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Popular sports for spring and summer

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Popular sports for spring and summer

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Getting outdoors and staying active during warmer weather

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CEDAR CREEK LAKE–Sports are a favorite pastime for many children and adults. The benefits of participating in sports are too numerous to mention, but include learning to be part of a team, improving physical fitness and developing sportsmanship.
The fitness building resource PHITAmerica notes that participation in sports helps build character and social skills. Sports help children develop discipline and encourages them to set goals. These are skills that can be utilized later in life, especially when pursuing a career.
As the weather warms, there are many different spring and summer sports that children and adults can explore. Here are just some of the sports that make spring and summer that much more fun.
Baseball: Baseball has long been America's pastime, but its fan base stretches around the world. According to an annual report by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, a leader in sports participation research, baseball and softball combined ranked as the most participated in team sport in 2016. Many youngsters start out on youth baseball or softball teams and move up the ranks as their love of the game grows.
Soccer: Soccer's popularity continues to grow exponentially. It is often one of the first sports a child will try. In a 2017 Nielsen survey that spanned 18 global markets, 43 percent of people said they were "interested" or "very interested" in the sport. It has grown to become the world's sport, with teams in most major countries.
Softball: A close cousin to baseball, softball is played on a smaller diamond with a ball that's larger than a baseball. Even though both sexes can play softball, it is primarily a female-driven sport among elementary, high school and college players.
Swimming: Swimming is a sport that works the entire body. People are drawn to swimming because it can be a low-impact exercise. Whether enjoyed competitively or for recreation, swimming is a great way to have fun while exercising.
Volleyball: Beach volleyball is popular in coastal and non-coastal communities alike. It is an intense, competitive sport that requires excellent focus and teamwork.

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