Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney

Rain rain...

Wednesday I was sittin’ outside in my favorite ole’ chair, east of the house, when I felt rain drops fallin’.
Mercy was with me, and she wasn’t very pleased with whatever was takin’ place.
‘Bout that time a loud clap of thunder sounded like the sky had cracked and was fallin’!
I jumped and she shot out of my lap and made a beeline to somewhere I guess she thought was safer.
I can’t think of anything more refreshin’ than to be out in soft fallin’ rain, especially after such a hot, dry spell we’ve had.
I didn’t stay there and get soppin’ wet, but, I was sure tempted.
As I moved to the front porch, praising the Lord that it was rainin’, I thought of our mayor’s grandpa always saying, “Don’t worry, it’ll rain–always has!”
Mama would let us play in the rain, if there was no thunder and lightenin’.
If there was we would probably be in our stormhouse, with neighbors who didn’t have one.
As I think about it all I wish I had one now. Not because of fear of the weather. They are just neat things to have around.
I used to go down in ours on a bright day, where it was cool, kinda dark and very quiet.
I would lay down on a pallet and think and dream what I wanted to do when I grew up. My friends would join me at times and I must add, the door was always wide open!
My brother and his buddies liked nothing better than to pour a bucket of water down the vent while we were there!
And Mama heard about it, and she would say, “Boys will be boys.” But I would later hear her give him a talk on how to be nice.
That’s also where all the “canned” food was kept. Mama, Aunt Sarah and others worked very hard in the summer to prepare food for our winter meals.
But to get back to the rain. Right now, as I sit here, the sun is shinin’ bright, there is a soft breeze, and Mr. Rooster is crowin’.
And I don’t know where Mercy is. Somewhere she shouldn’t be probably.
As I was saying, I didn’t get soppin’ wet, but I was sure tempted. Maybe next time!





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