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County proclaims motorcycle safety awareness month

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Approves resolution ending taxpayer–funded lobbying

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KAUFMAN COUNTY–During the March 16 session of commissioners’ court, the Kaufman County Commissioners proclaimed May as motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. 
Sue West attended court and gave her own testimony. “This past September I saw firsthand what it meant for motorcycle safety. Traveling down Highway 80 at 9 a.m. when the man in front of me slammed on his brakes,” said West. She stated that the driver in front of her had no brake lights and continued to make a quick left turn with no turning indicator. “My husband was on his full-dress Harley. He picked up some asphalt because they had just gotten done with doing 80 and he went down,” she continued. “He slid 150 feet on 80 with a 1200-pound motorcycle on top of him. The motorcycle left him and he went another five feet,” West says. West said that morning her husband asked her, “Do I really have to wear my helmet?” She thanks God that he did because it saved his life. West said her husband lost 10 pounds of skin on Highway 80 that day. Kaufman County Judge Hal Richards stated that the proclamation, “Urges all citizens to become aware of the inherent danger involved in operating a motorcycle for the riders and motorists.” 
Commissioners also discussed the resolution which would oppose Senate Bill 234 and House Bill 749, which advocates to the ending of taxpayer-funded lobbying. Richards stated this would, “Ban using public funds to effectively prevent government entities from advocating at the state capital over matters significant to those city, county and school district governments.” Commissioners approved the resolution unanimously. 
In other business, commissioners:
• Approved granting a county land use agreement to Becker-Jiba SUD for the installation of a four-inch waterline crossing County Road 110 and a county land use agreement to NEXTLINK for the installation of a fiber optic line in County Roads 352 and 390. 
• Approved permission to solicit RFP-21-12, annual contract for bridge construction and maintenance and the purchase of a 2021 BANDIT 12 XPC CHIPPER, in the amount of $37,780.50 from Bobcat of North Texas utilizing Sourcewell Contract #062117 for Precinct #4.
• Approved any comp time authorization requested by the Sheriff’s Department related to SO employees that worked during the week of the snow/ice closure while normal county functions were closed due to weather and road conditions. 
• Approved an interlocal cooperation agreement, ETJ authority for the City of Oak Ridge and an interlocal cooperation agreement, ETJ authority for the City of Grays Prairie. 
• Approved the final plat of Crystal Forest lots 10A and 10B located in Pct. 4. 
• Approved claims for payment in the amount of $1,127,741.61.