Senior Focus


As I Was Saying
By Opal Toney


I found out this week it’s true we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.
I never dreamed that one day I would be on the sidewalk, of downtown Mabank, watchin’ a part of the old stores being demolished by a bulldozer.
I was not alone. Many others had tears in their eyes too. It seemed like part of our past was being erased.
During my high school years our post office was where Angie’s Beauty Shop was before the fire on Monday.
World War II was raging. Many of us had boyfriends and classmates fightin’ for our country.
Before the bell rang for morning classes we girls would rush to the post office to see if we had letters from overseas.
A lot of us lived on rural routes. Our mail man would search thru his bag and “hand deliver” anything he had that day.
That kept us from having to anxiously wait till we rode the bus back home in the afternoon.
Mr. D Salter was the carrier for Mabank, Route One. That included Prairieville, where I lived.
There were no hot meals provided back then. Some took a sack lunch.
But we all knew the way to “Bo’s Cafe” and “Uncle Sam’s” hamburger place.
I’m grateful for the firemen, policemen and others who were there to do whatever they could.
And I hurt for the ones who lost property. But if I know these people like I think I do they won’t give up.
I guess you have to live in, or near, a small town for quite a while to come so attached to it, and the people who live there.
I’ve walked these streets all my life, and hope to the rest of it.
I’ve also lived in a number of other places in different states.
But I’ve always come home–and right now I have no plans to go anywhere else, except to heaven.
As I was saying, we never know what tomorrow will bring.






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