Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

No party this year....

Yes, I had a birthday on the 4th. A few days before I said, “No party this year. I’ve not quite recovered from last year’s.”
And there was not a cake with 81 candles. The weather was too hot to even consider addin’ more heat.
And I sure don’t have enough breath to blow out a flame that big!
But without a lot of “fixin’” I had a wonderful day!
I was given lots of hugs, best wishes, a pile of pretty cards, phone calls and many other gifts.
I’d like to thank each one who had a part in my celebration.
There was one call that lasted a long time. I enjoyed every minute of it, but I’m thankful I won’t be the one gettin’ the bill–even tho I probably did most of the talkin’.
To tell the truth I think we talked at the same time–when we weren’t laughin’.
On the other end of the line was one of my best friends since first grade at Prairieville.
She, her parents and an older brother, Herbert, and sister, Helen, moved from the Dallas area, in the early thirties.
Her dad’s parents were George and Mary Richman, long-time friends of my family. They lived in the Wise Community.
Back then everybody knew everybody. Her mother’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pryor, lived on Gun Barrel Lane, in a big white two-story house.
The two of us really got acquainted, as only 6-year-olds can, when we started to school, with Miss Jennie Hamilton as our teacher.
By the way, this friend’s name is Louise, and she still tells folks I taught her how to read!
I have a pretty sweatshirt she gave me that says, “Teacher of the Year - 1932.” I think that’s the date, it’s packed away for the summer.
We had another special friend. We called her “Sugar.” She now lives in LA, and I don’t hear from her often. But her name was spoken a lot in our long phone conversation the other day!
By the way, my friend I talked with lives in the “big city area” near Dallas. I forgot exactly where.
My friend knows her way around up there and I don’t.
So that makes me think she’s smarter than I am, but I don’t want her to know I said that!
As I sit here I’m doin’ some ponderin’. If I can talk that long on a phone, maybe next year I can blow out 82 candles! The Lord willin’...
As I was saying, yes, I had another birthday.






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