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Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office warns citizens about phone scams

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Scammers increasingly persistent and aggressive, target seniors

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KAUFMAN COUNTY–Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO)warns of increased scam calls in the area, some becoming aggressive and threatening.
For several years Kaufman County residents have reported different scams to KCSO.  Some fell victim to scammers, while others caught on before the deed was done. As the scams became old hat, the scammers got creative. They learned how to scare law-abiding citizens - with their very own freedom or that of their family.  
Deputies began to hear about calls from KCSO, threatening to put people in jail if they did not pay a fine, or failing to show for jury duty. These scammers also posed as the IRS, threatening levies on bank accounts.
Then they sank to an all-time low. Elderly citizens received calls from “Chief So & So” who would tell them their grandchild was in jail or a hospital and would not be released until paying a fine or balance.The shock and awe of hearing someone they love is in trouble can move the smartest and most reasonable person to make a huge mistake.
The scammer would give very explicit instructions, all the while keeping the citizen on the phone. First, the scammer would say, go to a store or gas station and buy X amount of gift cards (sometimes upwards of thousands of dollars). Still keeping the citizen on the phone, the scammer would ask for the gift card number, and with the click of a mouse, the money becomes untraceable.
It isn’t until the citizen gets off the phone, washed in relief that they start thinking, “something isn’t right about that call.” But it is too late, the money is probably already overseas, and the scammer has moved on to another unsuspecting victim.  
KCSO warns that the scammers are constantly changing their con. They are usually not in this country and are becoming harder to track down. “We hate to see anyone fall victim to these scammers and offer suggestions to help you and your loved ones,” Sheriff Bryan Beavers said in a press release.  
• Kaufman County Employees, Deputies, or Judges DO NOT collect any monies by phone.  
• Legitimate companies will not require you to pay with gift cards and will not keep you on the phone while you purchase them.  
 • If someone calls representing themselves as a law enforcement official and attempts to collect money, DO NOT COMPLY. Contact the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office at (469) 376-4500 and report the call.  
• DO NOT give any of your personal information to anyone over the phone.
• If someone calls claiming to be a Kaufman County Employee or Deputy, feel free to verify who they claim to be. Call the main number to KCSO (469) 376-4500 or the main courthouse  (469) 376-4100.
• If the scammer is persistent, talks over you or becomes aggressive...HANG UP!  
• When in doubt...HANG UP!
“Should you have any questions or concerns about scam calls, please don’t hesitate to call us,”  Beavers added.