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Voter turnout good in primaries

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But this is just the beginning of the election year

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CEDAR CREEK LAKE–With national television cameras trained on long voter lines on election day, locally in Henderson County and Kaufman County, turnout was around 20% of registered voters, not the best year ever but still strong. But this is only the beginning of what is expected to be a heavy voting year.
The next election is May 2 with local cities filling council seats and school boards seeking trustees. Right on the heels of that election will be the runoffs from the contested primary elections May 26, and then of course, the big one in November, when we will choose the next president.
Henderson County Elections Administrator Denise Hernandez said the majority of voters waited until election day to cast their ballot and many were concerned about the propositions on the Republican and Democrat ballots, not understanding why they were different. “I tried to explain that they are non-binding propositions, more like a poll the party was conducting to determine party policy, what their voters want to see for future. They were not changing laws,” Hernandez said.
She added that she expects at least twice as many voters to show up to cast ballots in November and she wants voters to be aware that they have sample ballots available in person, online and by mail to help voters be aware what they are voting for ahead of time.
“This year, there will be no option to vote straight party, so voters will have to select who they want to vote for in each office. Sample ballots will help them be prepared,” Hernandez said.
It is interesting to note that in both Kaufman and Henderson Counties, total ballots cast were 14,000+ with more than 11,000 in Republican Primary Ballots and 3,000+ Democrats. In Kaufman County that represents 19% of registered voters.
U.S Representative Lance Gooden easily defeated challenger Don Hill in the primary, garnering 83.57% of the vote to Hill’s 16.43%, In Henderson County, Gooden had nearly 85% of the vote, 10,079 votes, 9,206 in Kaufman County. Gooden will face Democratic challenger Carolyn Salter in November.
In the Senate race, Republican Incumbent John Cornyn had 76.31% of the votes statewide, 78% in Henderson County and 74% in Kaufman County. The Democrat challenger will be determined in a runoff.
Kaufman County
Kaufman County Sheriff Bryan Beavers soundly defeated opponents Clint McNear and Mitchum Patterson in the primary race, racking up over 7,000 of the 10,745 votes cast. Beavers faces no Democrat opponent.
In the District Judge 422 Court race, Chad Johnson and Shelton Gibbs, IV will face off in the runoff election, May 26. Gibbs received 3,965 votes, Johnson 3,957 to Cariann Bradford’s 2,800.
Henderson County
In the State Representative Dist. 10 race, Jake Ellzey came away with 64.78% of his district votes, 54.12% in Henderson County. Ellzey has no Democrat challenger.
The Precinct 1 Commissioner race will be in runoff between Wendy Spivey with 42.71% of the vote 1,250, and Keith Pryor with 29.35% 859.
Precinct 4 Commissioner race, which had five contenders will be decided in May between Mark Richardson and Kelly Harris, with 38.88% and 19.93% of the vote respectively.
Van Zandt County
The highly contested race for Sheriff of Van Zandt County will also be decided in May between Sheriff Dale Corbett and challenger Steve Hendrix
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