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Face your fears at Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park

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A review by a Halloween enthusiast

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As shrills of screams filled the air, invitees of the Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park soft opening were in for a terrifying awakening. What starts off as a creepy walk through the history of Monkey Bridge ends in the overcoming of terror of the Hall Asylum. Owner Jerry Spiva is excited to bring a factor of fear to Athens, question is...are the residents ready for it?
Start your evening with free concessions and a picture or two with a creepy and towering Frankenstein. If you’re not a fan of fright, maybe it’s not the best idea to step into the ticket booth space. The Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park starts with a walk through the history of Monkey Bridge. The history of Monkey Bridge comes from the bridge at the intersection of Wilson and West College Street where tragedy supposedly hit in 1960. Legend says that a circus train was on its route through Athens when the train derailed and monkeys escaped from their cages and attacked the circus owners and workers. Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park gives you just a taste of what occurred on that day in 1960. As you creep through the hall, monkey shrills and hollers begin to run through your head and you wonder if the shrills are real or just a sound. What adds a little extra to the sound factor is everywhere you look a monkey is waiting behind each corner waiting to seek its revenge from captivity.
After you make it through the halls of creep factor from Monkey Bridge, attendees can take a quick breather with a walk through The House of Wax. The House of Wax is a small museum that includes a supply of TV and film horror icons from Pennywise the Clown to Jigsaw from the SAW series all the way to Michael Myers from the popular Halloween series. Attendees can even get a quick photo in their creepy coffin located inside the museum.
Now, the real scary part. Hall Asylum. Spiva has been finessing the Hall Asylum since 2018, when he created the first Hall Asylum in Canton, and it is obvious when you enter the halls. You enter the asylum being greeted by a psychotic nurse ready for you to take your medicine. As she tells you, “Everything will be okay once you take your medicine” you begin to take her advice to heart hoping it to be true. Unfortunately for you, her kind words are false. Things will not be better. Things are about to get a whole lot worse.
The Hall Asylum focuses on one important thing: phobias. The phobias include everything from the fear of the dark, dolls, snakes to terrifying clowns. After you see the aftermath of the asylum patient getting lost in insanity you quickly find yourself in a dark maze with no idea where to turn. Everywhere you look, you find a plethora of doors, some are real and some are fake. Question is, which door is the right way to find your way out? Once you find your way out of the terrifying maze, you find yourself in the doll room. You are quickly chased out of the room by a young girl begging you to play with her haunted dolls. When you make those turns hoping you are close to the exit, you find yourself face to face with a real-life Jack-in-the-Box popping out and laughing at you. Quickly, you find you are surrounded by clowns. Clowns that want one thing and it’s you.
Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park opens the first weekend of October and is hopeful for a great turnout of attendees ready to leave the event in absolute fear. The Haunt Park is located at 2705 State Highway 31 East in Athens. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page,