in every direction. Two water slides were goin’ full blast with water splashin’ like rain, and squeals of laughter filled the air.
Nearby, a volleyball game was in progress, addin’ to the excitement!
Lots of folks tooted their horns and waved as they passed by. Some we knew, others we didn’t.
Several tables were loaded with enough food for an army.
Along with gallons of iced tea, coffee, cold drinks and ice water–your choice.
I made my appearance on the scene about the time all preparations were finished.
I’ve found that’s the way to handle such things. Age has its advantages.
Time was given to domino playing, tellin’ tall tales, takin’ pictures and sharin’ memories.
As well as givin’ thanks for our many blessings and prayers for the sick among us.
Tonight I’m doin’ some thinkin’ back to when we first moved here.
I never dreamed that “gettin’ together” as we’ve always done, would one day grow into somethin’ so BIG.
And the thought that I would ever relax and lean back in a rockin’ chair to watch it takin’ place would have been like readin’ a fairy tale.
As I was saying, age has its advantages.







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