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July 1, 2012

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honeyandflag.jpg (61206 bytes)The View From Here
By Katherine Veno

Crazy cat lady?
Why is it that people who love cats are crazy, but dog people are considered a totally different breed? I cannot figure it out. I have had dogs and cats all my life, but at this particular time, I do not have a dog, so I am a crazy cat lady with one cat.
I am crazy because I indulge him, totally. If he refuses a certain food, I do not buy it anymore. He turns his nose up at fresh fish, but will eat canned tuna if I share. If I try to give him tuna that has been on my sandwich, it is a “ no thank you” again. He prefers the tiny little cans of Fancy Feast which are a bit pricey. I wonder if he knows? Probably not. But a cat does not care about the mundane details of everyday life. There is so much to do when you sleep 16 hours out of every 24.
He has his own “kitty door” cut into my bedroom door, forever rendering the door damaged goods. He comes and goes at all hours with no regard for my sleep. Just as I am in dreamland, I hear “whoosh, slap, snap” as the door closes behind him. And so it goes in the world of a lady owned by a cat.
He was originally my “find” at the animal shelter in Tool. That was many years ago. He has owned me pretty much since then. As he has gotten older, and we have gotten old together, he is pickier. He would probably say I am the same way. We all get stuck in our ways, and in our own routines.

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EmilyLundy4-2.jpg (36194 bytes)Escapades of Emily
By Emily Gail Lundy

Thank you notes...
Bad or good news came in an announcement from the media last week. I have my own predictions, too. Some good, some bad.
Here ye: Land phones will disappear, all transactions will be by Internet, cash will be scarce (what’s new), textbooks will be replaced by computers I hope work better than mine, meds will arrive by mail, carpet may disappear in homes entirely, fewer overnight stays in hospital, big changes in social security (probably for eligible ones), limits on medical treatments for aged, water testers for drinking water everywhere. Stronger alternative fuels will be the law. The computer will rule.
Definitely, the “Thank you note” will be gone, the handwritten kind my mother taught me.
I taught my children to write these notes for birthday gifts sometimes, but gifts from surprise people, graduation, wedding showers, baby showers, even if I had to tie the offspring to the chair.
I seldom get thank you notes anymore. My daughter-in-law (only one at present) sends them, and her children will, too. I do think we have to adapt to getting these thanks on the internet. I can live with that.

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