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Accidents on the rise

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Police warn drivers to be cautious

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CEDAR CREEK LAKE–We have all been stuck on the State Highway (SH) 334 or East Cedar Creek Parkway bridge due to an accident either on the Gun Barrel City side or the Seven Points side. 
If you travel to and from Mabank, you’ve probably noticed SH 198 has become more congested and drivers not obeying the posted speed limits.
The same can be said for US 175, SH 274 and SH 31 in Kemp, Tool, Trinidad and Malakoff. 
Recently, the Gun Barrel City Police Department made a Facebook post that highlighted area traffic collisions. “In 2019 Gun Barrel City reported 157 traffic collisions and of those nearly half resulted in either death, serious injuries or non-life threatening injuries. Roughly 75 drivers or passengers were injured or killed in traffic collisions just in Gun Barrel City,” the post states then continues, “Compare that to 104 collisions and 41 injured occupants in Mabank and you can see that all of us need to do a better job of driving.” 
The Gun Barrel City Police Department said that many full time lake area residents wish to place blame on weekenders but there are plenty of wrecks that occur during the week. While weekenders may cause some of the accidents in our area, there are plenty of local drivers causing collisions. 
The number one cause of traffic accidents in Texas is failure to control speed.  “Which doesn’t necessarily mean the driver was speeding, it means the driver was unable to control the vehicle at the speed they were traveling,” the Facebook post says. The road could be wet and the driver couldn’t stop in time and ran off the road. Other factors contributing to collisions are distracted driver, running stop light/sign, speeding and DUI. 
In 2019 Texans were involved in a collision every 56 seconds and those collisions resulted in the death of more than 3,600 Texans. 
“Let’s all try to do a better job when we’re behind the wheel. Lets try to stay off the phone, especially texting while driving. Is that phone call really necessary while you’re behind the wheel? As you’re approaching an intersection and the light changes from green to yellow, why don’t you try to safely stop at the intersection rather than punching the gas trying to beat the impending red light,” the Facebook post pleads. 
Construction areas are an area of concern too. Seven Points Police Chief Raymond Wennerstrom stated, “There have been numerous accidents in the area since the construction on the bridges has started with the lane changes. The area is marked with warning signs, cones and barricades by Texas Department of Transportation and contractor. Seven Points Police Department asks that all drivers be cautious in the construction area and remember the work zone speed limit.” 
Police advise against eating and driving as well. “Maybe hitting your favorite drive through fast food chain isn’t the best idea. Not that we don’t want you to eat, just maybe not eat and drive.” They say they’ve seen too many people driving with a hamburger in one hand, fries in their lap trying to get a drink and still trying to drive. 
It goes without saying, police also say please don’t drink and drive. Alcohol contributes to so many of the collisions and it is the easiest to avoid. “Just Don’t Drink and Drive,” said police. 

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