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Lakeside Taxi offers affordable taxi service

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Professional, personable ride service serving the entire lake area and beyond

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CEDAR CREEK LAKE–Unknowingly, the seeds of Lakeside Taxi and Transportation were planted years before Samantha and Glen Harris even met each other.   In the early 2000s, Samantha was an analyst in the wine and spirits industry, and Glen was moonlighting as a spring break taxi driver during his 15 years in the Air Force as a Munitions Systems Craftsman and instructor.   
Jump almost 20 years later, Samantha’s MBA and experience as an executive for a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company, Glen’s acumen for both the taxi industry and military-level logistics, and a life on the lake, they noticed  what we already knew, our desperate need in the area for a taxi service.  When they really dug into the available services in the area, they did find a few transportation options ranging from flat-rate, daily errand runners to local elderly support.
However, there was not an existing, traditional taxi.  As a metered taxi, Lakeside’s rates are fair, affordable, and consistent. After a full 18 months of research and analysis of the lake area resources and needs, they officially launched Lakeside Taxi and Transportation during the last week of June 2019.
While they knew that there was a general need for their taxi service on the lake, their research really expanded their knowledge of our community. As a summer vacation destination, we are all aware of the dangers of not having a transportation option for those who may have enjoyed themselves a little too much.  
Lakeside Taxi wants our community and guests to have fun and to do so safely.  Like they tell a lot of their customers, a quick cab ride home is much cheaper and safer than a DWI or BWI! Plus, they’ll be there the next day to help their customers retrieve their cars and boats.
That’s just part of their mission, though. What they found in our community was a widespread demand for a basic ride.  Whether it’s a lift to work, a grocery shopping trip, or a ride to the doctor’s office, there are many in our community that do not have the resources to get to and from their destinations. They’re here to help fill that void and to do so in an affordable manner.
Many ask, well what makes Lakeside Taxi different? Their people and professionalism!  Their team is here to make your ride a positive experience. No matter if you are speaking with their dispatchers or their drivers, they will always greet you with a friendly smile and an open door.  
Glen and Samantha look at their customers as members of the Lakeside Taxi family and will go out of their way to make sure that their customers feel the same way. Watch out for Lakeside Taxi wrapping up the weekends with Community Service Sunday!    
Lakeside Taxi’s company structure also differentiates them. Lakeside Taxi and Transportation is run just as any other traditional company.  Glen and Samantha are personally putting in their all to ensure its success.   
With 20 years of business experience including marketing, research analysis and operations, they themselves do much of what is normally outsourced in an effort to keep costs down, which means lower prices for their customers.  
Their outreach to state agencies and benevolent/community organizations, that’s them.  Their grant writing, that’s also them. Their marketing strategy, absolutely them. Their business structure and operations logistics, you guessed it - them.  Integration of an efficient and highly organized dispatch and metering system with a customer app, definitely them.  Creating the Lakeside Taxi logo and various pieces of artwork, yep, that was them.  
Whatever they can do in-house, they do.  When they do outsource, Glen and Samantha reach out to other local companies and Cedar Creek Lake Area Chamber of Commerce members. As with other local businesses, one of Glen’s and Samantha’s goals is to help increase the economic position of the lake area.
They focus the majority of their service to the lake area expanded out to Eustace and Corsicana. In addition to a traditional, on-the-spot rides, Lakeside Taxi offers everything from same-day pre-scheduled rides to scheduling a customer’s work schedule for the entire week. They also do pre-arranged trips that are outside of the area, including long distance trips.  
They are officially open from noon – 2 a.m. Sunday, 10 a.m. – 2 a.m. Monday through Thursday, and noon to 4 a.m. Friday and Saturday.  Lakeside Taxi keeps one full-time vehicle and one on-call vehicle on the road during the week.  
Depending on the events of the weekend and their forecasting, they will run with a fleet of up to five vehicles. That being said, in addition to pre-scheduling rides outside of those hours, they answer their phones 24 hours a day seven days a week, so if a customer calls in during their “off” hours, they will do their absolute best to ensure that he/she has a ride. It’s all about getting people where they need to be in an affordable, friendly, and professional manner.
Glen and Samantha think that the community will really like and appreciate the Lakeside team.  Their drivers have to be 25 years old or older, have a clean driving record, a clean background check and be drug free. They then spend a considerable amount of time with their team members discussing the importance of a happy, inviting personality and the nuances of professionalism. Those combined create a really comfortable and friendly environment, leaving a smile on customers’ faces.
“The most important thing that we want our community to know is that we are here for you.  We are here to be your ride when you need us.  We are here when it is one o’clock in the morning and you need an emergency ride three towns over.  We are here for your summer nights.  We are here when you need a trip to the grocery. And, we are here with you when the summer rush ends. We are here to help bolster the economic valuation and to be a part of the major steps towards success that our community has seen, especially over the last year.   We are here.”
You can wave them down, call them at (903) 603-7588, book on their app TaxiCaller, reach out to them on Facebook lakesidetaxi.tx, or interact with them on Yelp (Best of Yelp – Taxis in the Gun Barrel City area!)  They monitor all platforms continuously and will respond in an expedited manner.  Most importantly, catch a ride with Lakeside!


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